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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. I really like the idea of what you guys are doing. The game was a little ruff when it first came out like any good thing. But with all the hard work undead labs has been putting in it's no wonder why you guys have one of the most completely fun and best thought out games I've ever played. I'm really looking forward to seeing what other awesome things you guys crank out after lifeline. If only more company's where more open to thinking outside the box and not just sticking with things that have been done a thousand times they might be able to produce something of the same caliper and we wouldn't be on call of duty ten or whatever by now. lol Good job guys and gal's. :)
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  2. Caveman

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    Soooo....more news?
  3. Blackthorne

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    Today's weather forecast in Adelaide is looking sunny with a cool change coming in... oh. Oooooh you meant for Lifeline... :p

    Well, it looks like we're all on target for June (and boy don't I wish I had a fast-forward switch to release day!) so that's always good news :)

    One thing I'm curious about as a PC/Steam player is the new achievements seem to be up - any details on that would be great if there's anything available? They seem to be displaying incorrectly/not finished off maybe?
  4. here is something that I would like to see in the game at some point in time... Being able to create your own character from scratch, (voice expression, facial, hair, clothing, body build, with 2-4 special skills your character can learn making him/her special then most...) should also be able to unlock more looks for your character after missions or even scavenging. a few other features that I have seen and of course was always asked about... Online Play, understanding that it would take loads of changing towards the game to even make a co-op mission or even a survival for 2 would still cost money and extra time with finding bugs, dealing with other issues and still being able to keep the game as it is... Don't get me wrong, I believe you guys can do it and still keep the game going as it is, even a Online Survival would still be pretty badass for State of Decay where you face never ending waves of zombies that increase through play. when a player dies the waves becomes harder with more of the special zombies and less supply drops or with few other features being,
    1) No One Gets Left Behind - players must fend off a total of 10-20 waves of zombies before a Evac Helicopter shows up, if one survivor dies the game ends,
    2) Maintain the Peace - Players are placed in a area fitting to how many players are in the game,1-2 3-4 and 5-6 player size areas, if an area is effected with too many zombies the game ends,
    3) Classic Last Man Standing - fight to the last Survivor, no Respawns with rare supply drops and limited area range
    4) Escort - the group of players start at the Evac point, each armed with 1 Grenade, 1 pistol with 2 clips, supplies are low which means you can either work together with your team and share the supplies or be greedy and have a less chance of success, you are also timed to find the group of survivors with little hints given to you over the radio, if timer has runs out before survivors arrive, Evac leaves and game is over,
    5) I have more ideas of game modes for multiplayer that would work well with State of decay, these were just some ideas to throw at you guys if you happen to to be working on multiplayer
    but now off the topic of multiplayer, so far I have come to really enjoy State of Decay and I am really looking forward to downloading the new DLC Lifeline and the update (no more running back to grab other supply sack :D), if I run into any issues or any needs that the game should add ill post it, and I will 100% buy any online play feature you make for State of Decay!!!
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  5. CTANKEP32

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    Why do we fight?.... It's simple we fight to survive!, When the alarm sounds and the battle kicks in, running up that ramp just in time to see the mines detonate to drop the first lines of zeds and the next visual contacts come into view..... time to get gnarly with a grenade launcher!:)
  6. Fixmyaccountul

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    I find Lifeline's difficulty to be prohibitivly difficult. I never needed to run and unplug my Xbox while playing any other SoD game.

    Too many zeds, too frequently. Too frequent sieges. Too many solider deaths. Too much illness. Too little resources. Too high influence costs. Too much effort to maintain yourself through one siege. Too many freaks, too often. Lots of "too much".

    I get raising the difficulty. Getting to "Smash my f**king head into a wall because I'm sick and tired of this s**t" is another thing. I've yet to have turned my Xbox off in disgust because of "artifical difficulty" with a SoD game...makes me dissapointed, sad, and less likely to give money to UL in the future.
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  7. Blackthorne

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    It's unfortunate that you're seeing Lifeline in this light. I for one have relished the challenge that is Lifeline; I at one time considered myself 'competent' at the Vanilla and Breakdown games - one does not clock almost 340 hours without developing in-game strategies - but Lifeline... well, I reckon my first 20 games, if not more, I was getting the royal curbstomp being put onto me by the local zeds. It taught me otherwise!

    So I did what any gamer does when the body count climbs; I improvised, adapted, and - eventually - conquered :cool:

    Lifeline has been a terrific learning experience for my own gaming and has helped make the original and BD DLC an absolute cakewalk and I'm climbing up to BD levels I thought I'd never attain. Am hoping that one day you'll be able to fire up Lifeline and be able to have the same kind of revelation and fufilment.

    Frustration can be a good teacher; Dark Souls is proof of that :rolleyes:
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  8. Fixmyaccountul

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    I find a challenge interesting. Lifeline takes it past that point to "artificially difficult". Seriously it shows signs of underdevelopment, and I played ME3 so I can spot that s**t. It's fine I guess, I just nuked Danforth, however one playthrough and I'm back on my PC playing FONV.
  9. soulguard03

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    I'm enjoying lifeline thus far, I certainly installed it Day 1 on the PC, but i've waited a while to play it after wanting to run through SOD a few times before jumping into the military side of things. What a change it has been. Lifeline has flipped everything I was taught... and now I have to restart a 3rd time cause Melee is only going to keep you alive for so long. Hawk has died on each of my playthroughs, and I love that bossy blonde, so I gotta restart AGAIN.

    That said, it's great to be back on the UL forums after a long hiatus. But lifeline is proving to the a struggle, because my instincts keep telling me to do "this" based on what I did in SOD. Really need to relearn to play this expansion. And in no way is that a bad thing.

    *note to self: need more grenade launchers*
  10. Fixmyaccountul

    Fixmyaccountul Starting Off

    Just remember that grenade launchers = noise. Noise = stupid amounts of zombies in LL. Sounds good in principal, in reality it makes the situation worse. Much worse.
  11. During Sieges, as the noise factor is not an issue, GLs are a good idea. Just take up position on top of the containers overlooking both North and East Gates with a GL M32 plus 50 rounds of 40mm and you're set. Or give them to other characters for maximum carnage. I love giving everyone GLs and sit back to watch them tear apart zombies.
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  12. ShepardOU812

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    I am really enjoying the difficulty and challenge of LL. I would like to see more aspects of LL in the other SoD games to be honest. Especialy the ability to make ammo. Lol
  13. Hi Fix. First time poster and as someone who just finished Lifeline for the first time (after about five restarts) a few minutes ago, I can sympathize. Feel like I've been through a warzone myself.

    The hardest thing to get used to is your characters relatively low stamina (Really? A soldier can't run 100 feet without becoming exhausted?). I also rarely used a gun in the original game, here its a requirement if you want to survive.

    The tricks I found for handling a siege is to collect grenade launchers and give them to your NPC's, lay lots of mines around your base while still at threat level 2, use a car to block off the right side gate, grab as much ammo as you can, and stay mobile.

    Despite the high stress level, I did okay through most of the game, only losing my commander near the end when I rushed into an empty building to save a refugee, and had a horde spawn in out of nowhere.
  14. Dantron

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    Dantron waves to Pandaphil. :)
  15. WalkerZed

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    Black Friday looks more like the headquarter for a biker gang than a military base.

    I wish one of the missions in Lifeline was to rescue Diane Montressor from Farfield. Sure could have been fun with another badass soldier on the team.
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