Trick or Treat... Definitely a Treat. Official "Distraction" Video Thread

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Capt.C.Baker, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Anyone notice in [video=youtube;-W5ZqDzZIQ4][/video] how there is a large husky fellow similar to the Left 4 Dead Boomer? However, in the video someone of akin build appears and rips through 2-3 boards and pulls the player outside? I think it looks like the boomer but functions more as a stronger zombie. They DID say they have special zombies. I have a screenshot of him, being on the left of course.
    State of Decay.jpg
  2. Nice video, thanks for the new footage.
  3. You people at Undead labs definatly polished stuff up Ill say
  4. Joey

    Joey Starting Off

    I love it! I just want to play it till my fingers bleed.
  5. graphics are much better than i expected, and its nice to see some stealth being used. i wonder if 1 zombie noticed you, youd be able to take it out quickly enough to still escape?
  6. WarPig

    WarPig Starting Off

    This got on youtube 2 days ago i think
  7. Praise the UL team! There's voice acting and it's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video. I love it! Very "The walking Dead" styled! I like it!
  8. Love the look of this game! Can't wait for its release as well as seeing how Class 4 evolves. Great job! :)
  9. Looks great so far, way better then the old first footage.
    but why did the zombies don't see you, i mean you are just in 4 meter range and make noise.
    Also i don't see a noise or view meter :(
    We will see what the final product will be, for an alpha it look fantastic!
    p.s. can you shoot the birds to get food? ^^
  10. He was crouching, so that would have muffled the noise to a large extent. I'm actually glad there aren't noise/view meters, because I would find their inclusion too "gamey." I'm already not entirely thrilled about the third person view (though I understand the justifications for it) so the fewer additional elements that detract from immersion the better.
  11. I wonder how near to the zeds should the firecracker go off to get their attention... What if you throw one out to distract a group of 3 zeds, hop inside a structure, then after you're done looting you come out to see that the firecracker had attracted a horde of 10-15 zeds from a few blocks away? I'll have to experiment on that when the game comes out.
  12. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    Guessing: will fire crackers attract every zombie? I hope not^^
    The thrilling of the possibility of the trick not having worked properly confronted to believing the place is relatively safe is far more interesting.
    And I hope you have solved the problem with the infection concept^^ Running in a horde, where every bite will kill your characters, is much more frigthening - meaning that strategy is a need
  13. Awesome video.

    A few (constructive) criticisms.

    1. The throwing animation was a little rough. I know this is still in development but I think the throw should have the character arch their shoulders a little. Similar to the way Fallout 3 characters throw grenades in VATS.

    2. The world is so BROWN. I've noticed this in other videos but thought it was just the time of day or something. More vibrant colors would be welcome. I don't think the apocalypse cakes everything in mud. :D

    Other than those two points, EXCELLENT WORK. You guys are the best. I love you all.

    No homo. :D
  14. It could be so epic if you would make a 24 hours gameplay (ingame time) :D
  15. I agree on the brown statement; too much brown!
  16. Vin153

    Vin153 Starting Off

    Nice'ly done I cant wait for the games release Ill be all over the little details you guys will put in the game!
  17. Arc79

    Arc79 Got Your Back

    Alright, I feel quite clever having got the video re-uploaded in better quality without the help of Paradise so here is the analysis for anyone that wanted to see it!
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  18. ah, thanks :) forgot about the whole making explosives, silencers etc. it's gonna be pretty cool :p
  19. Whiskers

    Whiskers Got Your Back

    It's quite a good video Arc :D
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