What Are Survivor Cells? How Does This Work?

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    Read that first!

    Getting Your Cell Listed:

    If you've got at least two other people in your town besides you, here's what you send me for inclusion in the listings:

    If you want in, email me at sanya at undeadlabs dot com. Make sure you include the following information:

    Your city/state/country
    Your group’s name/membership
    Cell status
    Contact email address if cell status is open
    Names of current members (this will NOT be published in the listing!)

    So for example, you need to email me something that looks like:

    Des Moines, Iowa, USA
    “Riley’s Redoubt” (four members)
    Status: Open
    rileysredoubt @ disposablemail.com
    (Not published on the forum: Riley Jones (leader), Bob Smith, Karen Jones, David Doe)

    Winning Stuff

    When I post a challenge, gather up your whole cell to meet it. Follow the directions I post, and you'll get the loot for that challenge. That's it!

    If the loot is something we need to mail, you as the Cell Leader are responsible for handing it out to the rest of the cell.

    Don't Have a Cell?

    Check the listings for your region (and before you ask, I'll make the regions smaller as the number of cells grows) and see if any are nearby and flagged as open. Use the contact email you see on the listing and reach out.

    If there's nothing nearby, then and only then may you create a thread to see if anyone might be nearby interested in joining forces with you.

    Don't forget to mention your location, and I recommend meeting first to see if you can stand each other before you email me your new cell name.

    Got a Cell of Two?

    See "Don't Have a Cell." Feel free to mention in your post that you've got two people and just need a third. When you find your person, let me know. I'll lock your thread and put up your listing as open or closed.

    Er...What Does "Open" Mean?

    It does NOT mean you have to take every chucklenuts who walks in off the street. You all have to get along, otherwise what's the point? "Open" just means you are willing to meet with someone who lives close by who will also be playing Class3 when it launches. That's all. If you wouldn't give each other a drink of water after the outbreak, it's not worth annoying each other just to earn a video clip or a keychain, you know?
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