Western Mass represent!

Discussion in 'Survivor Cells' started by Hyatts Minion, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Cmon guys, anyone in the Pioneer Valley wanna start a cell? I cant be the only guy around on the forums and playing the game, can I?:confused:
  2. Outch, my heart hurts *sad puppy dog eyes*
  3. OptimusGnarkill

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    Wowwww came on here not expecting to find this at all lol was gonna start my own. Where in western MA bud? Northampton here
  4. First post on the forums, just registered. Played on 360 finished the main game a few times, just got the YOSE forgot how much I love the game haha. Anyways from WMass myself (Agawam) would be interested if you guys are still involved. Not sure what the point or advantage of a cell is but hey GT is TesTurFaitH 420
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  5. OptimusGnarkill

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    Another Western Masshole! Niiiiice. My gt is OptimusGnarkill, will add you tomorrow dude

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