Who's going to be at PAX East!?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Kevin Pizer

    Kevin Pizer Starting Off

    I wish I could teleport to Boston.
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  2. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    Ok first hands on report on lifeline. Typing this from a phone so please forgive the truncated sentences and lousy grammar.

    1 - the rumors of a smaller map are both right and wrong. The map is oriented around a ring road like Vanilla, but the road this time is a city highway system - with exit ramps and underpass. I've accidentally gotten stuck in an underpass and boy was that scary. The map seems to be more densely packed. I suspect (but cannot verify) that there may be the same amount of loot able buildings just based on the fog-of-war map. The terrain is much more varied. Total area us smaller but more densely packed.

    2 - there is at least 1 additional vehicle, which is a ruggedized modern pickup

    3 - the game mechanics are similar to breakdown in terms of ramping up difficulty. Except that things get harder between waves of zombies vs breakdown levels.

    4 - the atmosphere is definitely urban. Your area of exploration is the area around the ring road which resemble the close outskirts of a Metropolitan city, like the outer boroughs in New York or most of Los Angeles. The metropolis itself is a no man's land from which zombies continously pour out from and is thus unclaimable.

    More later as I line up for an oculus vr demo
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  3. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    5 - combat, at least for the demo, has a different character. Lots of npcs shooting guns, you're shooting guns and a lot of bullets, because zeds keep pouring in waves. Supposedly the chopper that picks up the vips are causing the zombie agitation. First waves of zeds is exciting but not overly challenging. I do hope that the difficulty increases have no cap like breakdown.

    6 - someone else playing was repairing a wire gate in the base, so I figure more of this kind of stuff will be possible.

    7 - I got forum only swag, b!+c#e$
  4. Frogbeast1029

    Frogbeast1029 Got Your Back

    I have one question, Release Date?
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  5. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    Didn't ask
  6. F R E E

    F R E E Got Your Back

    Thank you friend! You've calmed my anxiety a little bit. :)
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  7. F R E E

    F R E E Got Your Back

    Guys from IGN youtube channel said "Early June", here:
    Broudie, Excelent news!!

    And a mini IGN demo gameplay video:
    Screenshot from that video:
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  8. Frogbeast1029

    Frogbeast1029 Got Your Back

    EARLY JUNE...............????
    Jeeze I hope this DLC is way more than what we see here.
  9. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    I'm fine with early June, no need to rush, but I'd like for the TU and patches to release more often.

    Another Question: What new traits are in Lifeline?
  10. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    Ok, played it again. Further observations:

    8 - putting stuff in the trunk of your vehicle works, and it seems like you have variable number of slots per vehicle type

    9 - you can't actually get into the city, but close to the city are danger zones where the zeds just continue to stream in. I ruined 3 modern pickups just mowing everything down, the road was like corned beef and they were still coming

    10 - looked closer at the map and no, there are maybe 1/4 the number of buildings. But as I said before, the terrain is much more varied so places that aren't buildings become interesting places to explore
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  11. Frogbeast1029

    Frogbeast1029 Got Your Back

    Screen shot of the map???
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  12. F R E E

    F R E E Got Your Back

    I second that request.
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  13. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    If SoD vanilla felt like the original "Night of the Living Dead", Lifeline felt like Zack Snyder's hyper kinetic "Dawn of the Dead"
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  14. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Well done Broudie. Solid recon and good intel. Keep it up troop!

    STONEDSTONER Starting Off

    [People who can't be civil on our forums aren't allowed to post.]
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  16. IllBlazer

    IllBlazer Got Your Back

    " roads were like corned beef and they just kept comin!!..." Quote of the century. Lol.

    edit-- Second that for a shot of the whole map!
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  17. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Way to go, @broudie . Thanks for post. Keep a weather eye out for Bethesdas' people, shouldn't be hard to spot. Casual dress, won't look anyone in the eye, haven't said a mumbling word to anyone since PAX opened. If you can corner one up, feel free to apply some 'enhanced interrogation techniques' to get information out of 'em, regarding Fallout 4. Just be careful not to let them swallow their cyanide capsule before they talk. Have fun, Broudie!
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  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

  19. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    The 'map' does not really look 'done' yet. If you watch the video while he is driving, it looks like it has a lot of red marker 'chicken scratch' on it.

    It also sounds and looks like they may be using a Xbox for the demo? Was there a PC demo version going as well? (it would have much better graphics.)
  20. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Thought I saw 'Alienware' at bottom of screen on one video.
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