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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back

    For the NZ release, pretty sure it was roughly a week after it was submitted to MS. Hope you guys get it soon! :D
  2. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    Are you having any problems with game.
  3. Can I uncross my fingers tonight do you think? Hopefully it will be out with this weeks update, but if not it will have to be out next week.
  4. Is it coming out today in Australia?
  5. 3Monkeys

    3Monkeys Starting Off

    WWWWhhhhhy are we waiting ........... Any news as yet ? Could a moderator reply in some small way ? Even a quick little featurette like " Not today folks !" would be appreciated .
  6. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    Dude i think Undead Labs have forgotten about us, If you want any info you have to do the research for yourself or read the threads that other people have wrote about the release date.
    Its been 5 days since it was classified but not a word, they must have better things to do.
  7. Watching this thread decay has been very disheartening. It seems to have devolved somewhat into a lot of bitching and moaning. Moaning is for zombies.

    Anyhow, in order to add something constructive, I bring news that the ACB has passed SoD as an R rated game. Huzzah! Here's the links you'll be wanting:

    Australian Classification Board
    A small article from Games On Net

    Now I say unto you all, rejoice and be happy!
    (Which is to say quit being negative-nellys!)
  8. Im just afraid to turn my xbox on and see if my points that I have on my account have now turned into a Dollar value that is now less than the game.
    Because it's going to suck if we now have to pay more because we had to wait so loooong.
  9. I know the U.K have had issues with things costing more due to M.S points changing over to real currency. M.S have stated this was not intentional and are going to change it. I've noticed things are cheaper now that it's in AU$. It's sooooooo much better seeing things cost AU$ than points.
  10. That's good to hear. I haven't checked myself, just heard all the bad stuff from around the internets.
  11. 3Monkeys

    3Monkeys Starting Off

    Okley dokely Flanders ..... Now back too trying to get a response from a UL rep , but thanks anyway for pointing out all my faults in requesting some sort of date here .
  12. You should also thank him (flanders) for news that was posted 7 pages ago already, we know it past classification. We just want some news now about when it'll be released. I'm with you 3Monkeys, we need info. We all now it's in Microsoft's hands now, just somebody should know something.
  13. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    I'm personally projecting a July 24 release.
  14. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    Does anybody from Undead Labs have any feed back for us in OZ.
    About when we can get the game.
  15. You need to show your Aussie fans that we matter. The way things are going you seem to have dropped us in favour of the PC crowd. I would hope you understand that if you don't support us then we can't support you. You need to put your foot up Microsoft's arse and come back in here with some concrete release info asap.

    Sincerely, an Aussie gamer losing patience with the lack of info.
  16. Microsoft's xbox live is a wonderful place.Even if Cliff B is also helpless
  17. You guys know you could have had the game on release day right?
    Although it does involve migrating your Xbox, and coming up with a fake address and phone number... And then having to wait three months before you can migrate it back to AU but that's what I did, cus SoD is the only thing I play so it didn't matter to me... And I'm pretty sure it goes against Aussie law and probably dozens of microsoft's rules and regulations... But hey. It's probably not worth it now so close to it being released, but if you want to, just P.M me and I'll help you out :)
  18. While I appreciate all of the hard work by U-Labs, this guy ^^^ is right on the money.
    I don't remember a U-Labs member letting us know in this thread that the game has been approved by the ACB..
    I don't remember reading it in the daily round up either. All it said was "no new updates for anything guys. I'm going to bed". ACB classifying the game is no new news?

    Without U-Labs confirming anything YET, I can only assume that the internet hear-say is incorrect and that Australia is still waiting to get a classification for "State of Decay".

    No word from Undead Labs, no word from Microsoft, no sign of the game on XboxLIVE...

    What else am I meant to think?

  19. Should look a bit harder.

    UL notified us on Twitter that it had cleared ACB certification and also put out a blog about the fact that it had not only cleared, but had been sent to MS for certification. All this info it on this forum and on their web site for anyone to see if they bother to look.

    Till it clears MS cert. there is stuff all UL can say or do, a bit of patience goes a long way.

    I would not expect the game to be released in Aus. before next week, we may yet be lucky to get it before, but I doubt it.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2013
  20. 3Monkeys

    3Monkeys Starting Off

    Ok ... So the fact I am asking on UL's actual forum means we are not looking hard enough ? What has twitter got to do with anything ? This is the company's own website , so as to us not looking I think you should actually realise that this very page here is where they should be updating the game status , not on a bloody twitter account . But once again thank you for informing us about absolutely nothing . Now back to waiting for an UL rep .
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