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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    aye, my solidarity stance is off...A person can only go so long...lol

    For those in Australia & NZ...So sorry to hear, hopefully this gets settled sooner than later.
  2. Mad cannibal

    Mad cannibal Here To Help

    Aussies you must rise up and stop this oppression! Grab your guns and march on the capitol, retake it in the name of your people!
  3. Maybe instead of having pills for the AU version just change the icon and name to bandages or other things like that.
  4. sgallaty

    sgallaty Starting Off

    Too late for that. They've been disarmed =) In other news, violent crime and sexual assaults are up 40% since criminals now know that victims are less dangerous. Glad to not be there right about now.
  5. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back

    Sounds promising Jeff! :)
  6. Ssshhh, watch out for prism mate, there are eyes everywhere!
    It's funny (in a sad way) that they RC a game like this and yet TV programs like Breaking Bad (which I love btw) gets through so easily (the new law is aimed solely at games right?)

    Anyway, I did the US region create a live profile thing. MS even have a facility to migrate your account over to the region if you like http://support.xbox.com/en-NZ/billing-and-subscriptions/account-management/change-region
  7. My condolences to our Aussie gaming cousins.
    I was pretty shocked when I read the classification this morning.
    I would have thought with the R18 rating and Undead labs bending over backwards to give ACB everything they wanted it would have easily gotten through.

    I wonder if Fallout 3 would have gotten through with the current board even after changing morphine to med-x. Saints row IVs drug problem was reported as being from when the character smokes 'alien narcotics’.

    ACB does appear to be harder on games then on film.

    Best of luck to UL in getting this through.
  8. Just change all the meds to walkie talkies.
  9. OK. This may be a bit of a knee jerk reaction to two games being refused classification within the last 48hrs, but does something have to be done about the ACB.
    Maybe a more eloquent Australian citizen could start a petition or something? e.g. http://www.change.org/en-AU
    As there is an R18 rating, does the ACB need to clarify what would result in a game failing this rating?
    Currently there a few web sites anoucing the calssification problems but is there a way to get the issue into mainstream media so more peoplea re aware of what is currently happening?
    I wouldn't want to do anythign to cuase an issue for UL and make it harder for them but who is this board that decides that adults can not tell a game from reality and could have a negative effect from a character taking drugs for the purposes of health regeneration?
    I am sure there are more graphic depictions of sex, drugs and violence on free to air TV.

    I'm going to enjoy watching 'Insider gaming' rip the ACB a new one
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  10. Averryy

    Averryy Got Your Back

    Sanya just tweeted that they have made a change to the game. Like changing some drug names, they're now preparing for resubmission! Hope it goes smoothly for!
  11. This. ^

    But yes, we've been disarmed already and now awaiting straight-jackets so we don't accidentally scratch ourselves that would cause some "nose-out-of-joint" dickhead to feel it's offensive, then cry on TV that video games are killing children.


    Keep up the good work, U-Labs... I mean it. Can't fault you guys for trying for us.
  12. Let's just all do a sitdown protest outside the ACB headquarters and not leave until they slap an R18+ on it.
  13. Mad cannibal

    Mad cannibal Here To Help

    Or you all could get knives and march on the capitol.
  14. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    Dude we'll get a frozen arse in Canberra.
  15. Australia.. hmm.. What do I know about this proud nation? Bar-b-q, thin beer and Ute's..

    So: Release the sheeps :D

    No seriously - all my sympathy, this is getting ridiculous, and I'm sad to say, that this tendency is spreading world wide. Your right as a adult, to make your own opinion, make your own choices, are a thing of the past. Big Brother knows "best" - 'cuz he has all the experts, but mostly them that suits his needs..

    I'm loosing faith in humanity real quick.

    My sympathys to you all, and may the big gaming god in the skies be with you.
  16. True that. Stupid Canberra.
  17. NZ/SA version Even though the version is identical to the game already out, it still has to go through the whole certification process from scratch. I'd guess it's a couple weeks out.
    But but ..... oh dang it. I was hoping to play the NZ version this weekend. "Dissapointed!" (Hollywood Babble-On fans will know what I mean).

    Does this mean at least that NZ/SA (and eventually AU) versions will include TU2?
    Will the AU version go off for certification at the same time so they can get it as soon as ACB reclassifies it?
  18. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    I"v just been told that NZ will be 90% go a head with SOD .
    So all of us Aussies can become NewZealanders if you no what i mean, And live in the town of SOD.
    By the way i was told by the same dude in Canberra he was right then about the Australian out come.
  19. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back

    Yeah, good news that we'll FINALLY get the game, but very disappointing we have to wait another couple of weeks, especially considering the wait we've already endured...*sigh*...thanks ACB, what a bloody fiasco...

    *EDIT* - Sorry, forgot to add: Thanks Jeff and UL for going ahead and arranging a separate release for NZ and SA, I can only imagine the pain in the arse all this has been for you guys, and at least in a couple of weeks NZ and SA will be able to get an unedited version...

    Still feel sorry for our Aussie cousins, but as someone else mentioned, they could become "temporary" Kiwis for a while...;)
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  20. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    That mighten take that long because it has been in the ACB for a month or longer , so it should be fast tracked .
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