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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 27, 2013.

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    ... wow. That is one long sentence. Let me try to break it down to make sure that I understand you correctly:
    • Bandits, human opponents - been constantly discussed and requested but it was ultimately a decision by UL because it wanted to focus on building a home base and make it into a simulation rather than some knock off with The Walking Dead (which tends to get too caught up in humans killing each other)
    • Lily Ritter - She is the only character who is immortal because she is the quest starter and therefore essential to the story, just like Ed until you reach the church at Spencer's Mill or Jacob until you finish searching for a potential new home.
    • Guns, types, and range - Sorry, I'm not an expert but you may want to try The Guns thread that was started in July of 2013. (yes, this year old thread is still very much active)
    • Survivor mode, difficulty for hand to hand combat - In the Breakdown DLC, the higher you get in level, the harder it will become. There is a difficulty cap at level 11 and you need to only reach level 6 to complete all of the achievements.
    • Black Fever infection rate - Many people didn't like having their characters being infected - especially when they invested so much time leveling them up so now the only ones who can get infected are survivors who are in your base but are not your friends.
    • Animation, technical - Xbox 360 has just so much computing power and resources, you can't just crack it open and pop a stick of ram as you see fit like you can with a computer and the release for both platforms needs to be the same for the sake of being fair for everyone.
    I hope this helps, it was kinda hard to read what you wrote. :)
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    Welcome to the Forum BeatboxingKFC:) Many of the ideas you suggest have already been posted in the Forum:)
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    Hi there and welcome to the community! You're probably not going to get a lot of traction from this thread since it's so old. :) But you're welcome to join the fray in General Discussion!
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    Ah I thought that's how it went. Cool.
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    Mods used to cheat like that are extremely frowned upon and any discussion about tampering with Xbox 360 save files is extremely discouraged.
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    Oh Yes! Very Naughty. ;)
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