Who's going to be at PAX East!?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    We'll be in Booth 1039.

    Who is going?

    If you're not going, what do you want the attendees to ask us?
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  2. Dutchdynomite

    Dutchdynomite Here To Help

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

    What new features, if any, that have not been announced will be coming out with Lifeline? I'm sure you will announce them at PAX and eventually on the website as well, but I can't think of anything more clever to ask. I'm just totally stoked about the new DLC. I'm still new to the game and have yet to even play Breakdown, but this game has me by the low hanging fruit.
  3. SonicSonedit

    SonicSonedit Starting Off

  4. Furgas

    Furgas Got Your Back

    Although I have no questions, I believe that answers come to those who wait. Looking forward to it :) So, whoever is going, please give the gals and guys at Booth 1039 a big hug for a wonderful game!
  5. chokeththoe

    chokeththoe Got Your Back

    Cant go....

    sorry, but you guys have my support
  6. Zorkoso

    Zorkoso Got Your Back

    Man, I wish I could go. Sadly it's a no... :(
  7. Can't wait too see you guys there as far as I know I am still able to attend.
  8. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron waves, from the future, to all the humans at booth #1039. :)
  9. GTigers55

    GTigers55 Here To Help

    Well hey, if you wanna stop in Ohio on the way back I can visit! lol But yeah, not going cause its wayyyy to far away from me.
  10. Guyver

    Guyver Got Your Back

    I could not go at all, because I live in France :).

    My only question is to know the release date of the DLC Lifeline ^. ^

    Have fun during PAX and made of surprises for those who will be there.
  11. Yep, I'll be there nice and early!

  12. GermanZ

    GermanZ Got Your Back

    where exactly is this Pax maybe in Germany?
  13. MrMonst3r

    MrMonst3r Famous

    Saw this early this morning whilst half asleep. Man, that looks so good!! I can't wait to hear how PAX East goes for you guys. I'll try to think a few questions.
  14. zoneout

    zoneout Starting Off

    My Q would be:

    How soon (date) will be get the latest DLC
    When will we get a DLC, if it is even planned, that will continue the original story?
    Are you guys or other teams developing other games? I heard class 4 and other things like that, since SoD is a big success, Im sure theres something else in the work (like Borderlands 2 and Tell Tale Games)
  15. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    What are Undead Labs post-Lifeline and post-TU5 plans?

    How long will you support the Xbox360/PC with patches and updates?

    Do you have any plans for more DLC? (Not discussions or thoughts, but actually plans). It's a yes or no question with a side of "Can't talk about it" ;)
  16. MrMonst3r

    MrMonst3r Famous

    I have a few questions. What inspired you to choose the military perspective for this DLC? Have any particular movies/comics/media events been an influence on this new chapter of SoD? And what aspect of this new DLC are you most proud of?
  17. Pagnottazza

    Pagnottazza Starting Off

    That's one reason why I will be there and not in Italy but ok ..
    The military base looks pretty cool from the pictures !! :rolleyes:
  18. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    Will they consider providing some kind of documentation or insight into the layout of the game's files so that modders could better understand the system we are modding?
  19. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I wish I could go, but I hope all that are able to have an awesome time.

    what pictures?
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  20. F R E E

    F R E E Got Your Back

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