Twitch Stream, 5/30/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 29, 2013.

  1. Mackenzie

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    Today's live stream...
  2. Monday. :)
  3. Thank you kind sir.
  4. XiricaDalla

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    "you're" LOL
  5. XiricaDalla

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    Look, I know that this is not the appropriate thread, but think about this (conspiracy theory, as always):

    - The admin on said that they would re schedule for the next Wednesday (as far as I could read - it was very fast);

    - This would made the launch impossible on June 5th - Who would view a live stream of a game that was already launched? (I would, but I´m weird);

    - Then, we have the news that it would happen on Monday, making it possible to have a release on June 5th.

    hummmmm... *scraching my beard*
  6. Bacon Zombie

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    Some Footage from the stream...
  7. Bacon Zombie

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    Part Two as well...
  8. Many thanks, kind sir!
  9. Undead Brant

    Undead Brant Developer Staff Member

    Sorry about that everyone, nothing we could do to fix the internet at the location, Monday.
  10. Bacon Zombie

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    Meh, no big deal. The videos only make me angry at this point anyway, lol. I'm ready to play the game.

    Microsoft needs to get their ass in gear and release this thing.
  11. Furie

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    Certification is a process that determines if the game is up to the standards of the money hungry corporation that owns the platform they are aiming to release on. It is the final wall between gamers and the code, and has found multiple bugs in games before. Last I heard the most they found in one game was over 65,000 bugs and glitches that could be reproduced. Long story short, it's hardly something that games companies hide behind.
  12. davethebakerx2

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    if it wasn't for "money hungry" companies. people would not have "jobs". last i heard corporations dont run on rainbows and unicorn farts. i wonder if you think undead labs is one of those "money hungry" corporations or if they all work for free.
  13. Sanya, Brant, Gronk... Is there any reason why you don't record yourselves (via camcorder) playing the game and upload it to the website... or youtube... or facebook.
  14. IrishDead

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    no worries, not much you can do to prevent unforeseen issues. was still great just to see what we did
  15. thanks for the upload

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  16. Bacon Zombie

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    I tend to think Furie was being sarcastic with the "money hungry" comment. You might want to observe the context before you decide to post this kinda crap.
  17. I don't believe your lies ~~~~~ MS cut you short due to beards and streaking infringements :)

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  18. Undead Brant

    Undead Brant Developer Staff Member

    "The truth will out" - as they say!
  19. Hey guys, I missed the stream, is there any chance it will be uploaded later?

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