Title Update 2 submitted to Final Certification

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys. I have just switched on and got a 61mb update is this TU2 or something else ? I cant see nobody else mentioning it so im unsure.
    Looking forward to starting a new game.
  2. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Nah this is Title Update 1, UL would be posting on their news & in the forums if it were TU2.

    Just gotta keep waiting a little bit more!
  3. Ahh thanks, thought i already had TU1 :(
  4. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Yeah for some reason its being issued out again, some one posted somewhere on the forums a list of title updates for xbox today, it showed title update 1 on today's date.
  5. I see, thanks.
  6. Thanks for your dedication Jeff. Can't wait for TU2! As soon as it rolls out I'm taking a day off and finding a babysitter so I can veg out in SOD and catch up in the leader boards. Can't wait to see what you do with TU3 either lol.
  7. DigitalHitmann

    DigitalHitmann Starting Off

    http://www.xbuc.net/ Is this what youre talking about?
  8. They were posting constantly about status of the update love the game and all that but i'm losing my stuff fast and they just stopped posting things i sure hope it's out soon i still haven't got to beat the damn thing after messing with defiance and there crap though undead is a blessing
  9. I just hope people stay posting and and donating their time to the community post TU2.

    I know UL would appreciate it, I know I do.
  10. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Starting Off

    TU2 cant come soon enough. ITs been 3 days since Ive been able to play. Ive come so far, I dont want to start a new game!! Let alone what I will come back to. My base was not in good shape before the bug happened (with the infinite loading screen).
  11. Hurry up Microsoft!!!
  12. Ikr i bet they are playing SOD in all its v1.2 glory right now just laughing at us kuz they got it first :mad:
  13. I'm so excited! My game has been ongoing since day 3 of release and I'm still going strong! But things are getting slim on certain supplies :'(
  14. I've been surviving long time too I continued after I beat the game, materials is at about 15 and ammunitions at 11 thougth
  15. BoZoDaZeD

    BoZoDaZeD Starting Off

    Hook us up w online multiplayer n all will b forgiven ;-)
  16. What do you do ingame at that level? Scout for camps, fields, orchards, cabins, etc? use the phone for supplies and survivors or just run around killing?
  17. likewise can't wait xD
  18. You continue to get random search, kill, etc. missions.
  19. I think undead labs turned to zombies we haven't heard anything in a while should we send a scout to the gas station to look only so they can go missing and then we gotta go find them ourselves hiding in the bathroom corner lol on a note about that i had a survivor get lost in the barn right across from the farm i wish there was a smack option in his defense it was dark out and there was a truck between him and base could happen to any of us really lmfao SMACK stop leaving the house dummy morality lowered - 20 now he's got the fear take him out and give him a pep talk or let the zombies eat him and be rid of it hee hee ha hee hee
  20. has happened to me before and it's possible undead labs have been infected by there own creation on that thought how did this specific zombie virus or infection begin ?
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