Title Update 3: Bring a Friend, Have a Big Community Without Fear, and More

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 6, 2013.

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    So, it's because it's a "time suck" for UL, not because it can't be done, and I assume by "time suck", it would cost UL more? If not, and if it meant NZ might have to wait a week or so longer for another update, (or Aussie for that matter), then so bloody what?! Pretty sure most NZ players would be okay to have a delayed patch, if it meant we didn't get "SoD Lite". If it is because of cost reasons, then although I understand, that doesn't mean I'm not pissed off that the NZ players get screwed in the deal. Why the hell wasn't it mentioned when we were told "NZ will get the FULL uncut version", that this would be changed in a future update? Kind of misleading don't you think?

    If I'd known, I seriously would've considered waiting until the eventual PC release, as at least on Steam the NZ/Australia bullshit shouldn't be an issue. Now that I've purchased it, it's not like I can ask MS for a bloody refund either is it?
    If it was the other way around, and Aussie had to get an NZ release with cuts/edits etc, I wonder what you would have done? I suspect with their bigger sales potential, it wouldn't have been the same decision... :mad:
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    I've restarted again (probably for the last time), to play a large-community with TU3 start to finish. I have to say that it's nice having income from the outposts working properly. I'm obsessed with figuring out how to save the pastor though.

    It seems like I managed it once, but now I don't know how I did it.
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    You guys and gals need to look into going to supply lockers at other places and nothing being in it just saying idk if it is supposed to be like that or what but I am just saying
  5. Honestly, if anyone see's real world drug names as essential and experience altering they need to have a good think about what matters in a game to them.
    The animations, stim wide, are identical, and that is one of popping pills.
    They are all generic, health increasing items with an appropriately generic animations (this is the uncensored version i am referring to), that are never referred to in the game in any way.

    You can't get addicted, you cant OD, the names are simply little ways to add variety to your health boosters.. So if "herbal extract" really makes you miss "homemade potent stims", then it's time to take a massive deep breath, look out the window and remember it is JUST a game, and also just a TINNNNNY bit of that game, of which the rest is still there, unaltered and fun as shit.
  6. Yeah I agree. Sadly so many will see the names of their pixel drugs being changed as a game breaker.

    Lol, how would they have felt if the names we have for the Australian version was the original names in every version, well I would say they wouldn't feel anything as they would not know there may have been different names also they would feel nothing regardless of what the names are/were because they are not real drugs, they are just pixels in a game that have a label, yeah not real. Like you say they don't even have any of the real effects, they are just like any other game with health packs and stamina boosts.

    There sure are much more important things in life than what name my pixels in this game have on them.

    Other than that it the same game as the rest of the world, so chill out and just kill some zombies.

    Anyway to save any future problems they will likely make the PC version have the same names as the Australian version for everyone, lol.
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    *Sigh* I can see you've both missed, or not bothered reading some of the points made by Psyphyr, myself, and others.
    For me, the biggest issue isn't a few re-named items, (although it does annoy me, especially the Aussie-related "Easter Egg" type references, which have no relevance to NZers) - the main issue for me is the fact that NZ certified the game, R18, with NO cuts/edits etc, then UL release that version for sale, only to now have that patched out and force us to use the Aussie edited version, after we've purchased the game.

    It appears that it's NOT due to a MS decision, but because UL don't want to have to deal with multiple versions for cert etc, as it's a "time suck" as they put it.

    It's a matter of principle - my country certified the game in UNEDITED format, I purchased the game UNEDITED as released by UL. Now, due to the update, we're being forced to use a cut/edited version because of another country's cert recommendations, and because UL don't want to have to deal with having several versions for future updates...

    If this was the plan all along, then UL should've really explained that BEFORE the NZ release, so that customers could at least make an informed decision before buying the game.
  8. I did read all the points by the people you've mentioned, and i find them not to be points as they are unreasonable whinging.

    Look, how much money do you think it costs them to set aside the time to make a separate version for each Cert? Or, even just submit multiples of the same version for separate regions? Alot yeah.
    So you paid $20 for this game, it's fun, full of content, and now that it's patched and changed the names of what were once a mix of safe and unsafe drugs to peaceful vitamins, and added an aussie easter egg, you want them to drop what they are doing and sort it out so the kiwi's can enjoy illicit drug references and zero aussie jargon? Come off it.

    You think UL should inform you before you spent your wee $20, so some customers could go "Nup, thats outrageous, i shant be playing a game that doesn't mention hard drugs".. thats the informed decision they had to make? Ridiculous.

    R18+ should be unedited, i agree with that, but in this case it is not, and you also are now stuck with a single reference to Aussie slang (which btw i dont think ive ever even heard used here..), so i think it's time you do as mentioned, take a deep breath, put down the protest signs, and relax. It's a good game dude, make the most of it.
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    Unreasonable whinging? I don't see it that way at all. How the hell is it unreasonable to expect to play the game as it was sold, only to have it replaced by an edited version, (due to another country's at that), by a patch? Hey, if you Aussies are happy to put up with your BS Government's decisions when it comes to censorship, fine, but why the hell should I?! Especially when we were told we would be getting the FULL game the same as the rest of the world. It's irrelevant what the changes are - like I said, it's the principle of the issue that annoys me. What if there had been more severe cuts, as in the Left 4 Dead series, would it still be okay for another country to have to use that version, even if their own country certified it without edits?

    As far as what extra certs cost, I still haven't seen any confirmation of that, other than UL saying it's a "time suck". Obviously, if certification costs are the reason, although annoying, I can understand that, especially with NZ's limited population as far as sales numbers etc.

    Look, don't get me wrong, UL have created an awesome game, a real diamond in the rough. I'm usually quite reasonable, but censorship is one issue that really gets under my skin, especially when another country's decision has a direct affect on what I can or can't play/read/see.

    Whether you agree or not, I think being told by UL that the "full" release was ever going to be a temporary solution for NZ should've been stipulated at the outset.
  10. oi oi.. no need for throwing labels of that other peoples governments are BS.

    Unreasonable whinging might've been a bit harsh, sorry for that, but I stand by the rest of my comments.

    We can't play the what if it was censored more hypothetical, because it wasn't.
    As for me mentioning the costs of cert, I'm referring to their comment of time suck as well, because time is money. To do anything they obviously have to pay their staff, and that process is multilevel, so i can't imagine it costing a buck five.

    I don't think this particular example really runs that deep with the principle you're up in arms over. It'd be different if a huge slice of this game was taken out or changed, but you are getting cross over drug names being altered, and I mean that aspect really isn't of any relevance to this game or the experience you'll have playing it with or without them.

    I have the uncensored version (don't nick me microsoft), and i tell you.. The names being there stay on your mind about as much as what colour socks you are wearing while playing the game... it simply does not matter or affect your experience.

    I get your peeved you don't have a version for your own country, but you probably said it best yourself there by saying NZ sales figures are low hey, it doesn't make you lot insignificant but it does mean changing this so you have your drug names back, might not be a concern at all.
  11. EreWeGo

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    Mate, if you don't think your Governments stand on ratings pertaining to games isn't BS, then you're the first Aussie I've ever talked to that thinks that way! I'm not having a go at Aussies, in fact, I was and have been as vocal for Aussies getting their State Decay as anyone, but seriously, your Governments stance on games and censorship is pretty much a joke world wide - how long did it take Aussie to get an R18 rating? Yet you still have games rejected for certification? Sorry if it sounds like I'm having a go, I'm truly not, I honestly feel sorry for Australian gamers and their battle with their ACB.

    Also, you can't just say: " it simply does not matter or affect your experience." - sorry, but you can't make generalisations for people like that - what matters to someone, or what may affect their experience is not for you to state. Having said that, as I've mentioned several times already, the re-naming of some items isn't the thing that bugs me most, it's the principle. The "principle that I'm up in arms over" is that my country certified the un-edited game as fine me to play, yet I'm forced to play an edited version because another country's Cert board doesn't treat its citizens like adults - even if you consider the changes minor, the point isn't.

    I do understand the economics behind the decision, (even if it hasn't been stated that way officially), but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. This is a forum, I'm as entitled to an opinion as anyone, even if you don't agree. Look, I'm not trying to piss anyone off, or slag off anyone's Government, or MS and UL for that matter, but this is a forum, and just because someone isn't happy about a particular aspect of the game or Devs/Publishers decision, it doesn't mean they're wrong. If the decision to release the TU3 update changed NZers version of the game pissed me off, it's irrelevant whether you feel I shouldn't get pissed off about it - that's my personal feeling/experience, and I'd think this is the right place to express that.

    Anyway, let's agree to disagree if that suits, and let's go back to playing some SoD, (you, ironically, with your un-cut US version ;)), and I'll just keep hoping that one day, MS will treat NZ as a separate country, as they should...
  12. It's disappointing that UL would go through the trouble of altering a rather large portion of the game for Aus, and yet not consider the wants of gamers in NZ considering the game on its original state was approved here.

    For the record MS class NZ and Aus as different regions. We have games banned here that are available in Aus. I can't download Saw for example, yet a friend of mine who's region is Aus is able to. That being said I agree that we are a rather small market and that the revenue generated by NZ gamers might pale in comparison to other, larger countries, but surely it's about more than money? "A time suck" is not entirely fair as justification for lumping 2 separate countries together, especially considering how much trouble UL went through to get SoD to Aussie gamers.

    Now I understand that Aussie gamers get hit hard at times and that truly sucks. However think about how excluded you would feel, and how disappointed you would be if UL said "well that's gonna be a time suck so we'll just leave Aus out" when it came time to modify the game for release there. Well, though in comparison this may seem trivial, that's kind of what they're doing to us over here. This is merely a portion of the source of my frustration.

    Aussie has a much larger market so financially the time spent modifying the game is justified as their (ULs) returns from Aussie sales would be exponential. Regardless however, NZ should be treated as its own entity, as we are. It's just a shame. And I'm not asking for some over the top NZ specific game, just the one we were originally granted.

    Devaluing someones opinion on the matter isn't all that productive either. Condescendingly explaining that drugs in a game have no effect in real life, therefore are a non-issue is your opinion and clearly reflects the way you game. There are plenty of games available out there where you can mindlessly hack at zombies, yet there are very few open world zombie survival games on the market. Wanting an immersive experience isn't too much of an ask in a game that strives so desperately to achieve that. I was contempt with SoD in its original state. It provided me with the immersive experience I have been seeking for so many years in a game such as this, and now that has been broken.

    It may not seem to be important to you but it is to me. What gives you the right to dictate how I should or shouldn't experience the games I play?
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    Actually, for the record, we all fall under one region. Asia Pacific Region with the HQ based in Singapore. That's why if you've ever purchased Microsoft points on your Xbox, the receipt comes from Singapore.

    Microsoft Asia Pacific and Japan Regions Headquarters
    1 Marina Boulevard
    #22-01 One Marina Boulevard
    Singapore 018989

    Phone: 65-6882-8899
    Fax: 65-6882-8866
  14. Meh, matters not, we get whatever version we are given, if we don't like it we can always complain to deaf ears or just stop playing, matters not, we are little people caught in the grinding of corporate and government gears and as always we will all get shafted.

    Whatever anyone thinks, I consider that UL have done a fantastic job, but that is just my opinion.

    Thanks UL.
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  15. Hello! I recently bought State of Decay, as in four days ago maximum. After digging around looking for a work-around to my game-breaking bug (story line progression halted) I found this update. Now as I said, it's been at most four days since I've bought SoD so I'm fairly confident that TU3 is already included. The problem is I'm still experiencing the following patched bugs:

    My vehicles outside SWH do not get repaired (I've had one sitting in flames outside in a parking space for about 6H or play time.) In fact, I'm fairly certain my workshop ISN'T an auto workshop.

    My outposts have flags, and emblems which show some resource I found there. None of them are numbered. (I 'control' most of NW Marshall to give you an idea of where I am.)

    I've had one or two missions where as soon as I walk into the area I get the all cleared, as well as some with only one (non-freak) zed in the immediate vicinity. On an unrelated note, my survivor initiated "clear infestation" missions are all pretty much the same three buildings, in a row.

    I don't get it after Mt. Tanner, I get it non-stop.

    I've really enjoyed the time I've put into this game, and UL really delivered on it's promise for a zombie apocalypse simulator. On another side note, did anyone at UL play Urban Dead?
  16. Joey

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    Hamburger pants fire! I love Tu3
  17. Sanya,

    I was reading all the posts made by you looking for answers about something i had in mind, i'm not sure if it actually is a good question but it is something i wanted to know.

    First, when we request the friend to accompany us, is he going to level up his skills by killing with me or he is just a backup with no skill increase by killing zombies?

    Second, on those side missions which we have to get someone to help them learn how to survive by killing some monsters, was that intended to help us increase their skills? Not sure if it does because i did not see any difference.

    Third, we pay them 100 influence to have them with us, but is this for a limited time? If i get into a side quest which already have a survivor with me, is the one i requested to come with me going to be dismissed or we will have 2 survivors with us?
    e.g: I get someone to accompany me and then i go make the side quest to kill a Big zombie, there will be one survivor there to get the quest and he will go with me, is my first survivor be dismissed or the third one will just join the party?

    Note: I didn't play yet because i'm traveling, that's why i'm questioning, sorry if this is something we can see by playing, if someone else knows the answer let me know.
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    They wont accompany you on missions, so you only can have one. They also only follow you until they are tired so you sometimes only have them with you briefly. I never really found it useful and rarely used it honestly.
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    I smell a comeback playthrough!
  20. my only complaint is that the snyder trucking warehouse still feels like there should be one more placement allowed on side the warehouse next to the machine shop. maybe this never be done but it be great just for that one extra spot to use and it does feel like plenty of space for a extra spot is allowed. other then that loving the update only other wish is that some of the rooms that are already pre-bult into the homes could be upgraded. Still loving this game though.
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