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  1. TheMuse

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    Welcome to our Twentieth and Final UL Writing Prompt Contest hosted on these Forums! Guys it's been a great ride, and I've enjoyed our times here! Before the Forum comes down I'd like to squeeze in one more quick contest!

    The rules:
    1. Must be an original writing, no plagiarizing.
    2. You have 10 DAYS to write your story and submit it.
    3. You may edit and change your story up until given time is up.
    4. Must incorporate the prompt in some way, shape, or form.
    5. Comply with all pre-existing forum rules.
    6. Only give constructive feedback if the author has expressed their willingness to take it.
    7. Only one story per person
    8. All stories must be submitted below
    Hall Of Fame

    Round 1, Free Write: "An Adventure" by Bob Crees
    Round 2, The Life Of Our Pilgrim Fathers: "The Man Who Lived Next Door" by Fear/"The New World" by TheMuse
    Round 3, Halloween/Horror: "Of Hell And Animals" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 4, In Transit: "Crossing Over" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 5, Memoir: "Wait, We Found What?" by DeadK9Handler
    Round 6, Patient Zero: "B3113" by Panic!atSkyfall/"A Cursed Trader" by Burning Phoenix
    Round 7, Spring: "Cheater" by TheMuse
    Round 8, Ha: "Three Curses And A Wish" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 9, Tales Of Tomorrow: "The End" by TheMuse
    Round 10, Today Is The Day: "Hidden Affairs" by QuarantineRoad/"The Gardens" by Panic!atSkyfall
    Round 11, Deep Blue: "Gladly" by Panic!atSkyfall
    Round 12, Highs And Lows: "Just Once More" by LadyoftheLake
    Round 13, Lucky Or Unlucky: "Thirteen Steps" by TheMuse
    Round 14, Eye See You: "The Window" by TheMuse
    Round 15, Moonlight: "Destruction and Creation" by Panic!atSkyfall
    Round 16, Soulmates: "In Moments Alone" by TheMuse
    Round 17, Unfamiliar: "Everything" by TheMuse
    Round 18, Give Thanks: "Spirit" by QuarantineRoad
    Round 19, Found: "The Mirror" by QuarantineRoad

    How it works:

    You are given TEN DAYS to write an original piece based on the prompt below, and once all the stories are entered and the time is up, the voting thread will open and the community will vote on their favorite piece.

    The winner gets to pick the prompt for the next round.

    The Prompt:


    In honor of this being our last writing contest I have selected the topic of "Home" to reflect the home that we have built here on the forums and the memories we made here. Any story reflecting the theme of "Home" will be accepted!

    Submitted by me (TheMuse), but no shade to our round 19 winner QuarantineRoad!​
    Stories are due: January 23rd
  2. TheMuse

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    Couple more days for submissions!
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  3. QuarantineRoad

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    Helios - Bless This Morning Year

    Some Memories Don't Fade

    by QuarantineRoad

    It'd been seven years since the accident. Nearly that long since I'd even looked at a photo of her. But, it didn't matter. She was there every time I closed my eyes, as if yesterday never was. Memories relived, with no way of moving forward. Meeting at the coffee shop. Holding hands as we listened to the rain. Walking the woodland paths just after sunrise. The fall. The fading pulse. The cry of the heart-rate monitor. And somehow, I can still recall her voice. As restorative as sunlight on a Winter's day. Just like her smile. A bittersweet solace in the silence.

    Of the few friends I had, I don't blame the ones who left. There's only so much you can do for the disconsolate. Refusing to die, yet refusing to live. Those that remain urge me to move on, but it's never been a choice. I guess I've always been wired this way. In the past, the relentless thoughts were the cause of sleepless nights and sour days. Otherwise forsaken regrets that had a way of creeping back to the surface. But, now there was no escape. It seemed losing my other half had brought me to the brink of insanity.

    "My other half". A symbolic idiom meaning more or less, depending on who said it. The most frightening thing is when it becomes the truth. When losing them means you will never be whole again. For me, true love is like a beautiful dream inside a nightmare. Every time I held her in my arms, listened to her stories, or saw the glimmer in her eyes, I waded through euphoria while remaining conscious of reality. Damned lovely and wretched reality; taking all it gives, and often more than its share. Devouring souls in the soil of which every hopeful seedling springs forth. I knew it could all be taken away at the turn of a page, and why I longed to spirit her away to some Neverland. If only I could have. "Such wishes aren't realistic," I've been told, and they're right. And yet, how miserable would we be without them.

    It's now Autumn once more, and the anniversary of her death. With all my strength, I dug up the resolve buried in my heart and drove out to our little country house. The road was narrower than I remembered. Lonely. Isolated. Minutes felt like hours. The branches of the surrounding trees seemed like fingers closing in around me. How familiar that feeling had become. As it was then, everything was in the shade of Fall. A cruel irony, as leaves fell to join their kindred on the cold ground, just as she had.

    Time slowed further as the past came into view. Nature had taken hold of the place, but was otherwise just as we'd left it. Just as she'd left it. Ever since, I'd been living in a small apartment; losing myself best I could in an empty life. So many nights spent alone in a bottle. The only way I knew how to quiet my mind. No, the truth was it only numbed the pain for awhile, allowing me to relive happier memories. Memories that, for a moment, would feel real again. Memories of the same person I was trying to forget. And when they were gone, I was back where I started. An endless cycle in a miserable and melancholy existence.

    Pulling up near the house, I sat in the car for a time, arguing against my own decision. I didn't know if I should be here, but after all the talking, and drinking, and failures in forgetting, it seemed the only choice I hadn't made. To approach the thing I feared. So, with reluctance, I got out and made my way toward the small house.

    Despite my jacket, the air felt almost unbearably cold. Dry leaves rode the chilling wind. A blanket of gray clouds cast a solemn and eerie hue upon the place that was already the source of my fear. As I passed by the weathered loveseat beside the oak tree, it felt like walking through the remnants of someone else's life. I ran my fingers along the back of it, and for a moment, saw us laughing together as we tussled. A memory suddenly replaced by an image of her there, alone, with tears down her face. "But, that was me," I thought.

    Present again, I found myself standing at the steps to our porch, and my eyes settled on the door. The maroon color was faded and chipped, but it was obvious that no one had been here since the day I left. Beside it lay the empty pots that once kept her flowers, and above, a tattered wind-chime played its now broken song. Slowly, I made my way up. Being so close caused my heart to pound, violently. Just as I reached the top, the wood groaned beneath me. A sick feeling stuck my gut, but before I could react, there was a loud crack as my foot went through the rotten wood, and I fell forward into darkness.

    I awoke to the chirping of little finches, rustling leaves, and sunlight peering over the roof. A light breeze brushed over me, carrying the smells of wildflowers, pine, and oak, and sending a chill along my skin. My vision was...strange. Too clear. Too vibrant. And...upside-down. It took a moment to get my bearings. Somehow I'd ended up on my back, with my leg still caught. I was just reaching to touch the sore spot on my head when a sound stopped my breath. The click of the door, and the slow, familiar creak as it opened. Fighting my fear, I looked up, and for the first time, reality ceased with a haunting smile, and the voice I'd never thought to hear again. "Welcome home," she said.
  4. Panic!atSkyfall

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    Home is a place where you feel warm

    When he wraps his arms around you

    When your eyes catch each others from across the room

    Home is where the heart is

    Home is a feeling that you belong

    When he is around you are finally complete

    When you are in a tangled embrace and you and him are one

    Home is where the heart

    Home is a cold empty room

    When you wake up and find the sheets wrapped around you instead of his arms

    When you remember the way he turns away from you rather than gaze into your eyes

    Home is where the heart is

    Home is nothing but a dream

    When you feel empty and alone and know that something is missing but only he can fill it

    When all you have is a tangle of sheets

    Home is my heart waiting in the cold and in the dark
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    Ok, I believe its the last day for submissions. we'll need to get voting started soon if were going to make the closing on time. ;)
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    I’ll post voting tonight, like 8 hours or so from now, sorry!
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    I’m a bad person! Thread up tomorrow morning for sure, I know we’re getting down to crunch time!
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    instead of giving us updates, just throw up the new thread. silly ;)
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    I've always been able to make a place home.

    Wherever I've gone I get cozy, make friends, learn, adapt. When I was younger home changed often. My dad bounced from job to job, always landing on companies that needed to be saved, that ended up going under the water despite his best efforts. We bounced around California, then to New Jersey, back to California, always somewhere different, just far enough away for a new school and new friends. I was introverted then, hopelessly stuck in my own mind, but I could make a place home.

    I've never been attached to any particular place as a result. I can live in the snow, on the beach, in the mountains, in the valleys. There is beauty everywhere, and nowhere that I've lived has had conditions to extreme to get used to. I've been through blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, thunderstorms that the family would sit in the front room and watch as they rolled across town, lights and sounds for our entertainment. Any place can be home.

    I sit here on my computer in the middle of Utah. I'm working at a film festival. There's a bustle of activity, celebrities, CEOs, leaders of organizations. I'm bumping shoulders with important people, people that change the world, people that are the world!

    And yet, I want nothing more than to go home.

    I love my job, I love my work. I'm good at it. I love being around all the buzz.

    But I want to go home.

    It's a new feeling for me. I can make anywhere home. But this time, for the first time, I couldn't. This time I missed everything. I've made friends up here, I have a social life, I have everything on paper that I would need. But it's not home.

    I'll be home soon. A plane ride away, not too long from now. I'm coming home to the realization that I cannot leave.

    Does that trap me? Limit me? Does it make me feel stuck?


    It just feels like home.
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