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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ThatChristmaskid, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I made a GTA V Rockstar Editor video which is a sequel to one I made months ago. I'll just post it here:

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    or you could post in the GTA V catch all thread I post in regularly :)
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    You know what I was reconsidering going to a foster home...


    and the worse part...I new this was gonna happen and no one listened to me...
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    Hate to ask, how'd he get fired?
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    cause he was not making his percentage despite him not even being done for the day
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    oh yeah she's gone after tonight, thankfully, the boss man is bringing in some new workers soon... then again he drags his feet about bringing them in..

    90% of the workers he has are either unreliable or lazy, it's difficult to keep people motivated when you're work force consist of like 8 people total..

    4 of which are high school kids, of the 4 high school kids,

    1 of them is a good worker, but he's super limited on how much he can work,, like 1 day every 2 weeks..

    another one is a good cleaner and actually does the closing up stuff really well, but they totally and utterly suck on the cash register (their main job), super slow and often times has lines out the door

    another one is complete waste of space, lazy, goofs around, doesn't care about the job at all, just there to literally make a pay check so his mom can take it and use it on bills..

    the last one is completely two faced and actually befriended the girl who threw water in my wife's face, we actually make the same amount of money (she's not worth it at all) and she doesn't seem to care that I'm in charge, just does her own thing, even though I tell her over and over again about what the rules are.. if I don't say anything, we get along ok, even with her having befriended the girl above.. only issues come from me trying to tell her about what she shouldn't be doing.. IE being on her phone consistently, making more of a product than we need (it'll get thrown away, or not have the right flavor), she's lazy most of the time, so much so that she refuses to actually get any product from the back, expects everyone else to get it for her, even when she's not busy at all.

    1 of them is totally unreliable and steals, she thinks she should be a manager, but she stole money.. She also is about 50% likely to not show up when she's scheduled. When she does bother to show up, she's lazy and wants to sit down, or stays on her phone 95% of her shift. Continually comes in out of uniform, and cries on demand so she can leave early and not finish her job..

    another who is perpetually late by an hour or more consistently, if he's on the schedule 5 times, he'll be late by an hour 3 times.. I continually help him out by pointing him toward the bus schedule, and giving him the information he needs to find out when his bus will be at his stop.. but he still shows up late.. So I get stuck having to do my work, and his work.

    my wife and myself..

    meh, job seems to be more trouble than it's worth in all honesty, not sure what's wrong with people these days, nobody has any work ethics nor can they put the phone down for more than 5 minutes to actually get some work done.. miss the days when Cell phones didn't exist, and people had to go take pretend cigarette breaks to actually get out of doing work for 5 minutes... Speaking of Cigarette breaks, how did they go from being 5 minutes max, to being nearly 20 minute affairs..

    should have stuck to painting, almost double the money, half the hours and alot easier..
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  7. So, last week I dropped out/withdrew from college...

    I was part of this advancement program for computer science that takes me to an actual community college to learn that stuff, but between the racist remarks from my first teacher, a student pulling a knife on me due to a disagreement, and my final professor "encouraging" us by telling us to drop out if we don't fully comprehend the material, I had enough. I realized I'm not ready for college. I'm still a high school student, and I'm gonna focus on graduating high school before college, and I'm in the process of getting scholarships. (And I still have access to all the college material for computer science, so I'm going to study that before the system kicks me out)

    I haven't been super happy in a while. There's bursts of it, but I mainly keep letting myself down.

    I have a lot of new people in my life, a few old ones coming back, and trying to hold on to the current people around me.

    I started a relationship that fell through because of a previous relationship and it's drama, and now I'm hurting really bad because she made me aware of some really bad life habits i'd been keeping up, and I'd been really unreliable to her.

    Started a music group that did absolutely nothing, because there was too many people and I didn't want to be the leader. Trying something new with a smaller group now.

    I realize how many people around me are hurting and grieving for things that are out of their control, and the things that are too, and it just makes me feel so hopeless.
    There's been a few rays of sunshine here and there, but life seems really meek lately.

    This year has been a wake up call.
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    To be clear, that's a supportive like. :)

    I caught this as I was about to pass out in my chair, so I don't know what this is going to sound like. :p

    As far as that college, I stand by what I said before. I truly believe it had absolutely nothing to do with your capability, personality, or anything of the sort. You're a smart, super cool guy. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but what it came down to in this case is that place sucks, and I'm glad you're out of it. In other words, I think you made the right decision. There are far better experiences out there.

    Regarding everything else, let me throw a couple of cliches at you. Talking things out, and learning from those things, only makes you a stronger, better person for it. Let me back that up by saying the way you think about stuff; your self-awareness, empathy, and awareness of others... That's something I didn't get a grip on until my late 20's. I've had a few wake up calls and still feel half-asleep. As you said, I know it's not always in our control, and I'd never expect anyone to always get it right; I certainly don't... but it doesn't mean you're not on the right track, or make me believe in you any less. Also remember that it's awesome when you can be there for others, but not if it means losing yourself along the way.

    I was going to mention a couple of other things, but my brain has stopped. So, I'll just say, I'm with you on the smaller music group, and that just keeping a couple of close friends is worth a lot.

    Aside, it's good to hear from you, and thanks for checking in with us. I'm glad you and everyone can come here to talk and share your thoughts. It says a lot about this community that you can. We're always here, man. And I know I can be pretty quiet sometimes, but I always listen, and always care. You can message me anytime.

    Wishing you the best of luck on your scholarships, and hope the coming days are brighter for you.
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  9. @ThatChristmaskid If the community college life down there is that harsh on you, you're welcome to come north a ways and I'll do what I can to help you get setup at the community college over here. It's definitely a really friendly place and with the base nearby, we have a constant rotation of people in and out so new people and new friends aplenty. You're a far more extroverted person than I am so I know you'd do better than me in some of the local events we have too. The college puts on game nights every week (or maybe it's every month) and those are always a lot of fun, even when I'm just there wallflowering. I even got them to do a State of Decay night a couple times with drinks (punch and alcohol) whenever someone lost a survivor in level 1 of Breakdown. Tough truth: Soldiers...are not great at playing soldier survivors in Breakdown.

    @Liam X If your home life has reached such a low point that the foster care is your greener pasture, then I would advise you to go into it with an open mind. There are a bunch of great foster parents that come off as being strict, but do so in a way that makes you feel very loved. I've worked with a few the past year through a volunteer outreach program as part of my social work degree and some of the kids (teens/tweens) came into with the attitude of adults would always fail them and while that may be the case with some families (blood and foster), those are the exceptions. I would also highly advise against violence, even as an under eighteen, because depending on your state, you can be charged as an adult for felony crimes above the age of 12. Even if they don't charge you as an adult, the juvie centers are almost worse than most prisons. I talked with a young man (sixteen) that went to juvie over stealing from a department store and the kids rolled him in an initiation. They broke three ribs and talked about raping him with a broom if he squealed to anyone about who had hurt him. He acted out while in there so he could get put into isolation to protect himself from the other kids. The center actually got shut down earlier this year because of child abuse being covered up by guards and drug dealings on the grounds between guards and teens.
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  10. Thank you so much Q, I really appreciate you always looking out for me. You've been a true friend :)

    I didn't even think about applying there, I'll have to do a little more reasearch!

    And lol, I'd love to see the SoD nights!
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    Thanks for the advice. I might do this yet because I am working on that slideshow animation and I dont want to take a whole computer with me.my home life is pretty bad,I should just be glad I am not going homele-....wait
    EDIT: Wait what the did the kid steal from a department store to get sent to juvie
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  12. Attempting to shoplift clothes and jewelry to the tune of a little over $5,000. He was actually going to get brought up on grand larceny charges (felony, 2 years in jail) and plead down in court to get the juvie sentencing instead.
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    Hang in there, Kid. You are a World Beater. You just don't know it yet. Keep your head up, don't spend too long staring at percieved flaws. You've got my vote for president in around 20 years.
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    Listen, you know the rule about merging posts. If you undo my moderation one more time, I'm putting you in permanent time out.
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  16. I'll hold you to that, just give me 20 years ;)

    I'm really excited for this, I also found out that an artist I like (Tyler, The Creator) did the theme song for him. Be careful if you look his other music up, his appeal is being super controversial.
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    Not to write off your problems @ThatChristmaskid , but you've got your head on straight and I'm not worried about you. You're going to do-and are doing-great! You might not see it now, but all of the growing pains now are making you that much better for the future. Some of the things you're going through are things that no one should, and it's bullsh&t. And I'm in no way saying those things should be overlooked, or have consequences themselves. But keep pushing, keep charging. You got this :)
  18. Thank you Vers!

    Sometimes it just helps to write it all down and clear my mind! :)
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    Dantron does not really do much other than occasionally wave to forum members and nap. Mostly nap. But not at forum members.
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    So far it's been pretty good! I hope people watch it and actually take it to heart.

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