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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. when they discover the internet in 2193 anonymous will probably have disbanded
  2. I wrote to the ACB today too. Well, I got as far as typing something out, but when it wanted my contact details to reply back to me, I gave up. I just didn't want them replying back with a "cop-and-paste" response that sounds like what other members here got.

    An R18+ rating is meant to fix this. We gamers fought hard for the ability to use this rating, and it STILL doesn't get us anywhere. This country is fucked...
  3. Just do what Bethdesta did with Fallout 3....Change the name of Morphene to Med-X and so on....
  4. nobbys nutts

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    NZ will proberly get it before us Hint hint. become a NZ gamer for sod.
  5. nobbys nutts

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    It's a pain in the arse but what can we do .
    We want to play SOD so thats the way we are to play, It will proberly be in NZ soon.
  6. It makes me laugh, it really does. So the ACB refuses to classify a game because of "drug use". Is it their opinion that we're all going to become drug addicts if we play state of decay? Great something else to blame on the gaming industry. If there's a shooting blame video games, if someone's high on drugs blame video games. WHAT'S NEXT.
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    Dude their just a bunch of old dicks.
  8. I completely agree with you, with an R18+ rating people who are of age shouldn't be refused a game because of something like this. Movies or TV shows would not be refused classification due to the same content, it's really quite silly but the ACB believe they need to set up parental controls for all of us to protect the children I suppose. I knew that the R18+ rating when implemented would be used just to classify games that just missed the ma15+ rating, not open the flood gates for a whole mess of other games, they've said something along these lines themselves.

    My point wasn't that this is right, and it's not. It's just that I am more happy to settle for a few name changes than have the game refused for something that would involve changing more than just a few names.
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  10. That's what i kinda got from their announcement...
    I do feel sorry for the Australian gamers.
  11. I've read that the new categories (R18+) guidelines were not significantly relaxed from the older MA15+ category. We gamers fought hard for nothing when it comes to this. WTF! Australia.
  12. To anyone who is mad that with a R18 rating its not going through...

    You seem to be forgetting our Australian govs concerns when it comes to drug use. It doesn't matter if your 5 or 50, if a game has a controllable way to take drugs that are named after real drugs it will be seen as a gateway to drug use, and yes I know that is ridiculous and adults shouldn't be treated like children, but we are, and we always have been, and we probably always will be when it comes to issues like this.

    If you don't agree then just look at all the new laws to do with cigarettes that have been issued in the last year alone, such as all tobacco products have to be packaged in the same bland boring packets as every other manufacturer, and all tobacco products have to be behind non see through locked doors. This is a product that is already illegal to advertise in any way, and has pictures of cancerous lungs and all things alike around the packet, and this is all in some effort to stop people making a decision that legally they are aloud to make. Just imagine the lengths they would go to in order to stop us using illegal drugs.

    The Australian gov would rather us be decapitating people in a game then using fake drugs with real names.

    But it was probably denied because of the coffee ;) and all for good reason guys and gals..... I played my friends state of decay and drank some coffee, and now I'm addicted to coffee, and I'm going to have to go to rehab and its all the state of decay teams fault for putting it in the game, DAMMMMN YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! You should know us Australians just don't have the ability to distinguish the difference between drug use in a game and real life that the rest of the world has! Everything is a gateway to drug addiction for us! The biggest threat to the survival of any Australians group in state of decay isn't even going to be the zombies, its going to be our uncontrollable use of morphine ;)
  13. I'm a Brazilian gamer and I have faced region locks (and abusive prices as much as 5 times higher than the original price tags) for ages. So I set up an american account when I got my X360 to be able to enjoy the sales and prices of the US marketplace. Some games, like SoD and most arcade games, I can download with no problems at all, since I don't think Brazil even has an up-to-date classification board. However with some "Games On Demand", like Fable 3 (the free version) and Mirror's Edge, I had to use VPN because they were probably region locked for me. Now I don't know the laws in Australia, and if that could get you into trouble. But for those really missing out on the great game that State of Decay is, I'd advise you to search google about VPN, and if there's not a legal implication, just go ahead and have fun.
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    The reason I, and probably most Kiwi SoD fans are mad is because OUR board DID certify the game, yet we STILL can't play it yet because of the ACB decision! :mad:
    UL have said that if things are delayed with the Aussie ACB again, (and obviously, it will be now, as they'll need to change stuff and re-submit etc), that they'll talk to MS about NZ and SA getting our own version released........I hope they honour that pledge...
    and I hope you Aussies don't have to wait too long either...
  15. If only I had just created a US account 2 weeks ago and have been playing SoD every day since then.. I'd probably be on my third play through by now... Maybe have a base with around 21 people... Possibly a collection of those awesome little sports hatchbacks..

    Hey guys at least you can look forward to the PC release, there's no way they can stop you getting that easily. Plus by then we will get all the benefits of better graphics + Co-Op.
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    Same boat, except I collected all the vehicles and parked it in the supermarket( Alamo home base). These damn 'community' though keeps going for 'joy rides' and keep movings the cars.. :)
  17. Oh don't get me wrong, definently getting State of Decay but probably on PC the release now. Anyone put off by a refused classification is silly.

    And forgive my PC port assumptions; I understand you're a small team with a small budget, so I never really thought the port would be of a high standard (I mean look at Dark Souls, they had a pretty big publisher and they had an abysmal PC port). But definently cool to see a small developer like Undead Labs putting some heart and attention to the PC version.
  18. Errrr..."Magic Healing Pills?"

    What about changing the name to vitamins?

    The standard painkillers could be multi-vitamins? The others could be vitamin C or B or E or something.

    What about the morphine be changed to "an adrenaline shot?"

    Can I just say "drugs are bad...?"

    drugs are bad.jpg
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  19. I thought Germany had the worst Rating Board in the World.
    To be honest, banning games or censoring them to protect the children is completly unnecessary. If a Game gets an 18+ Rating, it means "Adult Only". From this point, kids cant even get their hands on it on legal ways. Instead, the Adults who want to play these Games, get frustrated, because it has been censored for children who aren't supposed to play the Game in the first Place.
    If you can, make pressure on that rating board in Australia. Banning Games because of Drug use is stupid. Send them Emails or bombs or....I dont even know.
    Untill then you might as well try to get an US XBL Account. If that is possible.
    Best Wishes. Hopefully you Aussies will be able to play this Game soon, since it isnt a big deal to change the Name of some objects ingame.
  20. Undead Sanya

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    We will have some happy news for New Zealand soon. :) We said all along that if Australia delayed us any more, we'd move forward with NZ/SA. Well...here we are.

    You have won the internet, sir or madam.
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