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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Then you are playing the game incorrectly. The point is /NOT/ to clear the map. The point is to survive as long as possible. If you are scavenging a building completely, you are doing it wrong. Take what you need at the moment, leave the large crates/bags/bundles of supplies you don't for later. And if you have completely cleared the map, there is no way you do not have a surplus of melee weps. So again, user error. Either you are staying on one person for way too long, not utilizing vehicle combat, or simply doing way to many things wrong which is attracting large hordes of zombies to your location so you end up in prolonged fights. If your UI has a little yellow wep icon on it, you need to stop fighting and GTFO of there. When you switch people (assuming you do) place all their items in the supply locker and the weps will get repaired overnight.

    Yes Batman. The types of things you are suggesting require a working knowledge of engineering. I meant Batman in that capacity. Cannons make zero sense. You are already low on gunpowder, what would you use as ammo? HOW would you carry a 100+ pound cannon around with people that can barely carry over 50 pounds. I do not think you understand how cannons work. If you mean those steam powered pumpkin launchers? Again, how would you power it? If you do not have a minimap how would you aim it? And the minimap is a staple of most video games. And given that a lot of people have problems simply navigating the fairground when they unlock it, its a much needed thing. As far as not knowing where zeds are in a RL situation, you would be able to hear them easily as they make so much noise so yes, you would be able to know exactly where they are.

    I didn't say be in constant combat, I said to take out hordes with cars first then use the car to attract everything around you and you have an instant, yet limited duration safe zone before things respawn. This in fact, lowers the duration of melee combat drastically and should help with that wep situation you have.

    You are welcome.
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  2. @ Eilianna

    You are super presumptuous and kinda argumentative. How dare you ever tell someone they are not playing the game correctly? As an end user I can play it anyway I see fit, just because I dont play it the same way you do it hardly means Im playing it "wrong" get real!

    I am done replying to you after this post. You only seem to be interested in shooting down my thoughts and ideas and taking a position of superiority and I dont dig that. Just saying you should tone down the haughty behavior, Im just here for fun and you have succeeded in killing some of that fun for me.
  3. Don't sweat it. Play the game however you want to play. There is no right or wrong way.
  4. Thank you General Stone, my sentiments exactly!

    Now if Microsoft would push TU3 through so I could play and get off the forums, fingers crossed for Tuesday morning!
  5. JustinRuin

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    I guess I play wrong as shit 'cause only time I run zombies over is on accident. I don't ever carry or use meds or snacks, I don't raid other enclave's lockers. And I never build a workshop until after I leave the church....

    Knew it all felt wrong...
  6. Two Words: "Death Ray"
  7. I am sorry you are playing the video game in contrary to the mechanics of the game. You complained, twice, about your weps breaking all the time and said that the workshop wasn't repairing them. I gave you a few suggestions on how you are playing incorrectly in this fashion and how the weps/workshop correlate to help you out. You then say you do not want to attract zombies to you, but you want to stay away from them but also suggest adding in a cannon of all things. I am not exactly trying to be haughty, but seriously. Saying you do not want to attract zombies then ask for a cannon is just...

    As for telling you that you are not playing a game correctly, well if you are not following the built in mechanics of a video game, then yes, you are playing the video game incorrectly and possibly do not understand the game's premise. Personally, when I first purchase a video game I at least find out how to play it, either through a little internet research or in game trial and error. There are mechanics at work in the game, mathematical formulas, and you need to understand how these work in order to make the game work correctly. Again, this is a simulator game, meaning it is supposed to last for prolonged periods of time between resets, not a sandbox, yet. Knowing how to prolong the game mechanics is the point of the game in and of itself, then have fun after you figure that out. I have tons of fun playing right now. I don't need food, or ammo, or meds because its covered. I can go out and kill zombies all day long. I can answer every rescue call. I can take out every infestation and I don't have to worry if I need anything. Just mindless zed hunting.

    BTW you get mortar in the game. Again, this is about knowing how the game works and following its mechanics and all that.
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  8. You have to play a game the way it's meant to be played???? I like to play a game as I see fit and if I can break the game mechanics in the process AWESOME! I now know what can't be done. If no one EVER decided to push the boundaries to their limits and only stuck to what is known to work, where would mankind be right now?
  9. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Everyone has their own play style. Drop the argument and get back on topic.
  10. Precisely correct. We've all got our own ways to play the game. Whether it's smart and silent, or loud and dumb, it's our choice, and our consequence to bare.
  11. sgallaty

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    That being said, I have a friend who plays games in frustratingly stupid ways and then bitches that the game is broken... there may be no wrong way to play but - it's wrong to say it's the ball's fault if you insist on throwing it with your eyes closed.
  12. JustinRuin

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    There are no 'wrong' ways to play, sorry to burst your bubble.

    There are smarter, more practical ways to play the game that makes things easier and/or last longer.

    Then again, unless you are fighting every zombie you see, including the stragglers that come running up to help their dead buddy, I don't see how you are going through melee weapons so quick. Use LB+Y more when they are down and you can always drop kick zombies and then finish them while they are down to save weapon durability.
  13. *shrug* my play through I was referring to in my comment I found very few melee weapons and the ones I did find where fragile. Some I was able to get back to the shop in time, but most of the time I would end up having to slog through too many zed and they would subsequently break. Funny enough I found more guns than melee in that run.
  14. MRRJ

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    So has anyone actually got any news on the data/time this new update will be released? because I've already run into the missing survivor bug :(
  15. Sorry man, its in Microsoft's hands now, could be tomorrow could be 3 weeks from now.

    Undead Sanya did say that "TU3 is in certification and on track to be out at the end of next week, barring the unforeseen, caveats and caution, blah blah blah. The intention is for every region in the world to get TU3 at the same time. I will let you know if this changes."

    So we'll see I guess
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  16. B STATS

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    It's out when it's out. Simple.
  17. HINT: You can break open construction materials if your struggling, although you don't want to do this to often. Also carrying a 2nd melee weapon is just good planning if the durability of them is 3 or lower. I try to stick to highly durable weapons although once I get to the church I have never broken a single one due to the rule of carrying a backup. 4* and 5* weapons wont need a backup as long as you swap them out now and again. Never managed to jam a gun either in over 5 playthroughs.

    Later in the game your character will learn moves that allow you to put multiple zeds on their ass and finish them of with one hit saving your weapons. Make sure you use LB+Y when they are down.

    Another tip is, on the way down to the church at the start you'll pass a large warehouse. I find it is a good idea to raid it and break the construction materials down for weapons (only time I break them down). I do this because at this point you can't carry them on your back or call for runners as they aren't available and Im not going to make several trips later to collect them all. If you plan it right, and leave Marcus with a few empty slots (stock Miya up with the non essentials before you leave the ranger station) then you can often find a few good starting weapons. I manage to clear out the 3 areas (Warehouse and it's outhouse, abandond loggin shack and cabin/car port) without having to leave much behind.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: Yah sorry, off topic.... end of!
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  18. *rolls eyes* out when its out .
  19. Hey the last time I commented I mentioned Big Un's I no longer care took some one's advice on using the old pick up and reversing into them works like a charm I don't care haha. But more lingering zombies less hordes ftw!
  20. How about when zombs spawn next to you ?is that common issue or just me
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