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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deep Blue, Oct 21, 2017.

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  1. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Got Your Back

    Like many avid SoD players, for years I've combed and recombed the Internet for any scrap of information I could find regarding SoD 2. Since its official premiere at E3 2017, this hankering for even MORE info only intensified. I watched and rewatched EVERY interview Jeff Strain gave in that hectic week of E3, paying close attention to how he worded his responses, and was pleased to hear him state -- and restate -- that, for the new game, his team at UL established three basic guiding lights for the sequel: 1) discard key features that DIDN'T work in SoD (e.g., the persistent simulation); 2) "double down" on what DID work (pretty much everthing else!); 3) innovate in places that enhanced the game's already high fun-factor (the big one being 4-player co-op).

    What I DIDN'T hear any interviewer ask (or Strain voluntarily offer) was if WEATHER would be a feature of SoD2's world. Or seasons, for that matter. But as Strain elaborated on the game's "maps," one thing in particular caught my attention: he said the three featured maps could be a mile apart, or dozens of miles apart (this ambiguity of distance thus dovetails nicely into Strain's broader concept of much of SoD2's "narrative" being driven largely by each player's imaginative power), and that each one contains distinct landmarks and sports unique topographies (my word), which in turn may affect players' tactical decisions. These remarks about distance, land features, and tactics led me to infer that diverse weather effects might be implemented to complement each map.

    Anyone else get that feeling?
  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I certainly did not get the impression that weather / seasons would be part of the initial SoD2 release. I would love to see weather as a major 'player' in the new game e.g Rain - Not able to use Fire Bombs. Snow - Even just 'clipping' a Zed with your car, would cause it to crash / some of the map inaccessible due to snow drifts, unless you try to go on foot.

    There are so many possibilities with weather:)
  3. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Honestly, it's something we're hoping for and possibly reading into remarks made due to that hope. So far there's been no real hints of that.

    Still, as you both said, weather offers so many opportunities. I can see a new map being released which is set in a valley and the valley is slowly flooding due to constant rain. Bit by bit your map gets covered up and supplies at one end become inaccessible while the zombies are pushed closer and closer to base, offering a unique experience compared to any other map. But the thing about that is that it's pretty easy to take that rain effect and puddles and the like and apply them to existing maps, if they're programmed to just slot into a map. And the effects of that weather, from obscured vision to difficulty lighting tovs could carry over too, while the main push of the rain map remains unique. Rain puts out fires on maps too, making previously inaccessible areas lootable, but remember that some accessible areas (sewer overflows for example) will now be inaccessible due to flooding too. So that one map pack would add a ton of new playability to already existing maps by simply adding it to the weather possibilities alongside things like morning fog.

    Then we've got to look at how other things are affected by weather. That map with the broken power station leaving radioactive patches on the map and new radioactive freaks now has the addition of fog from a foggy mountain town map. That fog can carry the radiation with it as it rolls through, making weather something you run from. But hey, fog and rain make you more stealthy and both help diminish the explosion range of Bloaters. So there's that to be thankful for as the fog boils away your max health and makes you sick while you're in it.

    For the most part weather is doable if it's smart. However, big changes like snow and ice would likely have to be relegated to a single map unless they make assets swappable so that houses on all maps get swapped for ice houses when you log in on a snowy day or season. It's honestly unlikely it'd work that way though, as that means setting up hooks just in case you use them later.
  4. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    All this, and thunderstorms. Being completely and willfully ignorant to the trials and tribulations of programming, this may be a terrible idea. But I love the thought of the sudden violence of summer storms we get in my part of the world brought into SoD. Sunny and hot, with a dark band of clouds on the horizon. The wind picks up, throwing light debris to skitter across the pavement. A crack of thunder and the bottom falls out. About 8 minutes of torrential rain, frequent lightning strikes that turn the suddenly dim world brighter than the midday sun. Thunderclaps that cause the controller to vibrate. I brought up the idea of RNG groudstrikes on a different thread some time back. Very small chance of character being struck by lightning while outdoors, higher in flat, open areas. Zeds at a higher rate, Juggernauts carrying a 10% chance when in field of view.
  5. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    there are multiple maps so this can lead to maps based off of different locations around the US or anywhere in the world. DLC maps (if they do decide to make them) could take place in a tropical place, based off of a place in Florida or they could model something further up north America like a place in Canada where the default setting is snowy based. Even if where isn't exactly a mechanic of the game that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be a part of map design. Not saying that like if you load into a map and its raining that it'll just continue to rain until you switch maps but more like it could be randomised everytime you load back into the game even something like this would be better than no weather at all.
  6. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    "even if weather isn't exactly" that's what I meant to say :oops:
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  7. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    I'd really love to see a diversity of climate in these maps. We know one will be set in Trumbull County. What if one was set near Boston, in the cool east coast climate? What if another one was set somewhere in Greenland, where snow and cold temperatures is common?

    Or maybe in the future when they add more maps, a valley that's been reduced to a wasteland from the fallout during the initial outbreak? It's known that at some point, Armed Forces detonated nuclear weapons in cities to control the spread. Obviously, it failed, but it would definitely affect the survivors in certain areas. Perhaps places like this introduce new mutated zombies?
  8. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Got Your Back

    Ahhh! I confess that I absolutely LOVE the idea of the same map (say, Trumbull Valley) presented in two VERY distinct ways.

    Map ONE: pre-nuke detonation (normal weather cycles/patterns).

    Map TWO: post-nuke detonation (replete with an ominous, sickly yellow sky; occasional drizzles of acid rain; and a constant flurry of irradiated dustmotes).

    Damn. I never would have thought of that same map, different Look concept. Lovely idea, Thunder! Bravo!
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