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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. "either ships with or will quickly update to TU2"

    But which is it? He doesn't actually answer the question, just says it is one or the other.
  2. SapLivion

    SapLivion Starting Off

    by now the title 2 would be good to roll i would guess...and from what i read the Gen was like, it will be on it after u download or at sometime their after you will get the update notice.
  3. Have not had any updates when loading up the game so just hoping it was pre-patched for us.

    Either that or Xbox has just failed to get it up for us.

    Was just wondering if anyone could say for sure, oh well.

    Anyway will be getting TU3 soon with luck so all will be well, so looking forward to the "Watch my back" option with NPCs.
  4. SapLivion

    SapLivion Starting Off

    Well cool times then, id say it was pre patched, having problems with it?
  5. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    Look in your storage device under state of decay. It should have an update file.
  6. Ahhh, cool, thanks for the info xr1st1anos.

    Not having any problems, just wanting to make sure it was working as it was supposed to be. ;)
  7. SapLivion

    SapLivion Starting Off

    Now here is a guy who knows some shit. the will help me reinstall them if needed as well cool.
  8. Will TU3 be updated for Australia as well when it loads out for the rest of the world?
  9. OMG! This game is awesome!!!! I understand everyone has the right to their own opinion, however those that have done nothing but complain are crazy. $20 is a bargain. Like others have said some $100 titles are nowhere near as good (Alien, Colonial Mission for example). I'm loving what this game brings to the table. Undead labs be proud in knowing you have created something fantastic.
  10. Monkfish

    Monkfish Starting Off

    Check in your settings menu (in "help & options") - if you have a "controller sensitivity" slider, you have the patched version of the game.
  11. Yep, seems we got a pre-patched version so did not have to patch on launch.

    Thanks again to UL for a wonderful job well done.

    Now looking forward to TU3.
  12. Thank you to all U-Labs.

    The game is great and I can't wait to leave work (then the damn gym) to play it some more tonight.

    The car door still cracks me up...
  13. I'm almost certain both updates came with downloading the game. I forget if it's TU1 or TU2 that you will be able to escape your car via front windscreen and I've been doing so since it released here (oz).
  14. What? You can escape through windscreens?
  15. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    Yes. If both doors are blocked for some reason. Your survivor will climb out via the windscreen.
  16. Yeah, but only if you can't get out the doors because they are blocked.

    Edit: lol, beaten by xr1st1anos. :)
  17. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    Gotta be on that ball.. ;)
  18. <- slow typing ;)

    I so want TU3.
  19. I think I might just let me survivors suffer until TU3 comes out, just to see what happens - then just start a new game.
    Absolutely loving it so far!
    Had one of my survivors die while doing a scavenge run. you know how it is, 1 zombie becomes 2. 2 becomes 4,5,6, then a feral comes to the party. you're being bitten and scratched to pieces. you say "screw looting the house" and make a mad dash back to your truck. But unfortunately it's just out of reach as your pinned to ground and ripped apart.
    A very big holy shit moment for me. but absolutely awesome.
  20. Lol, yeah, that exact thing happened to me just the other day.

    Also fun when you cross paths with a feral and decide to take it down, only to have a hoard decide to pay you some attention mid fight, just as you stamina has dropped to a low level and all you can do is watch your survivor get ripped into many smaller and smaller pieces, then me saying "well that was so much fun I hope it happens all the time!" NOT!

    If only I had someone to watch my back... ;) At least I would have had a chance to get away while the zombies were eating them.. Nah I kid, I kid, mwwwwhahahahahahaha.
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