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Which Story Was Your Favorite?

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  1. "She Looked At Me (Dive)" by QuarantineRoad

    3 vote(s)
  2. "The Window" by TheMuse

    4 vote(s)
  3. "Bittersweet" by Panic!atSkyfall

    2 vote(s)
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  1. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    Thank you everyone who participated! Our theme this time was focused on Eyes, and we had a diverse set of entries that all took different approaches to the topic. I'll post the stories and links below so anyone can re-read before they vote. VOTING WILL BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THIS TIME, OPEN FOR 4 DAYS TOTAL. The winner of Round 14 will get to pick the theme for Round 15! Thank you everyone who wrote, and a future thank you to all who will vote!

    "She Looked At Me (Dive)"
    by QuarantineRoad

    "The Window"
    by TheMuse

    by Panic!atSkyfall​
    Hall Of Fame

    Round 1, Free Write: "An Adventure" by Bob Crees
    Round 2, The Life Of Our Pilgrim Fathers: "The Man Who Lived Next Door" by Fear/"The New World" by TheMuse
    Round 3, Halloween/Horror: "Of Hell And Animals" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 4, In Transit: "Crossing Over" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 5, Memoir: "Wait, We Found What?" by DeadK9Handler
    Round 6, Patient Zero: "B3113" by Panic!atSkyfall/"A Cursed Trader" by Burning Phoenix
    Round 7, Spring: "Cheater" by TheMuse
    Round 8, Ha: "Three Curses And A Wish" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 9, Tales Of Tomorrow: "The End" by TheMuse
    Round 10, Today Is The Day: "Hidden Affairs" by QuarantineRoad/"The Gardens" by Panic!atSkyfall
    Round 11, Deep Blue: "Gladly" by Panic!atSkyfall
    Round 12, Highs And Lows: "Just Once More" by LadyoftheLake
    Round 13, Lucky Or Unlucky: "Thirteen Steps" by TheMuse
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  2. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    In general, I loved the diversity of this topic's entries! We started out with QuarantineRoad's beautiful poem about love (or at least, how I interpreted it), went to my horror-ish story about inner demons, and finished with Panic's emotional story about loss.

    QR, your poem felt very free. The writing seems to flow directly out of you in a way that seems uninhibited, I could use the term "pure". Despite the shorter length, I really felt like I was taken on a journey, and the imagery and emotions associated with this person were very real. If this isn't too personal of a question, can I ask what inspired the poem?

    Panic, I love the perspective we get to experience in your story, living life as a person who has lost their vision. I felt as though you conveyed that life very well, and also the emotions associated and the adaptations needed before one can find "a new normal". I also love that her loss lead to her gaining something she didn't expect to have. My question to you is the same, what inspired you to write this story?
  3. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

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  4. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @TheMuse: Sorry for the late response. I'm in AZ visiting my Dad and Step-Mom.

    It is difficult to gather my thoughts while I am here, but for now wanted to say how awesome it was to read your observations. What I wrote was while in a state of raw feeling and thought, close to my being as I haven't really shared before; so I'm really glad it read as it did.

    As to the inspiration, the short answer is that I was inspired by images of someone, as I often am. Certain people, especially when looking into their eyes, often evoke a flood of emotions and memories in me (real and imagined) that are hard to quantify, but that I do my best in trying to.
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  5. DeadK9Handler

    DeadK9Handler Here To Help

    Voted!! Man I miss these!!
  6. Panic!atSkyfall

    Panic!atSkyfall Here To Help

    I love the emotion tragedy evokes. To lose something so great hits yah right in the feels. I also feel as if I'm very pessimistic. Often when I write I can't write happy, or I write something but it must end tragically. Tragedy is one of my go to themes.

    @QuarantineRoad I loved the incorporation of music to go along with the poem. I first read it without and then with. The music added an air of ambiance that helped the poem flow even better. You were able to convey beauty in such a short account that was really great.

    @TheMuse You did a great job descending into madness. The progression felt real. And then to end with them returning to each other and accepting each other was great.
  7. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    It's funny how a picture can bring everything back. There so many things wrapped up into an image or a video, especially knowing the person and adding the color of your experience with them. Even without that experience, there's such interesting things you can learn about a person from a photograph, things they don't even know about themselves or things they can't even vocalize about themselves.

    Stay cool in AZ! :)

    Thanks for making your way back! :)

    I remember watching Romeo and Juliet when I was a freshman in high school and thinking, basically, "These idiots. I would never be THAT dumb." About a decade down the road from that, having felt love, having experienced loss, and having watched others both love and lose, their story has so much more impact now. I'm only in my 20's, but when I think about, things, people, and opportunities that I've lost, whether due to my own mistakes or just the randomness of life, it does ache, and tragedy taps into that in a powerful way.

    And thanks! :)
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  8. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @TheMuse: I completely agree, and have so much more to say, but feel I should save it for the next story! And to yours, I couldn't say it better than Panic. Engagingly surreal and deeply affecting.

    @Panic!atSkyfall: Thank you! I really appreciate your comments. To the music, I'm always listening to something that brings me into the story and help me write, often with images, too, as in this case. Soon they feel like a part of it, but then I wonder if the reader will feel the same. So I'm glad that both the music and opening myself up to a more personal style was well received.

    To your story, I'm also drawn to anything emotional. The ones that get to me are usually about finding light in the darkness, some sort of tragic redemption, penance, or internal conflict (such as Macbeth), or that the heartbreak is brought on by something beautiful, like in Romeo & Juliet, as Muse described so well. So, yours really hit me, and like Muse's, I didn't anticipate any of it.
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  9. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

  10. DeadK9Handler

    DeadK9Handler Here To Help

    Wooo congrats @TheMuse !!!

    **please if it is not too much hassle, can I get a tag at the beginning of the next one so I can submit!!**
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  11. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

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  12. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

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  13. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    Thanks guys! :)

    New one incoming!
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