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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    What pisses people off is games like farcry 3 with drugs,rooting,and nudity( tits) and it gets passed no problem it's a double standed.
    It comes down to how much $$$ developers and publishers want to pay.
    the more $$$ the faster it's done.
  2. Here here.

    And the problem is the legalstration that the ACB have to adhear to.
    In SoDs case the ACB just happened to be really slow at getting ruling out. They may have even been dragging their feet while trying to find a way to let it pass.
    This is the line in the legislation that you need to petition to be removed from the R18+ rating
    "Drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted."

    They already have "Interactive illicit or proscribed drug use that is detailed and realistic is not permitted." That should be enough.
    Currently I don't see how you could have a computer game where the main character is an asthmatic as using their inhaler would classify them as a druggy!??
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  3. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    Totally agree according to the ACB if you are an asthmatic you are a druggy.
    Even if you take a panadol you are a druggy as well.
    By the time it gets released in oz the new Xbomb 1 and ps4 will be here.
    Just hope Undead labs will still be up dating SOD by then.
    Like multi- player.:eek:
  4. Registered just to ask one question, would be cool if one of the Undead guys answered.

    Are the US/EU release of the game "account region free" because I've heard of reports that you could download it from a different region's account and play the full game on your local, main account.

    Because frankly, I'd be willing to go that route.

    Or if you guys could give me a download code for the game that will work in AU accounts and I'll wire you the 20 bucks directly ;)
  5. Despite having the game I can easily understand the annoyance my fellow Aussies feel. I honestly wish people would organise a peaceful protest of some form... It would be AWESOME seeing at least 10 thousand people in full gaming cosplay marching down the streets to be honest
  6. I'd actually like to see 10,000 bricks through their office windows...
  7. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    From what I've read on others posting yes you can switch your region on your Xbox, but you can only switch it back with in a period of 3 months. :)
  8. Well, good thing the last time I changed regions was more than 6 months ago. i know what I'll be doing when I get home tonight :)
  9. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    A lot of peaple on other forums are bitching about the bugs in the game , They need to chill out.
    At lease when we get it it will be sorted.
    The good folks at undead labs are on to it now:)
  10. Just set up a US account on xbox,com, recover the account on your 360.. download game, switch to your AU account.. play!
  11. Nightowl

    Nightowl Starting Off

    With what? twigs and sticks? very few folks have guns in Australia mate ;)
  12. ejnomad07

    ejnomad07 Starting Off

    Which means these Board members won't have them either. Twigs and Sticks away!
  13. ------please read-------
    UL has re-done some parts of the game to go along with our countries guidelines. They have resubmitted it and we will await their approval.
    ------please read-------
  14. More ppl have guns in Australia then you think mate. No need for twigs and sticks.
  15. Yes, but mainly hunting rifles and shotguns. maybe the occasional pistol. Not much in suburbs or city. (for obvious reasons) most are in the country/outback.
  16. Which is where i am (country). Been plenty of shootings in city areas lately, pistol or hunting rifle a bullet is a bullet and it's gonna hurt. Not everybody got on board the guns for cash scheme. Plenty of illegal weapons out there still. You might be surprised how easy it would be to purchase something full auto in oz.
  17. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    :rolleyes:SOD gets free publicity on 2UE radio Sydney, luke from Australia geeks . Com was saying about saint row and SOD.
    He said saint row was not allowed because you can walk around with a d***o a sex tool you work it out , Anyway you can go on the street and jamb it up anyone you see.
    We all know what SOD go nocked back for, He was saying it's like comparing chalk& cheese between the two.
    In not so many words he was saying it was harsh on SOD.:cool:

    I made a thread on general decussion , Im writing this incase people miss the other one.:cool::cool:
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  18. I probably would be surprised, but lets not get carried away. The board wasn't being harsh on SOD, it was doing what it has to (even thought it pissed all of us off). It would probably come out these school holidays.
  19. nobbys nutts

    nobbys nutts Starting Off

    It will take longer than 2 weeks.
  20. No offense to Australia, but the goverment and censor board should grow the fuck up, mindless violence like mortal kombat is okay, but a painkiller isn't?
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