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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Undead Labs... you continue to exceed expectations. :)

    One suggestion though: Maya has thus far become my favorite npc, yet the Big Un zombie archetype seems to have become her kryptonite; if you insist on making me watch her being torn in half (over and over and over and over agin) I hereby request a complementary box of tissues to ease my endless mourning... thank you. ;)
  2. XlFrostBitelX

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    Well since the new update didn't fix my infinite loading screen issue, I had to make a new game. So far everything has been going fine but there's one problem that almost ruins the game for me. I hate having to switch between characters so often. I'm the type of player that likes to switch between Marcus(main character) and Maya (for zed missions) but since the update I can't even play for a good 30 minutes without having to switch to another character. I don't mind having to switch between the two but now they get fatigued so quickly I can't even enjoy my time playing as them. This wouldn't even be so bad if the majority of the characters didn't suck (I know it's for realistic purposes). To be honest I'm disappointed in Undead Labs. At the initial release I was impressed with the game and even more so with how fast they were trying to update it but both updates have let me down. Id rather wait then be given an update that doesn't work properly. Besides all that though, I still have faith that they will make this game the best they can
  3. max out their cardio and they seem to last much longer. also, you can radio the pastor and spend 20 influence to have your stamina completely restored after you drain it. not sure if you have to complete a certain mission to unlock this but it is very useful, especially if you are in the middle of something and cant/dont want to switch characters. in my cloud save pastor williams done caught the black fever and alan shot him in the head, so i cant do it anymore. my marcus and maya are max cardio and I play with them for about an hour at a time depending on how much action i encounter. also, you can easily max marcus's cardio early in the game. before you reach the ranger station the day cycle/fatigue cycle is inactive. run around the parking lot draining his stamina completely then let it fill up and repeat until maxed out. you can also do it once you find maya. it takes about 30-45 minutes to do for each character but i find it is def worth it. gamefaqs.com has a better explanation of this technique.
  4. Yurì Zagorac

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    UL Created this game to be played as a community not individual, I myself prefer to stick with 1 character because it makes it more realistic and exciting. I'm switching bewteen 2 characters only with the new TU2 patch, We have a preference on how we choose to play the game... create a lot of Stims and you should be ok switching between 2 players. UL has made a great game that will open many doors in the future for Zombie survival games.
  5. oh almost forgot...Runt, try shooting them in the head with a rifle or high caliber gun, works for me. or use firecrackers, etc to distract then hit em with firebombs/grenades if ya got em.

    i will now return to playing this awesome game. tu2 worked great for me even on my old save game.

    edit: i just came back after a 20 hour hiatus. i left marcus perfectly healthy, but he is now gravely ill "could go any minute". i am glad the dont die or go missing when i am not playing but i dont know how my main character can go from healthy to gravely ill in less than 24hours. hopefully he recovers

    double edit: he survived and is now kicking some zombie aaaaa........butt.
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  6. *facepalm, as he remembers the artillery markers in his pocket*

    lol... that works and so would these XD. thanks man.
  7. totally forgot i had those as well
  8. Would love to know the release date for the pure sandbox mode, seeing as I've beaten the game like 6 times already in the last 2 weeks
  9. Wasn't it stated in the TU 2 patch notes that playable characters can not be killed? Maya has died on me two times since the patch.
  10. When you leave the game a Simulation runs while your off.In the simulation only can they not be killed
  11. Marcus just died on me in a "friend needs help mission" he was pinned in an orchard and I got ganged up on by like 5 zeds then when I went to help him he said chew on this and exploded and so did my truck that was near by. All I had to say was WTF! And this all happened while I switched to another person cuz Marcus was too tired.

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    Thanks for the title update, undead labs. My friends and I have been concerned seeing as there is so much discussion about Class 4 or the sequel to state of decay. Most new games we play haven't announced their successor yet, so that made us worry that you wouldn't stick to SOD for too terribly long. Glad to see that you are still going to focus on this great game that deserves a buttload of respect.
  13. Skinny

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    I think they meant that they won't get killed during the simulation. They can still get killed while in your party. It's tough luck, but you have to defend those followers as much as possible, often times, more than yourself.
  14. XlFrostBitelX

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    Same thing happened to me but with a different character
  15. fray

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    Yeah, I never get used to seeing people get torn in half by Uncle Rege (NOTLD '90 fans will get that one) and the Ferals. Just the other day I was helping some strangers fight a horde of zeds and I was trying to get to a woman who was being attacked by a Feral, but the zombies were swarming me and as I was fighting them off it ripped her in two. Talk about feeling helpless. :(
  16. fray

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    They can't be killed in the Simulation, which I'm glad for b/c I lost some good people b/c of that before the patch. Other than that, yes, they can die.
  17. fray

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    Weird. I'm able to play them for hours myself. Yeah, you have to pop a lot of pills and soda and the like, but I've never reached the point where they're so tired that they're unusable. Eventually I switch to other characters simply b/c I want to build up their stats so they don't get sick right away.
  18. Rich55

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    I believe it only stops them being killed by certain parts of the simulation as well, not completely. They can for example still die from being killed by other survivors or those that turn infected and kill people.
  19. fray

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    Got a Medical center at your Home base? If so, make sure it's upgraded to the max. That helps a lot--at least for me.
  20. fray

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    I always bring firebombs or something similar on these missions. Yeah, you end up hurting the person you're saving but at least he/she is alive in the end. Or take your most powerful character on the mission if your more into hand-to-hand combat--it's worked for me with my edged weapon master Karen w/ her badass Falcon swords. Nothing like slicing up zeds one after the other. :D
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