TU2 status update (June 25)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Lol same here
  2. Lol, I am doing the same! I just came back from football and the first thing I did is to check if TU 2 has been released. I can't wait to see if V-sync will improve overall smootheness of SoD.
  3. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Im so desperate to get back to my game, after I was hit with the eternal load bug I havent played it in 2 weeks. What worries me is how bad things might be when I return. As far as I remember things were good, had a big stock pile of things and around 25 survivors with guns.

    Fingers crossed!
  4. Joey

    Joey Starting Off

    Fails final cert "Well that deescalated quickly"
  5. Can someone please remind me. Will I need to start a new game to get the benefit from this update?

  6. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Nope the update will fix all the bugs in your current and future games!
  7. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    The update will work for your current saved game, don't need to start a new game.
  8. Final Cert wasn't approved, till further notice.
  9. You never know how them things will go it could be anywhere from today or tom.
  10. You love screwing with folks huh? Yesterday or Tuesday you posted TU2 was out. Please stop pooping on people's parade.
  11. Amnesiablo

    Amnesiablo Starting Off

    Totally bored of waiting now like. I have expected it every day now... Just want to play!!
  12. A watched pot never boils :p
  13. BoZoDaZeD

    BoZoDaZeD Starting Off

    Yea I moved on to Dark on the 360 now it's taking forever
  14. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2013
  15. Here ya go; http://www.xbuc.net/

    I'm checking both here and there occasionally, more than yesterday and definitely less than tomorrow if we get that far. :lol:
  16. sgallaty

    sgallaty Starting Off

    I've been holding off my next restart for tu2 - getting pretty amped about playing more.
  17. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

  18. Sorry just bored. :p
  19. Well at least we only have like 11 more hours to wait until TU2 hits.
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