Who Do You Think You Are (customization) 8/10/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Lol, glad to see you on the forums.
  2. Then how come on the QA it said this.

    What’s the difference between Class3 and Class4?
    ‘Class3′ is the codename for the ambitious zombie-survival open world game currently under development at Undead Labs for release as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title. ‘Class4′ is the codename for the subsequent zombie-survival online world game that we will develop by building on the Class3 platform. In other words, Class3 runs on your Xbox 360 and supports 1-2 players via Xbox LIVE or on the same screen, while Class4 will provide a much larger server-hosted world for thousands of simultaneous players.

  3. It was said a little while ago that there will be no Co-Op released with Class 3. It will, however, later be able to be played Co-Operatively after the developers have had some time to fiddle with things.
  4. Then they should probably be more specific with their QA. I'd prefer they don't rush the game and just release it with co-op.
  5. I'd prefer they don't rush the game and also don't release it with co-op.
  6. I on the other hand would rather them release it when they feel comfortable releasing it. I would like to explore as soon as I get the chance. Get to know the feel of the game kinda thing.
  7. gorefiend

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    Gotta say. I have been lurking this site for a few months at least...and this is THE MOST promising zed game I have seen yet. IMO more so than even Dead State and PZ. I just hope it doesn't rely too much on action ala' dead rising. I love that you guys are putting in scavenging and management stuff. I am also very happy about the type of D.I.D. gameplay you introduced. I have not gotten less and less excited personally...I am just hungry for more news lol.
  8. Fleshblight

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    I'm quite sure the dev team at UL will release "Class 3" EXACTLY when they intend to. And as far as on-line and co-op play are concerned, those of us who've been following the evolution of "Class 3" know that the co-op aspect of it has been excised from its initial release. It will be released as a SINGLE-PLAYER experience. In time, a co-op component might, depending on development feasibility, be added. Operative word ... MIGHT. But I wouldn't advise anyone holding their breath.

    "Class 4" is the far-future MMORPG extension of "Class 3," which is purported to expand the game's world, both geographically/topographically and in terms of traditional MMO gameplay mechanics ... including (presumably) a highly desired "character customization" option.

    "Class 3," according the UL devs, is the testing platform for "Class 4." As such, the feedback UL receives from the "Class 3" fanbase over the course of next couple of years will be of vital importance to their (UL) development of "Class 4."

    It is thus safe to assume that if "Class 3" is a great game, "Class 4" may be something that verges on extraordinary.

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    Its kind of awesome when you think about it, this community is UL's first fans, they haven't been heard of by the majority of gamers but once class 3 is released they'll most likely gain a huge following and once class 4 is released, well, other game companies better get to work on something pretty damn special if they want to even have a chance of being noticed! We're the first to be a part of that and its exciting and awesome that UL keeps us updated and talks to us rather than shunning us to the corner while they release every single miniscule detail painfully on its own with months between updates like most game companies, I only hope they continue this style of community after they're a big name in the gaming world. :)
  10. As do i dude, here is to a good long run with undead labs !
  11. That was a pretty long time ago.
  12. Isn't there supposed to be a follow up QA sometime today?
  13. I wonder are we being able to change from male to female ? and are we going to be able to change clothes in the start ? :)and skin Colur for an example
  14. And i cant when they Relase Class3 For PC :DDDD
  15. I totally wanted to create my own character with his own story and how the heck he ended up in town... i guess ill just wait for Class4.

    They pretty much said you cant do any customization at all, no face no clothes... youre stuck to as many survivors as you get.

    Hopefully "the War Z" will have these features.
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  16. When possible I would like to know what happens when you die.
    If you die does it send you to the menu...?
    Or does it go through statistics about yourself and if you had a team it could tell you who died and when and how long before the team join the "Zed" forces.

    I would love Co-op (It's not essential, trust me Co-op or not you already have me as a buyer)
    It would be cool being able to help eachother around and covering each other with one person on a building with a sniper with 10 bullets and another player entering a building and the Sniper buddy having to cover him from other survivors or the zombie horde or.....
    One of your friends die and they are able to watch you play or just leave the game whilst the surviving player has to kill the zombie form of his former friend.
    Maybe even these co-op friends don't even survive together, they get different allies and survive without eachother and maybe make the world their playground whilst they are avoiding each other whilst stealing from each other and killing each others team for the sake of survival.

    Well, only time will tell about these things and I must say "Undead Labs" you are providing so far what I think to be the BEST ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GAME TO DATE.
    That is right I said it "TO DATE"

  17. I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in the absence of a character creation... This would be my dream game if only it had that option... Hopefully it isn't too late to rethink that decision. This game is everything I've looked for in a zombie game, an emphasis on survival rather than action... But I want to put myself into that situation, I don't want to play as some character I don't care about. Games with the option to tailor your character's look and feel always add an extra appeal to me. Please! Even if it is the most basic character editor in video game history, give us the option at least! Having the option would broaden the types of players that would be interested in the game rather than narrow it down. I beg of you! Reconsider!
  18. Capt.C.Baker

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    Sorry, you like so many others, are going to have to wait for Class4 for that feature. SoD is the single player version of the MMO, Class4.
  19. I hope you keep an offline version, not everybody likes to play online. :)

    And I think that being given a random character is a cool idea. When an apocalipse starts, you can´t turn from a priest to professional soldier just because it fits the situation: you are who you are. It´s a nice concept and will boost the survival theme a lot more than if you start as a SWAT or a Marine.
  20. Melychath

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    Did you play Red Dead Redemption? I, for one, cared deeply about John Marston by the end of that game, and he was not a player-customized character.
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