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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Actually, he kinda was. You were atleast allowed to change his outfits.
  2. That was also a premade character with a team of big budget writers working for YEARS to get his story right. The entire game of RDR was about Marston. Of course you cared about him.

    State of Decay doesn't go that route. They are not comparable at all.
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    At first I was like "What the crap?" but after reading that it is just for class3, and class4 is supposed to have more customization. I think I can live with that.
  4. i have a littel question. can you chose to keep moving in stead of make somwhere a fort? that would be nicer for the lone wolfs and the players wit a littel squad
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    More than likely
  6. I do believe that a lot of people so far have valid opinions, and statements. For one, yes it would be truly amazing to have someone you could create from the ground up, so the character displays a piece of your imagination. The information included before about no creation gives me an interesting thought as well. Take a look at it from this perspective, when you pop in a game and start your story with a pre-made character, don't you get attached to him/her? Undead labs puts a step in a very interesting direction with giving you a pre-made character with no customization involved. I could see myself getting very attached to a character that I didn't customize because I get time to spend with him/her. This could make death harder to accept from most gamers because they have made so much progress with the character. Either way, I need to get my hands on this game, and I believe that with certain elements put into the game, progression through it will be amazing!
  7. I have read alot of misunderstandings in this thread while I read through all 21 pages this morning and last night in kinda one sitting. :) When they say that you can play as other people you can't think about it as "extra lives". You arent playing as one person and oh yeah there are some other guys I can use. You are playing as your COMMUNITY of survivors. This is the first game like that that i have ever heard of.
    Also, people have been talking about how the world goes on when we're not playing. This doesn't mean your base is destroyed. It means stuff like "you're running low on food so you need to go out and find some" or " There is a group of zombies starting to mass up north, you should probably go thin the herd". This kind of stuff is meant so there will always be stuff to do, not to punish you for not playing often enough or for accidentally developing a social life because you let your guard down. You're base won't be overrun and characters wont die when your gone.
  8. On this, perhaps a slider letting the player decide how rapidly he'd like time to progress while offline upon logout or in the game options.

    e.g. I'd like to take a break for supper on Saturday but jump right back in after an hour or two, so I choose rapid time progression, yet during the week I'd like time to pass as slowly as possible so I don't miss much.

    It would probably be best to just ask the player how many ingame hours he'll be away for when logging off.

    That way you can keep the mechanic for it's immersion value and not come off as if you have some demonic ulterior motive. (You have sold your eternal souls and all, kinda hard to look at this one without getting squinty eyed about it.) As it stands it just looks like a mechanism to tell the player when and how they can play to me.
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    I like this idea very much!
  10. Wouldnt it be cool if instead of using a random character, the game could utilize your personal fitness info (Xbox 360)? It would allow the player to answer that "what would i do?" question. Just putting it out there.
  11. you probly wont last long though.
  12. They are in no way rushing this game, they have been working on it for 2 years and put alot of money and time into it that they need to get back or the company will fail. alot of games that get dropped out of development ussaly have been in development to long and the companies funds run out. So its perfectly unnderstandable that they want to release this game before the zombie genre is raped out of exsistance.
  13. This game is sounding more and more EPIC!!! every time I read something new. I can't wait for this game to come out. I'm really liking the fact that the game continues to play even if your not playing. Not enough games take advantage of this feature and they should. Anyway...keep up all the AWESOME work guys and gals. I know I speak for everyone when I say.........HURRY UP!!!! LOL
  14. I hope this is the correct thread to discuss this, [based on the first post, I think it is] but I wanted to discuss my idea for Character Creation DLC. I've read the other threads and I know that character creation is not in the game. What I'm suggesting is that later, once the sales figures are in from Class3 and it's profitable..DLC should be considered. And instead of things like extra weapons, CC should be an Add-On feature.

    So here's the concept proposal:

    DLC Title: Class4-The Things They Carried
    For: XBL
    Release: 2-3 months after SoD's release.
    This DLC Add-On allows for Character Creation on a new save for State of Decay. You begin by creating your character with the same options available for randomizing the community characters. Choose between a male or female character and pick your attire. If this character dies, your customized character will be gone so make sure to save your game!! However, this DLC allows for characters to change clothes. So, after your created character dies, when you take up the game with a new character, they can wear the outfit of your original created character.
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    I would disagree with CC for SoD because that is a feature that should be implemented into the original game. But it's not a bad idea. I just think it will be too late for it
  16. I think it would be cool to have a character customization. I wouldn't mind not being able to choose skills, but I'd like to alter and choose my survivor's look. Maybe find a nice clothing store so I can kill zombies 007 style? As for DLC, I think a "chemistry set" would be a cool addition. If you had a chemist in your community, they could mix and match different substances to make medicines, weapons, bait, etc. (Unless that's already in the game of course).
  17. Yes it would be cool to have Character Creation but they've gone a different route with this game. THey're also limited by space so don't forget that. Maybe in future sequels or something :)
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    There are characters that you recruit that are randomly generated. Heck, you play as a whole community, so you just swap out to whatever character you want. The focus is on the different skills each character has and not how they look.
  19. Why are you replying to me?
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    They definitely won't do skill customization because the main idea behind the game is that: It's a simulation. In a real life apocalypse, you'll have next to no choice as far as the pool of candidates to join your group. After a couple of months in, you might go an entire year and only see 10 people that are even willing to join you, and half of them you wouldn't want anyway.

    The community aspect of the game is what they're building the game around, you have to take a bunch of in-perfect, flawed people and figure out how to blend them together into an effective unit. Which is also why lone wolf will be nearly impossible, especially if you progress the story line. The game's designed to force you into team building.

    But yea, clothing choices would be nice for a DLC. And incorporate body armor (yea no one's shooting at you, but zombies can't bite through riot gear/kevlar), camouflage clothing.
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