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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. The world's about to take a big step forward with next gen and our country is still stuck in the dark ages. With games about to start looking even more realistic what chance do we have.
  2. nobbys nutts

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    Xbox1 to much bullshit,Ps4 straight games, It will be easier to get games no regions .
  3. Make everything violent free DLC. It's only illegal to sell stuff that's Refused Classification. If you make the game vanilla then they rate that, they have no control over free dlc as it's not a sale.
  4. Light at the end of the tunnel perhaps?

    Yeah! Go Undead Labs!
  5. I hope one of those easter eggs is a giant billboard flipping off the ACB.
  6. nobbys nutts

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    Your the best undead labs , See how the old FARTS at the ACB like that.
    IF they don't they can suck farts out of dead sea gulls.
  7. LoL @ thin beer.

    But yes. Bogans love Utes and beer (and Rum). Bogans... Australia's Rednecks.

    And you're right. Our country has become the Nanny Continent. "No. You can't like THAT because it offends a minority of people".

    Most people wouldn't care what us gamers get. It's the sticky nosed, pains in the arses, that have nothing better to do with their time that deny us joys of killing Zombies...
  8. THIS ^
  9. nobbys nutts

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    You like funny :)
  10. nobbys nutts

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    Who said this, and how much longer will it take.
  11. Wow you guys work fast, considering Aus is a small market.
    There's an election soon, maybe U-Labs should run for PM :)
  12. I'm not an Aus citizen, so I'm not sure how things work, but I feel like somebody should point this out; it seems likely to me that the ACB, though they certainly took their god damn time with rating the game, isn't responsible for the 'anti drug' requirement. They follow the rules made by the Government, and those are the people you should be criticising. The ACB were just following rules put in place by other people.

    As I said, I'm not from Aus, so somebody please feel free to correct me if this is wrong, but sending abuse to the ACB isn't going to do much. You're much better sending it to the people who run the country.

    Also, psyched to hear about a distinct NZ release, even if it takes a few more weeks. Just out of curiosity, how will that work? I know we share a library with Aus, so will that mean that you release a separate, region-locked version on the XBLA? I'm interested to know how making a separate NZ release will work.

    And, as always, big thanks and kudos to the UL team for working so hard to get this out to everybody, we appreciate all that you do.
  13. You are indeed correct, however I'm not sure to what extent. With the case of not having the R18+, that was entirely politicians fault, the people working at the ACB wanted the new rating as much as we did, it was only cock-blocked by a SINGLE Attorney General (not part of the ACB). The ACB can only operate in the boundaries that the politicians set for them.
    However, I'm not entirely sure about the drug thing, whether it's a law that has to be changed through parliament, or just a code of the ACB that they can change.
  14. For those interested, here are Aussies guidelines in gaming classification that I found

    The issue for an R18+ game will probably be
    Drug use is permitted.
    Drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.
    Interactive illicit or proscribed drug use that is detailed and realistic is not permitted."

    The incentives and rewardsI guess being you regain health when you pop a pill. Back to eating eating energy bars.

    I'm surprised that any modern FPS games get through with
    High impact violence that is, in context, frequently gratuitous, exploitative and offensive to a reasonable adult will not be permitted."
  15. nobbys nutts

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    Interesting they are worried about morphine as a pain killer in a first aid kit,But they will let Far cry with drugs and sex don't figure .
    the whole rules and regulations are crap.
  16. It's ok.

    I've been blaming our "1950's government" for a while now...
  17. nobbys nutts

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    Basically the ACB 's rules and regulations are out of date some of their regulations were put in place in the early 80's in oz .
    It's only because of the shooter games they had a knee- jerk reaction, ( e.g- cod,btf ect ) because teenagers were acting violence influenced by these games.
    The funny thing is that a high % of these acts were over seas,And they have far less classifications criteria.
  18. I agree with Nobby nuts.
    I love Far cry 3 but it has far more violations of thes regulations that SoD. First person point of view sex (non-consentual as for all instensive perposes you get drugged and raped), drug use related to insentive and rewards (it's the mear icon is of a goram syringe! and I think there is a shooting up animation, I may be wrong).
    But bashing a zombies head in with a golf club and clicking on a non descript pain killer bottle for health is a no no.
    Sorry I keep ranitng about the same stuff but this is bull.
  19. nobbys nutts

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    Your right there is shooting up ammo.
    It is all to do with how much coin the publisher and author give for the game to be classified, It's all down to the $$$ .
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