What is your favorite base in SoD?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by C.C Garcia, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Snyder's Trucking Warehouse

  2. The Fairgrounds

  3. McReady Homestead

  4. Kirkman Residence

  5. Savini Residence

  6. The Alamo

  7. The Church of Ascension

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  1. Griffonclaw39

    Griffonclaw39 Here To Help

    For me, it's the Kirkman residence because you can pretty much close off incoming traffic in all directions with just four outposts. However, when the area is exhausted of supplies, it's the warehouse because of the same advantage.
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  2. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    Toss up between Kirkmans and Savini's for me. I chose Savini's.
    Not a fan of Snyder's or the Fairgrounds. The latter is bugged for me in my heavily modded game so I avoid it.
    I like Savini's for the location and the closeness of all the houses for looting.
    Kirkman's for the location, not so much the looting at high levels. Once I've cleared out the area I outpost towards the Fairgrounds and loot that area. With runners. Even though the vet clinic is *the* spot to get into trouble (even though it's outposted), after a certain amount of time they sort it out themselves. I don't go out of my way to help anyone, lol.

    I used to love the farm but not anymore. I like to use runners at every opportunity and that's not really a good place.
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  3. SticksNstones

    SticksNstones Got Your Back

    STW has always made resource and item stockpiling so much easier for me. It's were I always build up in early BD levels so I can move on ready for the worst.

    However I really enjoyed coming back to SOD after a year and continuing at the church were I had a 3:4 sick pop and my 1 playable character was one of them. Everyone hated me including nearby enclaves, who cleared most of the town while I struggled to gain a friend over 2 days of panting and staggering( and a lot of driving) through constant zed hunts and besieges. The struggle was real and I can't help but love it. Church is the OG badass turf
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  4. shinigami

    shinigami Got Your Back

    From the spread, it's clear UL needs to better incentivize the smaller home locations in SoD2...
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  5. Geoff728

    Geoff728 Got Your Back

    I have been using Savini alot lately. It has been a good place to crank out snacks and produce ammo. It seems like a good spot for loading up on those things and then transitioning to the next level. I used to do Savini to Snyder's. It sucks having to build from scratch again. Unless I am wanting to really increase my population or settle long term. Snyder's is great though.
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