Title Update 3: Bring a Friend, Have a Big Community Without Fear, and More

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. eP Reject

    eP Reject Starting Off

    SoD got boring :( guess I'll just have to wait for a DLC. Perhaps I'll become more interested once Class 4 comes out.
  2. Didnt even notice these things ....Maybe cuz i just started... but i cant image this game to be boring.
  3. we haven't had any info lately. It's making me sad :( I haven't even played in like 3 weeks
  4. -listens to the cricket sounds-
  5. Title Updates will be coming to the Early Access PC version or us PC users sticking to the base game for the time being?
  6. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    You have all of the currents TU's already. But I am sure you will get all of the up and coming TU's as well.
  7. DutchMike

    DutchMike Starting Off

    This update is the same as WarZ's updates from last April all combined lol.
    Love this team!
  8. Will there be anymore updates before sandbox? Will sandbox include updates?
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