What would "Make or Break" this game for you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xGbHx, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    I know about 80% of the people who are active on this forum are going to buy this game on launch, but what thing would "Make or Break" this game for you, for me it's Enclaves. If you look at my comment and post history I'd say over half of it is about Enclaves and if I load up SOD2 only to find out that it's the same/almost the same as in SOD 1 I'm going to be majorly disappointed, also as a side thing for meeting Enclaves, can we set it up to be like the Negan meeting, not exactly like that, but I just want to be able to kill one of the enclaves members to scare them into giving my group stuff regularly, like an outpost, but the world will have less if that certain price of supplies that they would give my group.
  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Sorry I still support the whole UL ethos of its all about the 'Community', so introducing the ability of my 'Characters' being able to kill Enclave Members, unless of course they had the 'Black Death' would be a big 'Break' for me. However, I am not against having to 'Work' harder to get an Enclave to fully 'Trust' me. A big 'Make' for me, would be having to produce certain items to gain the Enclaves full support. Maybe they would want 250 bullets of a certain type, 50 petrol bombs or 30 barrels of Bio Fuel. That would make me have to build certain types of facilities, if I wanted to recruit them.
  3. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    I get where you're coming from, but the thing about it being all about the community doesn't really stand for the enclaves, it has been said in the faq that there will be human enemies, plus what if someone wanted to have an "evil" community. The way is see it, it SOD you're just sucking up to 3 people who want you to do this and that when there's a high chance of you way outnumbering them, with my way in SOD2 you have both ways. Say you have 15 people and The other enclave only has 7 you have the option to go the evil route and kill 1 of them to have them give you stuff and have a safe zone, but if you have 9 and they have 7 or more, you might want to kiss their but, because controlling them by brute force is going to be hard. It's all about options and how you want your zombie group to survive, the enclaves could be able to do it to you if they outnumber you, that would be unpredictable and amazing, knowing one of your members is going to die and you don't know who. I do like the idea of you having to have certain things to gain an enclaves trust, only if said enclaves use those items if you see them in battle or just around their base, it would give each enclave more personality.
  4. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I would still rather have the Zeds as the main threat to my community, rather than humans in Enclaves. What if the Enclaves could fight back? Imagine the damage that the Wilkinson's could do, just by sniper fire alone?
  5. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    With how far the sniper one can snipe in breakdown, it would be nearly impossible to win, unless you had enough people to just rush in there with frying pans lol
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  6. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    'Non Stick' frying pans are bullet proof:)
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  7. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Honestly they planned on this coming out sooner than Spring 2018--which I'm completely fine with. I just hope the extra time wasn't spent trying to jam something in real quick, but rather making sure the game is stable and smooth running without a ton of glitches. If it comes out and plays well. I'll be very happy.
  8. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Getting 'off topic' - I truly believe that UL had a game 'Ready' to release and that its MS who have delayed things. The delay may well let UL tweak or add things?
  9. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I think you're right. I hope they leaned more toward tweaking if this was the case.
  10. Vladtheimpalerr

    Vladtheimpalerr Got Your Back

    The only thing that would ruin this game would be a time limit. Like how long you can stay in each map. Just make it like Breakdown, let us enjoy the simulation. Though I do like the siege that happens if your base is too loud. Now as far as other enclaves, if they're hostile towards me then i will take them or their base out. Hopefully able to take all of their supplies as well.
  11. JujuLodestar

    JujuLodestar Starting Off

    Nothing that the first game did would really "Break" it for me. Although the constant Siege spam from Lifeline comes up as more than just a nuisance, but as long as (if it's in.) doesn't happen enough to warrant your base getting wiped 24/7 then that's fine by me.

    Outside of the game? Pre-order bonus or micro-transactions would make me quit and never look back.

    A "Make" could probably be all the small things. Like little neat references, Enclaves having more diverse crews instead of "Dude wasn't from here," "We're just a bunch lucky dudes," or "Squatters"
    Gimme something cool, like convicts, soldiers, cannibals, Even a woman's only survivor group would be rad.
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  12. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    The only thing that would break the game for me would be if UL was sold to EA. Otherwise I'm holding out hope that SoD2 is one of those sequels where they took the good ideas of the first one and made the second basically the same game but way way better.
  13. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    1. No scripted sieges. It'd be cool if the game made sieges occur randomly from zombie hordes that just randomly wander around, where a siege would occur likely from you causing too much noise. For example, in Project Zomboid, random hordes would wander across the map even off-screen; a siege was always random, and encourage you to always be ready. Sieges won't necessarily break a game if they're scripted, but unscripted sieges would definitely make it for me.

    2. Dynamic/Active enclaves. Random Enclaves around the map? Great! What's not great? The fact that they do nothing but stand there or walk two feet, not doing anything or fighting until a zombie is near. It'd be nice to see enclaves be active: Trading, eating, playing, trying to tune in the radio, getting their generators working. When it comes to the dynamic aspect, it'd be nice to see random enclaves form over time, slowly building themselves up. Imagine finding an enclave that JUST took a house, no supplies but what they've got, and then coming back months later and finding them heavily fortified and a sturdy community. Again, it wouldn't necessarily break the game if they were the same as the first game, but it wouldn't make it for me.

    3. Ability to treat the infection. This is what bothered me about the first game. The infection can be fatal, and yet it can be treatable. For me, personally, this brings up a plothole: It's implied that the US and likely the world collapsed from the infection after a certain period of time. However, as soon as it was possible (and with social media these days, even in 2013), news should've spread all over the world that the infection is treatable and recoverable. The outbreak in America would have stopped before most cities past Danforth would have been hit. Most third world countries, I would see them falling to infection, but first world countries like the US would survive, but not without casualty. Again, this doesn't break the game (just my uber immersion), but I'm hoping this little bit of lore is retconned so that it makes it more realistic in terms of how likely the collapse would occur worldwide. Then again, maybe that's why they added in the Blood Plague; maybe that was a mutation of the original Black Fever that isn't necessarily curable, but treatable with vaccines.

    4. Lone wolf. I know, SOD is a community game; you form a community and play as a community to survive; that's the best part about the game. However, it'd be interesting to see how long I could survive just on my own. Even if this isn't added, it won't break the game.

    5. Upgradeable barricades. This is a make for me. It was frustrating that I couldn't upgrade any defenses at my base other than the guard tower. It'd be nice to upgrade not only that, but add defenses on the wall, board up the windows, fortify tents, create wooden houses/cabins, and upgrade them over time, to make this place truly look like it's a civilization rising from the ashes. The first game, I completely understood, being only two weeks after the outbreak. With it being 6-8 months after, I feel like people would try to make their stand now and attempt to fortify where they can.

    6. Community hub. Think of the Hub from Fallout, or New Reno from Fallout 2, or New Vegas from Fallout...New Vegas. A place where they have made a stand and have turned it into a trading center. It has places to buy and sell goods, talk with people, do missions and quests, and other general things/minigames (something like poker) that make it feel alive. Again, won't break the game, but would definitely make the game feel more lively.

    7. Ability to lose your base/enclaves. This is something that really annoyed me in the first game that it wasn't in there. You can get attacked by zombies up the rotten ass, and all you have to do to save everybody is drive a short distance, come back, and everything's okay. Same goes with enclaves, only you fail the mission and lose trust. For me, I'm fine with the same thing happening with enclaves, but what'd make the game for me is if - for both of these - you run the risk of the enclave or base becoming overrun and lost, with you potentially losing one, few, or all of your survivors. And it doesn't even have to happen because you left; you could be in the middle of the conflict and lose your base, but only if you were to die during the conflict - in which case, you respawn as a survivor after a period of time and your base is lost; the number of survivors are random, many or none except you. If you are under attack and you leave, your base won't be lost, but pressing the bottom pad on the D-pad (which I assume will stay the same) will gain you an option only during zombie attacks to "declare current base lost, relocate." Survivors will be randomized once again and will relocate to your standing position, even after you've wandered about, and will resemble your game during Breakdown in future levels, with an RV and survivors making do.

    I want this game to be hard, fun, and at the same time, realistic. Many of these will make it, and some of them will break it.
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    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    I agree with everything but the last point. I'd be fucking livid if I lost all my progress, all my people just because of one attack. Fuck that. I agree with enclaves possibly collapsing because you didn't help them defend themselves.
  15. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    Maybe they can have two difficulty levels. Normal, and Sadistic. Those people that want to go all out can play on the Sadistic level. The rest of us that are just looking for an escape can play on the normal level.
  16. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Presentation of the simulation. I want to see clear cause and effect if I look closely enough, and I want a little bit of scripting here and there to surround situations and make them a bit more storified. Maybe the first time two people who were at opposing enclaves (and who have explosive temperaments) meet they could have a fight to give a sense that history isn't being forgotten. Maybe grudges would stop certain characters from taking others with them for back up. Maybe the 37th iteration of a repeatable mission type has a scripted bonus in there to keep you on your toes.

    Disguising these scripted things amongst the simulation would make everything feel like part of a big story and, while a lot of chapters would be similar, there'd occasionally be one that just shines from how different it is.

    Managing that well would make this series for me, nevermind the game. Totally throwing all those random missions down with no variation besides place would break it for me. It was forgivable in the first as they were getting started, but this time around there needs to be more depth to the ways missions are differentiated.
  17. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    In an interview, Jeff Strain said that "if those relationships become too negative, things can definitely turn violent." if not exactly that then something similar to it, but when he said it the interviewer was asking about human versus human combat. So if there is an enclave that you have in your world and you do too many things that they don't like or you are mean to them too much, they can become hostile. In which case then you could kill them, or at least that's what I got from that.

    That is the link to the interview personally I found that this one was very different from all the others. These people asked questions that other interviewers did not, but if you just want to hear about the human enemies skip to 15:30.
  18. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    +1 for Sadistic mode, thank you very much :D
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  19. Dolbs79

    Dolbs79 Got Your Back

    Hi Guys. This is an interesting thread. i Have to say there is nothing about the new game that could, Make or Break it for me. But having been a day 1 Xbox 360 player, Xbox one player and bought both versions on steam, The Characters in the main story, are for me the soul of the game, i would be very disappointed if there story didn't continue in SOD2.

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  20. DougH

    DougH Got Your Back

    Base building options and freedom to develop the base how I want to. No more arbitrary limitations. No more 'you can only build X number of things in your predefined zone'. Expand the walls, build them 50 feet high, moats with spikes, flame traps, bombs, 50 towers. If I have the time and the resources, there should be no limitations.
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