TWO. Million. Sold.

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. IrishDead

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    Does this mean Sanya & Nicole get raises?

    Congratulations UL, well deserved success.
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  2. Mattyice26

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    NIIIICE. All that hard work is payin off. Looking forward to the future of s.o.d. undead
  3. Yes good news with the new peeps.The new tab formatt will help the new slayers with the home Base learning curve.
  4. SomeRandomGuy

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    Aren't you a little young to be buying alcohol?
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  5. I swear to drunk I'm not God.
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  6. SomeRandomGuy

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    For some reason the first part of my post before got eaten, so here we go.

    Congrats on 2 million, I'm sure 3 isn't far behind with YOSE coming up.

    Christmas seems to be a little TOO merry right now.
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  7. BridgetFisher

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    Awesome! Congratulations!!!! This game brought so many people something we always wanted, the ability to make our own stories in the zombie apocalypse. So many games like dying light try to shove their story down our throats, and being game devs their stories usually suck, lol.

    I really felt like I was in the game because of how the story was done. We could play it anyway we wanted, this is probably the hardest type of writing, and I enjoyed all of it. Unlike a book or a game with a linear story, in games we are the character making our own story, looking forward to more from Undead labs! :)

    Good luck in the future!!
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  8. Tsewe

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    This is good, right? I mean, it doesn't suck!
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  9. Rock33B

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    We'll crack open a cold one for you.
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  10. Jeff and all UL, this game is worth any money of my pocket, have 3 orginal copies.
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  11. Dunadain

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    UPDATE: As of a message 3/31/17, Nicole confirmed they had sold over FIVE MILLION COPIES of everything.

    Here's hoping SoD 2 dwarfs those numbers! I'll preorder a collector's edition as soon as they are announced!!!!
  12. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    What I said was, I heard the number 5 million thrown out there. I hate to be cagey, but I didn't double confirm that, so I don't want it to be "an official" confirmation.
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  13. I read that as... it's not official yet, so everyone needs to go out and buy more copies until it's definitely official.
  14. Dunadain

    Dunadain Here To Help

    I have an SOD copy for each xbox I own.

    I guess when 2 comes out I'll need a Scorpio to keep the disc company.
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