TU2 cleared for release

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. SugarAva

    SugarAva Starting Off

    We should probably start making friends list on here so we have groups to play with in co-op and class 4 when they come out. We could get a feel for personality from the forum posts.
  2. I, for one, am ecstatic about the update release. Is it just me, or did the gameplay actually increase in difficulty? Maybe I'm just used to having powerhouse characters after my first playthrough, but I've restarted three times shortly after the "Voice on the Radio" because my circumstances had gone south. Then, again, maybe I've just gotten cocky around these zombie hordes. ((Zombie Horde Bowling ftw!!))
  3. Sweet! Can't wait to get back on!
  4. Thats not a bad idea. Class 4 will take a long time though.
    There is definitely opportunity for making friends/groups/recruits here.

    And not everyone will be from usa or uk. I know how to spell my english but u will hear an accent. (Dutch);)
  5. Dalereo

    Dalereo Got Your Back

    Congrats your a female who plays video game? -Hands Cookie-
  6. I love playing with strangers on DayZ. I have a custom soundboard made up of spooky noises, gunfire, etc - and i'll randomly choose a noise when I see someone - they'll usually freak out and run away or start blindly firing in a direction. One time I teamed up with a guy from the UK, and we were doing our thing, clearing buildings and I decided to play my "incoming footsteps" sound byte - he turns to the door and looks out, I play my "random gunfire" sound and he goes prone and starts to look around, then I play the "incoming helicopter" sound.. in which he runs out of the building and he said to me over mic "incoming heli, I'm out".

    5 minutes later he died. I survived for another 3 hours before logging off. Yeah, I trolled him, but not in the "Y U DO THAT?!" or "HAHAHAHA KILLED U NOOB". Psychological warfare is the best form in a survival aspect.
  7. You're on a long list of females I know who plays games. Congrats! I once beat a l33t g4m3r grrl on Soul Caliber 2.. she thought she was the bomb til I laid the smack down on her. That, and she had girls germs. Icky.
  8. Haha, that is pretty genius actually. I'd be laughing so hard watching them panic for their life.
  9. first of this update is awesome i've also noticed a few cool t-shirt that some of my survivors are wearing for a start daisy garrison is wearing an Xbox live t-shirt thats rather cool then janiya pederson (can't see the name correctly) is wearing a undead labs t-shirt
  10. Go to Undeadlabs.com, they were taking orders for hats shirts and hoodies for a while. Not sure how much longer they are going to, so hurry!
  11. This game is sick!!!! Very impressed. We've been talking about this game for some time, but to see it all play out with our suggestions and your team's hard work is incredible.
    Now......where's "Class 4"?;)
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  12. Quintus_Fontane

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    Patch is working like a charm so far. The only thing I've noticed is that loot in some houses is working a little differently now than it was in my last couple of playthroughs; In a house near the Wilkersons, nearly every lootable thing (Including the fridge...) had a pistol/revolver in it, and in three of the houses near the church, every container except the fridge has had an alarm clock inside. It's not a huge problem, as it seems to be levelling itself out, but it's just a bit... odd.
    The people on this street took time keeping VERY seriously :D
  13. fray

    fray Starting Off

    True that, but (and this is just me) I find that the older I get the less I care about making new friends. It would be interesting to watch a group play first. Maybe then I'd be willing to join in.
  14. fray

    fray Starting Off

    Ha! I noticed that barking dog as well. I also like being able to hear the various car sounds as it slowly degrades the more you run over zombies. Plus, each section (towns, country, forest, etc) has its own unique sounds. Very well done for a $20 game.
  15. fray

    fray Starting Off

    :D Didn't even notice that.
  16. fray

    fray Starting Off

    Hmmmm. There's a thought worth looking into.
  17. fray

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