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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Hola fellow survivors,

    There's been a flood of good news about State of Decay lately, and it's been both exhilarating and humbling to share it with you. It's always easy to share good news; but it's much harder to share disappointing news, and unfortunately that is what I must do today.

    Over the past few weeks we've been working with Microsoft to lay plans for the future of State of Decay, including future Title Updates, DLC, and possible sequels. As part of that process we've also been thoroughly evaluating the possibility of adding co-op multiplayer to State of Decay. While there are great things in store for State of Decay, unfortunately multiplayer is not one of them.

    As many of you know, we had originally planned to offer co-op multiplayer in State of Decay. However, we had to make the decision to cut it during development, which we announced in our forums one year ago. The reasons were mostly technical, as we were up to our eyeballs trying to retrofit our game engine to support an open-world sandbox game rather than the FPS style games it had been designed for. That retrofitting would have extended to the multiplayer support as well, and we estimated it could have delayed release of the game by as much as half a year. It was a painful decision, but a necessary one given the realities of our team size and project budget.

    It's no secret the game has done well, so we now have the opportunity to realize some of our hopes — and your hopes — for how we reinvest in the game and make it even better. We know co-op is the most requested addition to State of Decay, and we've also continued to hope it might be a possibility after release. Unfortunately, after reevaluating it over the past few weeks, we believe our original estimate of six months was optimistic; the actual time is probably closer to nine months.

    We could "check the box" and shoehorn multiplayer in sooner than that, but it wouldn't be a great experience, and certainly not one we'd be proud of. It's not simply a matter of adding the technology, but also redesigning core game systems to support multiple players, and then adding new content designed for people to play together. It's easy to imagine how all that would come together — as many have said, the game is practically begging for it — but retrofitting the game to add that experience would take the rest of this year, and well into the next. Worse, it would preclude our ability to offer any other kind of support for the game, including Title Updates and DLC.

    We want to see a multiplayer State of Decay as badly as you do, but it’s not feasible to retrofit it into the existing game. That said, I can say definitively that multiplayer will be the absolute heart of any future State of Decay games. As many of you know, we've always had ambitious plans for the future of State of Decay, and those plans have not changed.

    From the entire team at Undead Labs, I want to express our gratitude and appreciation to each of you for being here on the forums and giving us your thoughts, hopes, and opinions on the game every day. I'm not just talking to those of you who give us support and encouragement — although you give us the rocket fuel we need to keep going every day — but also those of you who provide constructive criticism and help "keep it real.”

    Stay tuned for announcements on what we are going to do with State of Decay. We're just getting started.

  2. Coyote

    Coyote Got Your Back


    I'm honestly sad about no co-op. However I am, overall, extrmely happy with the gameplay as is. Would co-op be great? SURE! Do I hope I see it in the future State of Decay games. Absolutely. Keep doing what you're doing guys. I know you'll go far.
  3. CharlieChainsaw

    CharlieChainsaw Here To Help

    No biggie. Just crank out Sandbox Mode, and keep up the great work!
  4. Thanks Jeff. Good to see an update.

    This is a sad day for state of decay but hopefully the future holds some promising ideas.

  5. Mad cannibal

    Mad cannibal Here To Help

    I am displeased with this news but I don't really care now that I think about it. So when you gonna add a spear to the game?
  6. Minister Max

    Minister Max Got Your Back

    But you're adding a sandbox mode, right?

  7. +1 Sandbox mode, updates, and DLC. Keep up the good work!!!!
  8. erislover

    erislover Starting Off

    I'm happier that you are resisting shoehorning something in than I am sad that I can't share the experience of the game with a friend. Shoveling tacked on garbage is a bad trend in modern gaming. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future.
  9. Guys keep up the great work.
  10. Don't get your hopes up! :(
  11. I'm sad. But hey the game is still very fun and with sanbox coming in it will be even better.

    UL is awesome... I honestly played it more than black ops 2 already and that was my favorite game :')
  12. Couldn't give a stuff about multi player or co op.

    Please though continue with the sp game through patches , mods and DLC!


    Sandbox sandbox sandbox!
  13. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Considering Sandbox is much smaller online Multiplayer. I'm going to say yes. :)
  14. I've neglected my other arcade game like Minecraft for this.
  15. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Sandbox will be single player, but it will happen.

    And you all old timers know how sensitive I might be feeling right about now, in terms of saying things like "IT WILL HAPPEN."
  16. Minister Max

    Minister Max Got Your Back

    If i had some streamers i'd toss them into the studio :)
  17. Coyote

    Coyote Got Your Back

    Hey kiddo. You keep doing what you're doing too.
  18. Is a thread coming up for this? Like news? Through a patch? Etc
  19. BoZoDaZeD

    BoZoDaZeD Starting Off

    Total bs shame on [you] UL
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  20. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    The plan is once we're further along, I'll do a feature piece on the site, and follow it up with a Q&A with Qs from you guys here on the forum. The intent is to do it when we have some solid stuff to talk about but before a release date is final.
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