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    You never say never in video games, but here's a list of things that are so dead that they probably aren't coming back to life even as zombies.
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    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Q: Are you going to have all slow zombies?

    A: Here is what I said in the comments of a Q&A when the discussion came up:

    We are not going to be Romero-pure. Most of the zombies I saw were shambling zombies, but there was the occasional one that moved differently. We think the game will be more fun if there’s a bit of the unexpected.

    The exact ratio is unknown, the exact AI of the different types is unknown by me, and as long as it’s understood that we’re going for fun over purity, we truly do look forward to the feedback on the actual game from all types of zombie fans.


    We’re specifically not striving towards purity. The designers have been kicking around ideas for this game for years, and as deep fans of the genre, are well aware of all the tropes and traditions. The thing about any art form is that there is no one true way. I hope you’ll trust that the devs will make every decision in service of the game.


    Oh, and don’t mistake my lack of knowledge with ... hedging. ... The ratio of special to shambling is unknown at this time, because they’re going to be playing with that ratio right up until launch. Certainly it won’t be final without play testing. The exact speed/AI/abilities of the special zombies are unknown by me, because I’m still so new that the shiny ain’t worn off.

    and in a podcast:

    Most zombies will be slow. But there will be specials to keep you on your toes.
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