TU2 status update (June 25)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Averryy

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    Exactly my thoughts Fred, when the bug happened to me for the third time I was furious. Speaking to both Xbox Support & Sanya, then the next day I noticed more people were getting it. Then we were able to band together and send our saves to the devs and get a fix.

    I thought I was gunna have to start again for a 4th time, but luckily this patch is coming out. I've waited for 2 weeks to play, a day or two isnt gunna kill me.
  2. N0RBS86

    N0RBS86 Starting Off

    i understand that you guys cant give us a date but please the second you know that its on there let us know, im sure you guys will anyway its just im checking here more often than my game, your all doing a great job at keeping us informed, well done :)
    im realy looking forward to being able to play my game of the year again ;) i was very disapointed that the first patch didnt apply but not your fault and atleast your sorting it out its more than what im used to these days, id love to be part of your group making these peaces of art/entertainment for people all around the world its gota be a sweet job even with all the evil critics out there, im trying as are most people these days to get into this kinda thing but im not sure what part of the whole process id enjoy the most or for that matter what area id be suited in, my older brother is working for cubic motion at the moment and he said id be best at level design so iv been drawing up some realy cool ideas for possible base's for areas in SoD, and maybe small island's as DLC.
    Also i was wondering if any of the loyal customers that purchased the game on release and have been waiting to play it since would maybe get some thing free as a good will gesture ;) not that this forum, the constant updates and not to mention the game its self being realy cheap and realy good isnt enough, its just you know if you dont ask you dont get :p
  3. That's not quite what Certification does. There's a series of rules that each and every game must follow in order to be released onto the Xbox platform, regardless who the publisher is. Most are "duh" kind of rules, like "can't crash the game" or "must not lose player progress," but some are quite odd. There's nothing like "doesn't blow up xbox." These rules exist to make sure all games behave on the system more or less the same.

    Now, some of the bugs people like to complain about are not something that fail certification. Screen tearing? Nope. Pop-in? Nope. Loss of progress? Yes. Infinite loading? Yes. But those are incredibly rare.

    That said, Title Update certification is a bit faster than full cert. I would think we should hear something today about pass/fail.
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  4. I hope the patch doesn't doesn't pass the final Certification. :)
  5. Tonikz

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    Alright, it's 10am pacific. On my way to gym and hopeful the patch will be made available during that time:) Not much else to do today so I'm looking forward to some quality SoD time.
  6. I'm in the same boat, hope it releases today because I've got a free evening ahead of me.
  7. Microsoft dropped the charge on releasing updates! Wooh!
  8. Wait what you mean?
  9. EDIT: Nevermind.
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  10. Averryy

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    For most companies who develop games on the Xbox 360 (arcade games) usually have to pay a price to put an update through to the game.

    MS have now decided that it doesnt cost anything for this to happen, therefore people can update their games as the like without a huge fee, I was hearing it was like $40,000...

    But, whether or not UL had to pay for updates is unknown, Jeff mentioned in an interview that they're not allowed to discuss it. It must be something to do with the contract you have with MS...
  11. I bet first parties didnt have to pay that fee or got a discount and just 3rd parties were paying that. Sony never charged for those fees, that is why its smart MS finally stopped and hopefully keep it free for xbone
  12. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Come on, I still have hope for today! I have the day off tomorrow so it would be great!

    Praying that it hasnt failed cert...

  13. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    Dont even say the f word...
  14. Polypropylen

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    Stop daydreaming!
  15. Averryy

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    Be nice for a dev to come in here and give us the good word.
  16. Faryn

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    What would they tell us, except that they dont know, cause its out of their hands ;)

    (and dont get me wrong, I`m refreshing the xbox update center every 5 minutes ;)
  17. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Well you know, just be nice to hear 'its going well' etc etc.

    Just to keep me at ease,

    would you mind linking me to this update centre?
  18. Faryn

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  19. It hasn't failed yet. But it hasn't passed yet either.

    Truth be told, it's more likely to fail Compliance than Functional. So we're still good. Just hold on to your pants.
  20. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Haha I am holding very tight, I just keep refreshing the forums to see if a Dev has posted something :O
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