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  1. codybuck0

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    Nice podcast funny too
  2. In the podcast I believe Sanya said that there is only a certain amount of food available to you on the map. Once it's gone you will have to grow your own, or find someone else to do it for you.
  3. Undead Sanya

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    Packaged food will run out, yeah. Fresh food that you cook yourself can be grown on your Home base. You can have better (and more) if you have someone with growing or cooking skills among your survivors.
  4. Ok thanks! Sorry I posted that before I heard the rest of the podcast.
  5. Do you have an answer for this Sanya?
  6. I don't usually respond to stuff like this, but I feel it needs saying that I did the best with what I had. The fact that it even came out at all is nothing less than an actual miracle. I'd guess about twenty to thirty minutes were cut due to a whole mess of audio problems. Whole sections of individual audio tracks were literally unusable, and 'annoying sounds' are probably a result of being forced to use my backup Skype recording. Plus, my usual (read: prepared) team of hosts were entirely unavailable. What little glitches I left in there were only to give audience had an idea of the madness involved in the recording.

    Either way, it was a real pleasure having Sanya on, and I'm glad I did the interview either way. Plus, it's free publicity: members of our fairly sizable audience who weren't aware of Class3 now know more about the game. Everyone likes free publicity, right?

    Thanks duder!
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