Where Were You On 11/23/2009?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Impromptu contest!

    Exactly three years ago today, Jeff announced our existence with a press release. Most of the team wasn't in place, we didn't have the office we have now, and the design was barely begun... but there was a dream.

    Help celebrate our "birthday" by telling me what you were were doing on the day we announced the dream. I will pick a random winner from this thread to win a hoodie. That's how it works with games - studios celebrate, gamers win ;)
  2. Stuck at work, and on my break I happened to read an article on IGN about a new studio called undead labs creating a zombie survival game!! Made my work day a bit more interesting :) follewing you fine people ever since!
  3. Mcgroarty

    Mcgroarty Starting Off

    got a call from my buddy, hes like "zomg zombiegame zombie undead labs" I hung up an read about you guy on my Iphone...small print and all...almost peed.
  4. I was surfing the web looking for zombie games!
  5. I was actually playing Forza 3 and surfing the web looking for tunes when I saw the press release and I got super excited and started playing left 4 dead
  6. Have a nice day, but dont celebrate to loud, the zombies may hear you!! :)
  7. I was actually reading an older post from you, then i checked facebook and saw a new post. I was like "yaay!!" :D
  8. My kids were 2, and 6 months old then. So i was probably crying, hitting my head against a wall, covered in vomit and poo, wishing i was on the xbox. Happy birthday!
  9. Waiting a real game of zombies... and maybe sleeping because im from Spain :p
  10. I was scrolling round on the internet trying to find more information on this dream of a game !
  11. I believe I had gotten home from my college classes and saw someone mention it on Gamefaqs. Checked it out, and have been lurking here ever since.
  12. I was at home desperately searching for an up-coming zombie survival game; since everything else was getting stagnant, and The Walking Dead was taking off. I wanted to have my own personal experience and story in a Zombie apocalypse. Then I found you guys...... and I can't fight this feeling anymore!
  13. I was hanging out with my family and then I saw the article about Undead Labs online. I have been eagerly awaiting this game ever since.
  14. Congrats Guys I'm so happy you are coming along and I cant wait till State of decay If you want we should celebrate later add me on xbl my gt same as my Username CONGRATS GUYS!
  15. you know what im not gonna lie, i didnt know about this game until about 6 months ago. I was on a 6 day mountain trek on killamanjaro and had broken my leg and was being carried down to base camp by my best friend, we got about half way and slipped on some loose ground and tumbled down into a small cave. We spent the night in there and heard howling all night. I really thought I was going to die. The next morning my friend radioed basecamp and told them we were hurt and lost, and they sent a rescue team up and saved us. I would never forget the events that happened 11/21/09-11/28/09.

    Also happy birthday Undead Labs, i hope you all had tons of fun making the next great Zombie game. :)
  16. ZombieRingLeader

    ZombieRingLeader Starting Off

    was really wanting a new good zombie game so I went to google and typed in "new zombie game 2009" and nothing came up, but i clicked on images and there was a small images of a logo, called undead labs. I clicked it o check it out and been a following the posts ever since. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNDEAD LABS! (I'll make you guys another one of my brain cakes lol)
  17. I was watching my parents fight for towels at wal-mart, since today is Black Friday
  18. 3 years ago today was the day i found out i would moving hundreds of miles away from my home of 13 years so i spent that day packing and saying goodbye to my friends and especially my grandmas whom im very close with. It was the hardest day of my life, im 16 now and still i miss living there.
  19. Checking out new games and stuffs on some site, saw "Undead Labs zombie mmo" listed with no other info than the site and checked it out :D
  20. I was settling into a new home with my new born son who had spent an extended amount of time in hospital when he was born, so it was a very happy time for me and my family. :D
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