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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Not the point.
    A game rated at R18+ will stop an adult purchasing for a kid (maybe).
    Won't stop a kid going rogue.
    Rating are only for parents to choose what their kids get.
    Rating for us adults are a pain in the arse...
  2. I've been saving up over The Last of Us for this, hoping it'd come out around here soon (at least on the 360, would of much preferred it to come out on the PC with better optimization and graphics but it's going to be a bad port; that is almost assured).

    This pretty much makes my mind up though, Last of Us it is.
  3. If you live in Western Australia, then yes, it's illegal to be in possession of a game that has been refused classification. The rest of Australia is a grey area, it's still illegal to buy it but you are allowed to receive it as a gift.
  4. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Last of Us is a great game; you won't suffer too much.

    Hate to lose you though. Especially for this.

    Regarding the "almost assured" bad PC port — I wouldn't take that bet. ;)
  5. Fuck acb! Fuck them!
  6. Thanks for burning the midnight oil, Jeff.... even if it is to bring bad news to our Aussie friends.
  7. try changing the meth to 5 hour energy or something. that HAS to be the only thing that has got a bug up their ass
  8. Maybe I missed the part when they called it Methamphetamine. Ill keep my eyes open a little more before I keep pumping my survivor full of drugs. I knew they hinted at it but didnt see straight up drug use
  9. Useless fucking idiots we have the R18+ for fucks sake...really..Just because the head director of our ESRB's name is Donald Mcdonald and he is a 73 year old fossil dosnt mean he has to take his anger of 73 years with a shitty name out on us..shouldnt even have a fucking job classifying games at 73 everything is offencive -_- fucks sake looks like im makeing an american account. or moving to usa/canada.
  10. I'll be getting this game..

    Even if I have to claw it from the cold, dead hands of the dusty-boned ACB...
  11. "trucker pills" are also an umbrella term for all kinds of uppers and other associated illegal goodies.
  12. Kinda surprised you guys are still waiting around for this. I'm from NZ and created an american xbox live profile and had the game on release day.
  13. Amnesiablo

    Amnesiablo Starting Off

    This sucks for all our Aussie cousins. You deserve more respect from your government. I can see GTAV being refused too. Where will it end?
  14. If gta5 gets banned here there will be fucking riots i assure you...
  15. So, I take it Undead Labs never heard about the Fallout 3 ruckus? That's why we have stimpacks, Med-X, and mentats.
  16. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    So this means state of decay will be put at the bottom of the pile at the ACB. Why would they have a 18+ rating when they don't use it, they can't look at the game to much when they knock it back over morphine which is for pain in a first aid cabinet . we in oz will have to wait 1month,2months,3months who knows.
  17. Euan

    Euan Starting Off

  18. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back

    Hey Jeff, in one of the Roundups, you guys said "New Zealand/SA, we were serious - if we don't hear something and damned soon, too, we're going to be pushing for a version for you without waiting any longer. Your governments have rated it and you're ready to go when a version is prepared. You've been more than patient and we appreciate it." Now that it definitely looks like the Aussie release will be delayed, are you guys still going to follow up on this?

    STONEDSTONER Starting Off

    Sorry you little aussie battlers :(

    Your game ratings and driving laws are so BS

    UndeadLabs please tell MS to not even bring up Australias name when it comes to releasing anything in NZ EVER EVER AGAIN

    Good news for you aussies tho,store brought MS point cards work in both NZ/AU , just make a NZ account , put in MS points, buy State of Decay (when it finally comes out here) load up your main profile and play!

    Sure you could do this before with U.S account but you kinda need credit card or visa,that i didnt want to do, or change the profiles region after putting points in, didnt want to do that either

    Anyway thats a good method for you guys, i had to do this the other way round,for Resident evil 4 when it was only available in AU for ages
  20. vencc

    vencc Starting Off

    Wow, that's some strict compliance they have in Australia.
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