TU2 status update (June 25)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Starting Off

    same. just hope some of them are simulating on running errands atleast.
  2. I have a good feeling that we'll get it by late tonight/tomorrow. Usually you'd see one or two mods lurking around the forum most of the day, but I only saw Sanya on for a bit to do the daily Roundup. So that tells me two things:

    1) They're pushing the new release material for ACB submission.
    2) They're doing whatever they need to do to get TU2 onto XBLA.
  3. Please surprise us with an unmentioned update to the game as a way to compensate for the wait :)
  4. It's 10:25pm (PDT) in the states at the time of this post.. I have a feeling we won't be seeing any news about updates 'til tomorrow.

  5. Yep... I felt this would happen
  6. 7:30 am here in the uk got up and checked for the update nothing has happened hopefully it either comes later today or tomorrow come on !
  7. By the way after that first day of not playing the offline simulation quickly goes from brutal to kind of there to basically off. It gets really forgiving after you don't play for a few days. So as long as everything was in relatively good shape you should be pretty ok.
  8. fingers crossed for co-op :p
  9. I'll check this thread before I go sleep.. (6 hours from now) by then it should be about 9am in the US and hopefully we'll have some new news.

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  10. NeoXCS

    NeoXCS Got Your Back

    That would make it 6am on the west coast where they are located. So still a bit early. :)
  11. Nutlog

    Nutlog Starting Off

    TU1 dropped on a Friday night, didn't it?

    I think if we realistically expect early next week but cautiously optimistically hope for maybe Friday, then anything earlier is gravy.

    Until then, make a backup of your game save on a USB drive and fire up a new game... move to a new house or sandbox a little or try some different stuff. Have fun with a new game save that's not subject to too many missing survivors, infestations or other issues that will be fixed in the next few days. And then when the patch drops, put the USB stick back in and fire up your old save. Ta-da!
  12. They are probably taking their time with this patch to make it a good game without them horrible glitches, but i can't wait too long :p
  13. Flagg

    Flagg Got Your Back

    They are done with it, it's MS doing final certification if I understand things correctly.
  14. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    Well, the patch is already done and glitches already fixed a week ago... Thats what makes the waiting so excruciating..
  15. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Its just a process MS has to put all updates through, whether published by them or not. Its to ensure it doesnt cause stuff to go wrong, such as an xbox blowing up. Obviously UL wouldnt let that happen, but its all about policies now a days.

    Hoping for it to be released asap! Been weeks since Ive played and Im dying to get back!
  16. firefighter1137

    firefighter1137 Starting Off

    I want co-op too, but that will be a big announced release, I don't think they'd want to hide that under a smaller update like this. Lol
  17. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    Dying to play too! Havent played anything since i stopped playing sod two weeks ago. I know if i started anything else id just stop once i found out the update was done anyways. Well... if i knew it was going to take two weeks i might have started something but at least i had extra time to spend with wife lol
  18. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    I stopped because I had hit the eternal loading bug 3 times, I bought this game so I could get a huge group of survivors going. When I found out that was what was causing the bug I just stopped playing and decided to wait it out, I havent even completed the game once yet! haha
  19. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    Ya i havent finished it either. Was getting frustrated at community deaths to the simulation. I cant play for long stretches with work and family and stuff, so i cant always make sure i stop playing with everything in perfect order. Patch looks like it will help out the casusal gamer a lot more, so really looking forward to it
  20. I have also stopped playing and have been following this game with great excitement for release. Undead labs has done a terrific job so far. I am more then willing to wait for TU2 with no hard feelings.
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