Title Update 2 submitted to Final Certification

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. It's gotta be the twinkies gotta be here have a snack for stamina crap mercy kill hostess now that's the stuff lol
  2. We've got the Pentagon's TOP cryptologists trying to figure out what the FUCK you just said!
  3. Quintus_Fontane

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    Made my day.
  4. WAT.jpg

    OP; Why the hell is it taking so freaking long?
  5. vencc

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    Microsoft is probably just taking their time to ensure the update will work properly this time. And since it's both tu1 and tu2 being released together, it won't be a days work to go through everything I'm guessing. Would rather wait a couple of days for a good product over a day for a rushed one.
  6. so is that what they do when they certify? they make sure the patch works? because they sure suck at making sure patches work
  7. I've got high hopes for it being Wednesday or Thursday although knowing my luck...
  8. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    I also have a feeling it'll be Wednesday, I can't remember how long it took for tu1 to pass through certification. But this update has more content, whether or not that makes a difference I don't know
  9. i really hope so i'd be really happy as wednesday is really my only free day during the week
  10. Sawblades

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    Since they release games on Wednesday for XBLA, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they just took an extra day to make sure it's good to go and then pushed it out on Wednesday.
  11. I got my money on Wednesday. Already requested off and found a babysitter. Fingers crossed.
  12. Duke Diggler

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    Im guessing Friday or Monday.
  13. I hope it never comes out.
  14. Amnesiablo

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  15. Shadowfogkiller

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    Some men just want to watch the world burn.....
  16. how long does it really take for MS too put out the update? i understand it takes awhile for them too certify the updates, but for a game that sold more then any other arcade game, they shouldn't make us wait this long. lol.
  17. Well this I mean I've got a busy week only this week and I'm only not in work Wednesday of course until the weekend
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  18. Averryy

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    Well Sanya just tweeted, no updates on when the TU will drop. Just gotta keep our cool and our fingers crossed!
  19. if it does drop tomorrow when will it be available? 1st thing in the morn?
  20. I hope so. :D
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