Who Do You Think You Are (customization) 8/10/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Its a shame there is no customisation but i can see why though...
  2. I love you undead labs
  3. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Will we be able to find a guy with a gasmask like the one in the picture, and will we be able to obtain swat guys to play as? (Sirry I just want the characters to have masks :))
  4. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    I don't think there is a guy with a gas mask. At least I haven't seen or heard of one. You should check out my latest wallpaper here:

    SoD Wallpaper by Capt.C.Baker
  5. Is there going to be split screen. I hope so cause I have some friends who have a playstation or nothing. If someone knows the answer please P.M. me please.
  6. No, there won't be split screen or co-op..at least, not at launch. Perhaps you could take turns with your friends until then?
  7. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    No split screen at all,becouse game engine doesint allow it,sorry.
  8. Game engine doesn' t allow it ? I thought technology was better in the year 2000. Plus thats something sony would say lol
  9. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    CryEngine 3 doesn't support it. Better? :p
  10. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Capt that is how I am quenching the desire for one, but I can not last much longer! Please Sanya or Brant SOS!

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