TU2 cleared for release

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. fray

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    No doubt! But expensive, yeah?
  2. SugarAva

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    thank you for clarifying...I got a little worried when I read this
  3. Forgot to mention that sorry, he is right storage room needed i guess cause mine was allready built in at the trucker site. Also the workshop there was built in and it repairs cars fully as far as i know i have none tools expert so a big plus to have as home base
  4. Glad to see another Turtle Beach headset user. I never try my TB on SoD yet. Usually I'll use it for FPS. How's the X42 performance for this game?
  5. fray

    fray Starting Off

    I'm a guy and even I won't play with strangers online b/c of the horror stories I hear about it. Where is the fun in playing a game and having idiots releasing waves of Nerd Rage at you? Yeah, playing with friends is odviously a different story, but I don't understand the appeal of playing with 12-year-old morons and testosterone driven loud mouths who get a rise out of insulting me and the way I play. Boggles my mind.
  6. This has been the case since the beginning of online gaming on the console, my god the youngsters are messed up these times! Definitely boggles the mind.
  7. It depends on how much u can store. You can build the storage to store more or move to a place with more storage space.
  8. Ive been playing for six to seven hours since update so here goes..

    V-synch has done its job with my tv so awesome really a big difference. The survivor missions with al its variations are paced now very chilled out at my camp!

    I think best thing to do is level up everybody as quick as possible they get much better attitudes, so run some laps at home base and try to use the legs for missions as much as possible cardio will fly, if u use the dojo u can get xp boost for melee during three days in game.. Meaning very fast leveling for fighting shooting same thing find it under watchtower. For these two u need the library!
    The library itself works up wits faster than normal.

    People im telling you my crew is the shit they hate the zembies with passion.
    No more losing survivors never again they die hard. I now get prompts with for example mya is in trouble while doing a supply run a couple seconds later i get she will probably make it on her own.

    Then military area much much better what an improvement!

    All the cooldowns and timers are perfect even if you are a daddy and have a job and have a nagging wife or husband u can now expierence everything possibly in lesser gaming time, no waiting anymore.

    I feel the balance now im lovin it. All the people that still have problems is very strange to me this did it, it has been fixed.
    The rest is to be discovered

    Now the wait for co op. Bring it!
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  9. Split screen: the hero of co op.
  10. fray

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    Well, as I said it's the only set I've ever owned (had it for about 2 years now) and can't base it on anything else, but I have to say I love it. I have a 47 inch TV, but even with the volume set to a resonable level it never gives the clarity that the set does. The ambiance is way more enjoyable (for example, I can hear the birds chirping in the trees or crows/pigons flying away if you get too close to them, etc) and it's great for when you get in situations like fighting a few zombies in front of you, only to hear a few more coming up behind you or to your far right/left. Headsets are indeed really good for FPSs and they certainly give you an edge (with Far Cry 3 I could hear predatory animals near me before I could even see them, for example.) I highly recommend using a gaming headset.

    I saw reviews online where some people complained that the TB x42 felt a little too "cheap" to them, but that has never bothered me. It's made of lite materials, yes, but I see that as a positive b/c, as I said, you can wear these things for hours without being uncomfortable--and I have to wear glasses, so the fact that this set doesn't hurt my ears after 8 hours is amazing to me. Now there are times when the set will cut out (lose sound) for a second at times, but that doesn't bother me--and it doesn't happen very often. Maybe it's b/c I use rechargable batteries in the set or maybe the receiver looses the signal for a second. I dunno. All I know is I never play a game without my TB headset. :cool:
  11. fray

    fray Starting Off

    I suppose so, but I wasn't really aware of it until I started playing Xbox 2 years ago--see, I've been a Nintendo fan since it's first console. So I guess I've lived a sheltered gamer life. ;)
  12. SugarAva

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    Being a gamer girl, it is hilarious because guys get pissed online and set out a personal vendetta to get me if they can't win. Injustice Gods among us, one guy went on for around 87 rounds till he gave up lol
  13. Tonikz

    Tonikz Starting Off

    Just fired up SoD and downloaded the patch:)
    Now I have even less problems than before, and they were almost non-existent.:cool:
    merci UL!
  14. Thats not a bad thing. Nintendo also not a bad thing but very different from xbox of course, community wise more different. Xbox is messed up because of the majority of childish brainless zembies. I hope SoD will be spared of such horrors. I will keep to my friends with this game so should everyone..this shit has a big dependency on trust.
  15. fray

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    Yeah, that's something I don't understand b/c I'm not the competitive type. I play for the pure fun of it. I mean let's be honest: Who the hell cares how many kills you make or how many points you score? The Earth will still continue to rotate on its axis and people will still continue to go on with their lives without the knowledge that Joe Nobody raked in a billion points. Color me impressed, Joe. Yes, you are truly better than any doctor who can take a tumor out of someone or a fireman who runs into a burning building to save a stranger. Yes, Joe, you are the king of the world b/c you are an amazing gamer.

    This is why I hate most people. :p
  16. Lost Walker

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    your actions speak louder then your words...wait is that true? Turtle Beach headsets are great and you can buy a pair for less $50
  17. I bow before you!

    Exactly what i think about it! Plus the Nobody Joe really thinks that having point is all that is left in his life, so he even uses hacks to get more and more!

    As for the other comments about childish gamers when it becomes coop/multiplayer. Isn't this game rated Mature?
    I know that rating is never taken serious and that we see Child playing mature games all the time, but it's just the matter of finding the right group to play and stick with.
  18. pholic

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    I use my turtle beach headphones when the womans sleeping, but nothing beats this game hooked up to a 6.1 surround sound. Gotta love hearing where that zombie is really coming from. I dont know anyone else's setup, but im optical audio from xbox to surround sound box. Its Is Awesome.
  19. I use my Turtle beach all the time. Although i bought it to use on PC, and it is made for PC and PS3, it works just fine trough the optical output of the xbox, only lose the ingame chat on Xbox. But the sound is amazing.

    I bought the DP11

    It really makes me hear everything as described by other users above. Things you wont even know that the Dev team put in the games, like the whistle of the birds, or a barking dog far away, everything you can hear.

    I dont play any game without it, it makes a huge difference.
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  20. SugarAva

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    Haha you said Doctor Who!!!!!!!! lol
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