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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Monkfish

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    I know, but that's a separate "no story" mode from what I can tell. My point was that if we want to continue after the final mission with the story mode characters we've built up, then it would be nice to do so with all of them, and not have three of them hanging around at the top of the map :)
  2. Your the kind of person I like, you know that your a good parent and that you can teach your kid that the violence in the game is something not to do in real life. The foul language is completely reasonable, that's something they might just start saying because they picked it up. I wish there were more people like you in the world.
  3. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    Yeah I'm curious for an update on that as well.

    I mean, you hit half a million customers, yet you do not mention the most requested feature....co-operative play.

    Is Sandbox a higher priority than co-op? Is the PC version a higher priority? Give us some kind of update on this please, Jeff and co.
  4. They have mentioned it- its in the works, but will take a while. To convert what they have to co-op (and do it well) is a lot of work, its not a simple process at all. So in the meantime, they will be releasing other updates as the co-op work goes on.

    I'm with you, I can't wait, but it's not that they are ignoring it- quite the contrary.
  5. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    It's not about fear of them ignoring it, it's fear when it's excluded.

    I know it is in the works. And now they've seen how successful they are. So they surely will be given time and money from Microsoft to work on these updates. The question is what are their priorities. I think PC version is up there, but wouldn't it be better to release that after they've figured out how to add co-op or the sandbox mode?

    Every time they update the XBLA version they have to update the PC version and they virtually identical, but I'm sure UL is also not trying to limit the PC version too much.

    I know they are working on it and I'm excited about the success for them.
  6. Well my way of thinking is what would be the difference in how much money would they make. PC version opens up a whole new market (especially given all the exposure of how well it's done on xbla). Co-op and sandbox are more treats in my opinion (not to say I wouldn't want them first, just from a business point of view).

  7. Sandbox will probably be what you play co-op in. As in creating your whole character and being in a sandbox environment. Co-op wouldn't work in the main game if you really think about it.
  8. I wonder if sandbox would allow some playable survivors to be above-average stats? And of course more of the type that are just 1 star across the board.
  9. Not too sure if I agree with you. This is a mature game made for mature audiences. Yes, there is swearing. But there is also a great deal of violence. To censor language, and not to censor the violence? I just don't see how that is consistent.
  10. you guys are the best devs ive seen, you work hard to keep your community happy.

    Miami Heat all the way
  11. Excellent job, good sir and team!

    I will finally be able to resume my gameplay without issues.
  12. pholic

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    My daughter loves video games, especially ones a 6 year old can play on an xbox, like fable, this game, Earth defense force. When shes not doing that, shes watching disney and shit little kids do. She actually yells at me when i slip up and curse in front of her, and refuses a bribe to even say a bad word. So I cant let her play this game without her saying "He said a bad word!" all tattle taley everytime she rocks a zombie with a spin kick and a skull crush :) But she likes watching goosebumps, and scary movies, but not a violent child at all. Far from it. My solution, I let her play muted! She cant read that well yet! That wont last long though. Maybe if there was just a dialog volume level adjustment that would be easy to toss in there Id think on the next update. What do you think?

    I do see your point about it being a violent adult game, but her even grandmother lets her watch worse shit that I would ever let her see, there are some things your cant keep them from no matter what. But here in america, we are pro violence and anti nudity, so shes going to grow up with that unless i move to europe. I feel teaching the difference in reality vs a video game/movies is the best way to counter. And hell when a nerd gets asked by his nerdy 6 year old if she can play the zombie game with him, he must oblige, beats a tea party.
    Plus there are no humans you kill in this, just zombies...atleast theres that. But man does she wreck my cars...
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  13. I've not got any update prompts for my game at all. I still have none of these modes and stuff.
  14. This is by far the best purchase iv made on xbla. Thanks for keeping up on the sucess in sales and actually caring to make this great game better. Other developers need to follow in ur footsteps. Thanks again!
  15. Read the OP again.
  16. Vin153

    Vin153 Starting Off

    Wait Its on steam but will I still require Games for windows live ui to be used?
  17. This is a very gory game, My son saw me play it and boy do I regret it.
    It's not that he cant tell the difference between a video game and reality, it's just a matter of letting his innocence be.
  18. Thorsfew

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    Well the days keep passing.
    The Xbox releases keep adding up.
    Yet value for money I find myself replaying a select few games.
    To date these games are BOTH "arcade" releases...
    Magic the gathering 2013
    State of Decay.
    Strange how my imagination is captured by SoD when I have a shelf with over 100+ full priced boxed games.
    I guess some, I will actually pick up and play some more once my survivors finally perish...

    Look forward to update 2 (+1)
    Thank you UL!!!
    Mr Jason xxxxx aged 43 & ten twelves.
  19. Yurì Zagorac

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    I agree with you, the game should use common sense and real life situations. If you have a truck or car , then you should be able to put atleast 2 rucksacks. SOD is an amazing game and hopefully it will just get better and better in the future. ;)
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  20. just got the update, thanks guys, playing now :)
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