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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. The info IS out there. I'm not denying it. What I wish to bring to attention is that the thread for a "round up" has not been updated with Australia's current status. This thread (all about the Australian release and it's issues, started by an U-Labs admin mind you) has also NOT BEEN UPDATED. And FYI, I have a twitter account... but as I find twitter as useless as a dick flavored lollipop, I don't use it.

    Why do I need to rely on anything other than the forum? Why should I? Why do I have to? I thought this forum was the best way to keep in touch with fans. Nearly 6 weeks after release, I'm still without this game. Oz is the last of the countries (that don't have to fetch their own water from a well) to be allowed to play this video game.

    I'm not pissed off. If U-Labs don't want to inform us of it's status, cool whatever. I'll just keep checking XboxLIVE to see if it's "not available in your region" or not...

    I understand U-Labs are busy and can't answer every post, but they started two update threads that have not mentioned anything recently.
  2. 3Monkeys

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    Ok so now it has been nearly 3 ... Count it ... 3 weeks without any word or post by a UL rep or mod . Not saying we are being ignored but the evidence speaks for itself .
  3. http://forums.undeadlabs.com/showthread.php?28079-In-Joyful-Strains-Let-Us-Sing!

    It is on the forums... 5 days ago... in the news section... it's not hard to find.
  4. It was indeed easy to find. I have been following that thread since it was created. Unfortunately there is no solid info about an Aussie release contained within. It addresses the SA and NZ release. If you can in fact find some specific info about an Australian release please share it with us, it would indeed be most appreciated, unlike your condescending attitude, which I personally could do without.
  5. There is no specific info on the release date because there is no release date, it's in certification. That's the most you are going to get until certification is finished.

    It's just looks a little sad when there are multiple people complaining that we are being left out of the loop when there is no loop.

    When there is actually news, im sure it will be posted, but for now people just have to relax and wait for MS to do their cert process, not raise pitchforks at undead labs because there is no new news.
  6. ^^ this!^^

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    NZ did get uncut ver if any one cares, Has all the proper drug names, Seems like we still havnt got any title updates yet tho, Games played ok had a few freezes , one glitch that game relaod fixed, seems my weapons dont repair tho
  8. nobbys nutts

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    After you KIWIS had to wait that long you stiil
    got the same game as the rest of the world,The ACB are f****d up.
    You guys were suppost to get the up dates at the sametime you downloaded the game.
    By the way i care dude.:D
  9. I work 50 hours a week. I don't want to have to fight through waves of crap to find minimal info. What I'm saying, is that on this particular thread, ABOUT THE AUSSIE RELEASE, it should have the status update when a significant event like CLASSIFICATION from the ACB while in a lengthy battle.

    Look, I'm not hear to rock the boat and cause shit. It's a suggestion to U-Labs (if they're reading this thread anymore) to update the status on the thread called "UPDATE ON AUSTRALIAN RELEASE" that was obviously created because of the ACB dramas.

    U-Labs want constructive criticism? Here it is.

    I'll still be buying the game, I'll still love it (if I like playing it). I'd just like to know WHEN I'll be able to purchase it, talk about, dream of new features.

    Now, all that said, bring on the Zombies...
  10. hate these political morons even with our new R+ Rating, we miss out on so many great games, makes us import them (which in someways its good)
  11. 3Monkeys

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    @GRAYJ .... I fully understand . It is hard to get a straight forward answer , and even harder when you have other commitments , such a life in general . However rest assured asking for a release date is not pulling out the pitchforks , merely a potential customer trying to ind out the date of the products release .
  12. I was going nuts trying to find a release date over the last few weeks. Basically, once MS clears certification they will advise UL and they in turn will notify us. The scary thing is that depending on SoD's popularity, it could take weeks for MS to do it. Hopefully it's being fast tracked!
  13. It's not so much of wanting a release date though.

    There was a significant breakthrough by the ACB awarding classification. This was not reported on THIS thread. It is elsewhere, but NOT HERE.

    As I said earlier, I'm not pissed off. I'm just a little disappointed that I had to venture away from this thread when I was relying on it for updates on the status of it release.

    I would have thought THIS THREAD would've been the priority over other threads to update us. But now, I'd have to sift through PC/Multiplayer/TU's/DLC talk when I don't give a fat rat's scrotum on those things because I've never even seen the title screen for the game yet.

    I'll keep checking XboxLIVE to see if it's there. That seems to be the best updates on this game so far. Either "YES" or "NO". Can't get any simpler than that. Especially if no updates are coming from this thread... or the round up thread.
  14. xr1st1anos

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    click on Sanya's name and look at her post's. that's the easiest way to check for any kind of official updates.
  15. 1. Make US accout
    2. Buy game
    3. Log back into Aus account
    4. ???
    5. Zombies!!

    Took me half an hour, if that. Just Sayin!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2013
  16. It didn't work for me. Well, it does but not really. Every time I try to unlock the full version I get an error code. Tbh, I don't care that much anymore.
    1. Wait a couple of days.
    2. Get game.
    3. Blow off Friends and Social Responsibilities for a max of 3 days.
    4. ????
    5. Happiness.
  17. Yeah, possible release date has been announced. Not long now.
  18. 3Monkeys

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    Ok so for those who keep coming here for a release update it has been tagged for release July 26 at 2 AM Seattle time - which translates to 5 PM AWST/7 PM AEST. Not sure why they didn't post in the official thread but there you go .
  19. nobbys nutts

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    On the( TITLE 3 UPDATE PATCH NOTE) i asked Jeff if OZ will get the TU3 if we get the game at the same time he said if it goes to plan yes we will.
    So as i have posted before it is better for us the longer we wait the better the game, it will be less buggy and glitchy.
    Be patient and chill out.
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  20. Undead Sanya

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    Until this thread was reported for open warfare (the which I just nuked, by and large - you can be pissed at me until the cows come home, but do not take it out on each other), I didn't realize you were waiting in this thread for an update.

    Seriously, this thread was for an old announcement, and the last I'd looked at it, it had become sort of a club for Australians to talk to each other without having to listen to people in other regions being smug about having the game already, so I left it alone.

    I was planning to start a new thread when I had a solid release date. I am so sorry, you guys.

    As you know, right now there is an estimated release date of next Friday starting, in theory, at 5 PM for western AUS and 7 PM for eastern AUS. I say in theory because it can take several hours for the servers to get the files. But the process will begin at that time. What you will get is the game with TUs 1 and 2 rolled in, no need to patch. Jeff says that if TU3 is approved on that date, you will basically get the game and then immediately get TU3.

    It's still just a guess, albeit a very informed one because Jeff will move heaven and earth to keep things on track. I'm guessing I'll start the official thread next Wed or Thurs, when the process is nearly complete.

    Again, I'm really sorry. I thought I'd left a clubhouse, not a waiting room. :/
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