Using shotguns without dying

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by futurehermit, Oct 28, 2017.

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  1. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    I'm curious to hear how other people have used shotguns without dying. I can definitely see how they are useful for countering ferals and mobs, but they also draw massive quantities of zeds quickly, so... :)
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  2. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    For one, I only use them once they are fully leveled up as a shotgun specialist. You can do a lot of knock-down damage with just a newbie holding a shotgun, but for me it isn't good enough until they are more leveled up and can kill multiple zeds with one shot.

    Aside from that, I keep my shotgun wielding survivors alive with:

    A) The combat roll. If you master the combat roll, you can effectively deal with the zeds & freaks within contact range. Whether a zed's about to latch on, a feral's about to pounce, or juggernaut's about to grab you, the combat roll will help you stay alive.
    B) Maxing cardio and choosing the marathon special technique (which reduces how much stamina you lose while running) because you'll need to do a lot of running. Shotguns spawn a ton of zeds, so the key is to both keep your distance and to control their grouping with your running. Instead of letting them circle around you, run in a way to get them grouped together in batches. This makes it safer for you and then allows a nice group to shoot at once. So I do a lot of running to get them into groups, then I blast them, and then run again (as new zeds will soon be approaching) to herd them in the most ideal manner. Having a stack of snacks is helpful too.

    So basically: keep moving, strategically herd them, and use the combat roll whenever anyone attacks.

    Other helpful tips:

    --Using the incendiary shotgun allows you to kill basically anything, including armored zeds. It requires fuel to make the incendiary ammo, but it can wipe out anything in its path.
    --Reflex characters are great because they refill stamina quicker, and their unlockable moves are sweet. Both the spin kick and sweep kick are awesome, but I usually pick sweep kick with my shotgunners. Don't do the frog leap though. Just keep the regular combat roll.
    --Walter makes a great shotgun specialist because of his hazmat suit. In higher levels of Breakdown, when bloaters & screamers are everywhere, his suit makes him incredibly handy.
    --For me, I like the shotguns that hold about 8 shells. The ones with 1-3 require reloading too frequently, and the ones with 20 shells take too long to reload IMO. The ones in the middle can do quite a bit of damage before needing to reload, and don't take too long.
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  3. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Thanks for the tips! Is there ever a point though in your running and herding where the zeds STOP coming at you :) Or do you have to high tail it at some point?
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  4. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    Yes to both: sometimes I can be out in a high density area with a shotgun, and after awhile the zeds largely stop spawning nearby (and I either have to move somewhere else or wait for the zeds in the far distance to get closer), OR it keeps spawning them like crazy and I eventually have to use a drone strike to make it out alive.
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  5. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Sounds intense (fun)! I restart the level if I lose a survivor, so I think I need more practice before attempting :)
  6. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    the first important step is to make sure you have a good grip on your weapon, failure to maintain a good grip on your shotgun results in this.



    (Edit - These kinds of situations in a zombie attack will lead to your death, so be more careful and hold on tight.)
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  7. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Cejao, you cracked me up.
  8. Jeffry. B

    Jeffry. B Got Your Back

    I try shotgun last night, its hard..
    I mean, after i shot, 10+ zeds come running..
    Scary as hell, really..
  9. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Not shotguns, but I took one shot with a .50 revolver yesterday. I was trying to return two strangers in need back to my home base. Ended up getting mobbed by many screamers who chained more and more zeds to the area, along with 2+ ferals. I was immediately overwhelmed and both companions were down on the ground in danger of dying. I had taken the revolver shot because my automatic rifle was dry. I tried clearing out the mob a bit with molatovs but no luck, the screamers kept drawing in more and more. Desperate, I straggled to the nearby half-ton and drove it headlong into the mob, including hitting my companions and losing truck. It worked! I managed to get them into the vehicle and we escaped, barely alive, but alive. All of that from one .50 revolver shot on a single screamer. Wowza. I can definitely see the merit of keeping multiple drone/artillery strikes handy.
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  10. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    Regular shotguns and revolvers go straight to other enclaves. Shotgun and revolver specialists get left behind just about every time. (The exception is Ray, but he's just in my group for vehicle delivery, he's not an active member.)

    I do keep an incendiary shotgun on my powerhouses in case of emergency, but it's rare that I'd use it. In the case of NPCs getting swarmed, it works in a pinch, or it can be used to knock down a feral.
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