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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dillerin, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    Sorry if this has been disccussed already, but I'm curious if all the benefits of owning the 360 version still apply for the xbox one year one edition? Namly the 33% off and the bonus character... if these still apply today, how do you go about obtaining them? My guess is that if/when I pick up an xbox one, I go to the market place and purchase the SoDYO game and it will notice on my account that I've previously purchased SoD for 360 and do all the wok for me?

    Or should I just wait it out until SoD 2 comes out and keep playing my 360 version?
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  2. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    Up to you really. If you want to experience the game again (with some additional sequences) then grab the YOSE. Extra character is platform account based and doesn't always work. So if you do and she doesn't show, let staff here know.

    If that's a bit of a hassle, keep on the 360 version and wait. YOSE isn't bug free so keep that in mind.

    However you'll still need the XBO for SoD2. So I would say grab YOSE anyway and enjoy the differences. May as well give the XBO some love.
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  3. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    My plan is to buy an xbox one when SoD 2 releases, I've been revisiting SoD 1 recently, getting myself to Breakdown lvl 42, debating continuing on or switching to xbox one now and play YOSE while waiting for SoD 2.

    It's $40 used buying a physical copy, but if the 33% off for buyers of SoD for 360 is still in effect, then it's a good deal and The new character looks cool, so a nice additive.
    Do I have to download the game to get the discount if it is still available?
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  4. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    I believe that is up to Microsoft. Since it's off their platform service and it's a game they own/publish. So if you check the Xbox website market, it should be updated if the 33% is current or lapsed from no longer being Cyber Monday.

    But it's not the only fun thing in XBO, there are free games too. And if you are a Gold subscriber you can claim any free game current. Give it a look, you'll find something before SOD2 is out.
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  5. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    Here's a list of some of the features with YOSE:

    --More Breakdown heroes (the Lifeline crew--Alicia, Vince, Kilo, Sasquatch--w/radio commands)
    --A unique survivor (Gurubani) for returning players-- she has reflexes, scholar & medicine, & unique weapons (including a rifle with a built-in suppressor)
    --New facility abilities in all 3 games: craft ammunition in the munitions shop, make snacks & coffee in the kitchen, instantly repair damaged weapons at the storage locker, & instantly repair damaged vehicles in the machine shop
    --New gun type & ammo: the incendiary shotgun (can kill armored zeds)
    --All the new weapons in Lifeline and Breakdown are now in all 3 games
    --Some new animations (like how they swing weapons/climb ladders)
    --A new mission type: CLEO missions (someone/something is dropping care packages in the valley--but beware, the beacons attract lots of zeds)
    --Breakdown levels up to 99. In the original, the difficulty maxed at 11. Now you can keep going with varying difficulties.
    --Unique Xbox challenges: there's monthly achievements where you can unlock a unique radio command/weapon/character/vehicle.

    So for me, being able to have Breakdown until 99 with more heroes, new weapons (especially the new shotgun type), and the ability to make ammunition really made YOSE worth it for me. But whether it's worth buying an Xbox One or not depends on how much you love SoD (and of course, whether anything I mentioned sound interesting).
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  6. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    Ooh, those features do sound enticing!


    Yeah I'm not so much of a gamer anymore, but intended to eventually buy an xbox one when SoD2 came out, needed an excuse to get one sooner than that though, YOSE may be good enough an excuse to do so... I'm sure I'd find other games to fiddle with as well. Plus there is always streaming services.

    Thanks for the feedback folks! I think I'll be picking up an xbox one tonight, so I can be set up for a weekend of being useless!
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  7. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    One last question; does my breakdown level carry over to YOSE? I'm at level 46 on SoD 360... don't really want to lose that progress.
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  8. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    It doesn't. You start everything fresh. This is offset by monthly achievement awards that add additional content if achieved.
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  9. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    To be fair, you can import your saves, but honestly you should not. It ends up causing more issues than not and you'll be more frustrated than satisfied. I'll virtually hold your hand and sympathize when you email me because everything's broke to high heaven, but I won't be able to fix it for you. :( Don't import. Starting over is still fun. There are lots of improvements and additions to Breakdown that make playing those early levels rewarding.
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  10. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    Oh boy, glad I asked before hand... Okie dokie, no problem really. Thanks for the help!
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