Trick or Treat... Definitely a Treat. Official "Distraction" Video Thread

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Capt.C.Baker, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Biggsmile

    Biggsmile Starting Off

    Thanks and great job in advance Arc. I haven't watched your clip yet but will do later tonight. Your other commentary vids have been spot on so I know this will.
  2. RevApoc

    RevApoc Starting Off

    I read that completely wrong at first glance... lol.

    Awesome video, and I can't wait to play this game. I am so glad that this is going to be on Xbox because I hate dealing with system requirements on PC. (not to knock PC gamers; I do enjoy my PC games from time to time, but it is just so much easier to put a disc in [or download] and have it work right away)
  3. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    Damn this lookin good!!
  4. Whiskers

    Whiskers Got Your Back

    So true Lilbuff, so true.
  5. you say you have to make them so will there be crafting implimented into the game and to craft new weapons will you just have to have the right materials or will you need to get some sort of blueprint from other survivors?
  6. Arc79

    Arc79 Got Your Back

    Yes, there will be craftable weapons that recquire certain resources to make such as molatov's and firecrackers. About the blueprints, I'm not sure if that will be neccesary or not.

    Also cheers Biggsmile! Just make sure you watch the Re-Uploaded version, the other one is just a bunch of pixels dancing around the screen!
  7. Do you guys have an release date yet? or a month? maybe a time? like spring or winter? Im getting nerdgasm :p
  8. Right click, hit "Copy video URL" and past it in a new tab in your web browser.
  9. Very nice. I'm very looking forward to playing this game!!!
  10. Whiskers

    Whiskers Got Your Back

    Yeah early 2013.
  11. Joey

    Joey Starting Off

    Why do I love this game so MUCH!!
    I can't wait to play this!
  12. this game look amazing! cant wait to play it!:D
  13. This build looks so much better than the PAX build. I don't know what you guys did, but whatever it was it worked wonders. This game looks like it's shaping up nicely, I can't wait to play it.
  14. Really looking forward to it. Don't spoil us too much with teasers and in-game clips :). It will be best to learn new things form playing the game.
  15. Hi from Russian community,we are always following the news,and we were glad to see this.
  16. I am so happy to this game, but i can not wait to play. Please release date be spoken.. :(
  17. Light Foot

    Light Foot Starting Off

    One really nice touch in this video is that some of the Zombies are lying down, like in Dawn of the Dead, they are kind of trying to act like humans that may need help or something..only to get you in nice and close!!
  18. LoneSpektre

    LoneSpektre Starting Off

    Oh man... I really need to play this game!
  19. I cant believe, I haven't heard of this. I'm absolutely in love with this game, even before its out. So excited for this, its gonna be one hell of a ride. I better get roxio working cause this is the let's play i want to do! :D
  20. brutados

    brutados Starting Off

    hahaha, no one can wait any more guys :)

    But, theres nothing we can do.. if only there was some real zombie to play with, before the game release hahaha
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