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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. I am actually surprised how strict Australia's board is got to say Not cool Board people not cool.
  2. Good thing i already bought the American version with my american account....its not region locked so :p Screw you australian clasifications board :p
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    For this, you have my love. My MANLY MAN love.

    No Homo
  4. Fuck you australian classification board ur all old fucks
  5. So, would UL like to come to PAX in Australia this year and distribute consolation prizes? Previously, other people were of the opinion that since the game was out that there was no point in UL coming out to show the game but it's getting awfully close to PAX time... *hint-hint*

    While I'm here though, I've always been curious if developers check into the requirements for classification in various countries before they get stuck into making a game or if they build them and 'throw the dice' so to speak. Is there a check list or something for certification? If so, I'm going to guess that it's vague enough to land more than a few people in trouble. Then again, we have about 4 major U.S. cities worth of people in the whole country. I often wonder if we're even considered a large enough market share for anyone to be bothered with us. Not UL of course as we know that they are actively trying to get SoD to us. That was more of a general musing.

    Anyhow, thanks for trying guys. Even after classification, I promise I'll still think of all the med kits and energy boosts as morphine and amphetamines ;)
  6. I am in Australia and have a copy of State of Decay great game thank you.

    I wrote this to the Australian classification board today in an email.

    Why would you even bother to have an R18 rating if it is not used. I am referring to both State of Decay and Saints Row 4 which have both been banned in their current form. Why is it that the rest of the world has no problem with the content of these games but Australia does. The R18 rating was provided to ensure that the topics of Violence, Drugs etc. were not viewed by children, however as an adult the decision on whether or not I want to buy games that do have these type of depictions should be my choice. What gives you the right to make these decisions for me, shame on you and this nanny state that we live in. What happened to the ideals of a free society that promote freedom of speech and freedom of expression or does that not apply to video games. Grow up and realize that we are now in 2013 and gamers are no longer mainly children. This would have been a great opportunity to show that the classification board had actually taken note of the changing demographics of gamers and treated us like adults that are fully capable of making our own decisions and used the R18 classification that was provided. For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an Australian.

    This is the reply I got.

    The game, State of Decay, was submitted for classification and the application was stalled because the Classification Board asked for further information from the applicant. When this information was provided the Board was able to commence the process of classifying the game. This decision is pending and when this game is classified the decision will be uploaded to the National Classification Database on the Classification website at www.classification.gov.au.

    It is likely that this decision will be made in the next few days. When you check the database, you should do an advanced search and tick the checkbox that will show restricted content.
  7. I got the same reply from them as JediKnightPeter and this is what i said.

    State of decay AND saints row 4? banned? but things like The last of us and Dead island rip tide get in without any problems? saints row 3 is the same as what saints row 4 will be. what is the point of having the R18+ rating if you are not going to use it. I have been looking foward to State of decay since the announcement back in early jan/feb and now this happens EVEN Though you guys took so long to reply it has already been delayed enough. i do not see the point just slap that black R18 sticker on all the games that could be "Offensive" and just get it over and done with. its not like kids can download the game because their xbox account has their age on it and will not let them download if they are not of age.! you are going to get alot of more emails/letters/calls from alot more people. this is an outrage and i am very unhappy almost makes me lose faith in this country and makes me want to move over to Canada/America.
  8. RC is refused classification..ie banned for sale

    it was decided today the board cant even keep up with it's own decisions based on that email response

    firstly i encourage microsoft and undead labs to write us off. abandon selling the game to australians. i honestly mean that.
    secondly i encourage australians to formulate how we can finally fix a classification system so poorly written, that a game ok'd everywhere else in the world gets banned here. we thought an 18+ category would bring us into line but apparantly australian adults are perceived to be less equipped to deal with reality than anyone else in the world
  9. This has morphine in it so that's probably the issue for aus issue just call it green tea extract Jeff that should solve the issue ....lol
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    Now i know why i'm addicted to pain pills it was all those hours spent playing Max Pain..... Seriously AU allowed 18+ ratings and still kept all the old rules without any amendments it's the ol bait and switch they gave you what you asked for but kept all the old rules so nothing changed at all.
    It used to happen over here in the u.k quite a lot games like Parasite Eve were banned just because the BBFC didn't like everyone's head popping off at the start. I believe this kind of wrapping your citizens up in cotton wool to be very insulting.

    Why can't artists just create with out all this bullshit on top it's why developers ended up in the pockets of the publishers, and where were Microsoft in all this did they not advise you to use made up names for your meds because of stupid rules like this?
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    Even if the crustty old dicks aprove the game with the mods undead labs do it will still be a couple of months, why bother. What will happan aussies will change thier account to NZ , So there will be a shit load of gamers in NZ playing SOD.
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    So Ronald Macdonald what ever the old dicks name is and his lap dogs at the ACB can f***k themselves.
  13. nah they dont have the game anymore than we do yet. due to stupid classification systems, at age 31,i'm trying my hand at identity fraud.

    good job censorship...your now making criminals
  14. nobbys nutts

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    Yeap garantee u NZ population will grow in a few days or weeks.
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    Oh well. At least the game will have all it's updates by the time it comes out in Oz. Better that than the OCBA sticking their hands in the pie as well.
  16. If the only reason it's being refused classification now is because of drug use, changing the names of these drugs to something fictional so it doesn't depict 'real world drug use' should be enough for the ACB to give it a rating. The same happened thing happened to Bethesda with Fallout 3. At least this is something that can be changed without censoring out the fun like they did with L4D2.
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    Does anyone no when or if it's comming out in NZ, Regardless of what the ACB says.

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  19. I think anonymous should teach the ACB a lesson.
  20. they shouldn't have to do this. there is no reason an adult gamer should be protected from the knowledge that these drugs numb pain. are they implying our doctors can only carry out surgery and such without anesthetic? misuse of drugs inside a video game is not making drug addicts either. adult gamers should be allowed to make their own minds on this matter. not have the boards morality forced upon us.
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