Who's your breakdown team?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by A BROUHAHA, Sep 16, 2017.

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    A BROUHAHA Got Your Back

    trying to stay away from heroes this time (if I find one in a level I consider it a sort of handicap for the level).

    Mine is:

    Army medic/electrician chick - medical, construction, has focus aim and blunt weapons spec

    Milo - chemistry, ninja, and blunt weapons spec

    Powerhouse cook - powerhouse, combat endurance and heavy weapons

    Buff funeral director - powerhouse, focus aim, bladed weapons spec (seriously, have you seen what a Cleo lsw will do with focus aim? It's ridiculous).

    Reflex/ fitness chick - reflexes, combat endurance, bladed weapons spec

    Cursed cop - reflexes, leadership, <------ honestly haven't decided how to specialize him yet, so ideas welcome.
  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I currently have -

    Royell Vincent
    Doc Hanson
    Mickey Wilkerson
    Pastor Will
    Quentin Barnes (as a replacement)

    I have recently lost-

    Melissa Lee
    Ana Baffone
    Amelia Crasman
    Jaylen Lott

    So I am looking for some decent survivors to build up for the RV.
  3. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    B.W. Wilson
    Shanna Tavor
    Janet Weiss
    Jess Cohen
    Clarice Washburn
  4. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Mine are; Doc Hansen, Ray santos, Ed Jones, Cursed cop (nimble/leader), undead labs tshirt nimble girl and Gurubani Carr.
    4 nimbles, doc n ray works sooooo well for me! Level 58 nxt and still same team minus sam who ed replaced!
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  5. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    Decided to challenge myself at DB23, so have stuck to army only as far as I can.

    KC, Eric, Diane, Kilo and Alicia, with Shark Hoodie Guy tagging along.

    Not the best plan since I am having issues with no medic, chef or construction guy.

    Am about to hit 26 tonight and will drop most of them for decent non heroes. The Sprang T-shirt gal with construction/cooking is coming with. I may take Ray Santos with me for the car but I then have to leave Walter behind and I absolutely love the fact that he can drive through bloaterville with no issues.

    I lose at least 3 players every DB level, but I don't mind as I recruit at least 9 others in the process.
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  6. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Last 30 or so levels I have had this crew. (One exception, SHG replaced Sasquatch, who I just lost to a fuster-cluck of regs, armored and juggernauts. That's why he's not yet spec'd.)

    Lily Ritter - Edged Weapons
    Tucker Branson - Army Medic, Powerhouse/Reflexes, Assault Weapons
    Catherine Hood - Leadership/Counseling, Blunt
    Amelia Crasman - Powerhouse/Reflexes, Shotguns
    YojimBeau (SHG) - Powerhouse/Reflexes, None yet (replaced 'Squatch, who was PH/R & Rifles)
    Lexi Long - Construction/Fitness, Edged Weapons
    Austin Franco - Cook/Horticulture, Blunt
  7. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    My PC game is mostly custom made characters, but when I play on Xbox I usually have certain survivors I prefer:

    Heroes I always save a spot for on the RV:

    1. Walter (Hazmat Suit, Chemistry): I send him out to save survivors in trouble (especially those in dangerous areas) and/or to just cause hell.

    2. Gurubani (Research, Medical, Reflexes): I often use her for stealth reasons and/or to get headshots.

    3. Amelia (Fitness Expert, Powerhouse): She's just an all around bad ass. I typically give her edged specialization with combat specialization--and she just chops down zed after zed.

    Non-Heroes I always save a spot for:

    4. The teacher with the orange hat, Undead Labs hoody, and shorts (Counseling) -- As a counselor he's saved countless survivors from running away or committing suicide in the simulation in previous games, so he's earned a spot.

    5. The cop from Chicago (Powerhouse)-- he was my first survivor I played Breakdown with when the game first came out, and has always

    As far as the last spot on the RV, it really depends on my mood/playing style. But Sasquatch, Sprang girl, cursed cop, Ray, and Marcus are generally in my circle to highly consider taking...
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  8. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    Last level ( just finished) Milo, Sasquatch, Army Medic/Construction Chick, Ray, Funeral/Powerhouse/Counselor and Fitness Guru-Reflex Girl. Planning on unlocking Marcus this level who will probably replace the Counselor, and my first Enclave has Royalle and another army hero in it
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  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Having lost so many people from 'Running Away' I would always try to have a Counsellor on my team.
  10. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    Yeah, I go out of my way to obsessively make sure no one important is "away from home" during any Horde or Infestation Events, but rapidly switching through all my important Characters.

    Haven't lost anyone to a Run Away since BD 1, freshly back to SoD after 4 years.

    Granted, it was Army Medic/Const girl who I jackpotted as my starting character....

    The Counselor only made the team this level because I decided Kilo wasn't worth the cut, with Marcus coming, and having stockpiled plenty of Incendiary Barrage Mortars

    I also cafrefully select which characters actually deliver supplies and kill horses, to keep my Mains' morale high
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  11. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Welcome Back to the Game:)

    I was getting annoyed with finding someone 'Missing' just as I was about to stop playing for the night. Then spending another 30 minutes plus trying to find them.
  12. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    My current little Delta Squad of Desperadoes :)

    * Amelia Crasman - Siege wrecker and Tower Defence; have her set up with an LMG and it's always great to hear the stutter-stutter-stutter of her covering fire when you're making a mad dash for home.
    * The Soldier/Powerhouse dude - Have him maxxed out with Assault Weapons and he's my go-to for Rescue missions with a P90; rip clips into the horde taking chunks out of the survivor when I rock up and then clean up with Wrestling :cool:
    * Ray Santos - sadly passed when there was an accidental discharge of his Anvil when my cat decided to 'press paws' on my hovering mouse-trigger finger which brought in a horde and two Ferals :( Looking for a replacement now...
    * The Cook with Powerhouse (hmmm, seeing a pattern here... :rolleyes: ) My resident axe/assault shotgun guy who I use when I get home after a bad day at work and have this urge to wreck pixels...
    * Reflexes/Leadership Cop - packing a Condor for the Juggie hunts.
    * Dentist/Farmer dude - my primary scavenger, which is just plain STRANGE given that he has issues with encumbrance/bad back o_O but what can I say - he's survived from Level 1 and still with me at Level 47; I'll stick with him!
  13. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    That happens to me way too often, spend hours playing, become mentally drained and desperate for a break when BANG! Missing person fled a hoard, blah bla bla...:mad: then iv to breath deeply, and try cycle through every available mission, an destroy whatever infestations i can, to desperately try Ping the missing person mission! Took me an hour or so to get it to ping this last time and i was proper tired out, but at coming upto level 60 with my same maxed out crew i just cant afford to lose them? Esp ray or Doc, and sods law, guess which two ALWAYS go missing? Ray n Doc lol :p:D:eek:
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  14. Lost 4 of my 6 mains characters due to silent ferals coming fron nowhere. (R.I.P Amelia crassman. Mickey Wilkerson, Sasquatch Eldridge, Ed Jones never4get)
  15. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Those silent ferals are the one thing that no amount of skills or training can help a person with. Iv lost Gurubani whilst streaming on twitch, to 2 silent ferals that literally tag team attacked her by running into the warehouse she was searching at the time! I managed to get up from one and roll to the car, I was mere inches from opening the car door to safety, when the second feral downed her again, this time not messing about with swipes, simply picking her up, and ripping her clean in half! She was my first loss on this run, about the early 30 levels, but luckily, on moving on to next level, the first enclave I came across contained Gurubani thank goodness! So out came Emmanuel, my reflex/maxed out leadership, did one besieged mission, maxed out trust instantly, and hey presto, I had my lovely Gurubani Carr back alive and mine once again! Since that attack, I am now literally on a constant camera swivel whilst searching ANYWHERE, looking for those deadly silent hunters!
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  16. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    That is how I have lost many of my 'Better' people.

    I lost my 'Leadership' trait person and have to find a replacement. It is taking forever to max out loyalty on Enclaves:( I have one Enclave up at Mt Tanner and they are on their own, as I have no intention of even going to see who is in it.
  17. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Haha I don't blame u at all @Bob Crees esp so soon after a big loss, the last thing u want to be doing is straying too far from home with ur remaining people, and they don't come much farther than mount tanner :p Don't worry Hun that's only 1 of 3 enclaves, I'm sure the others will make their presence known soon! Touch wood! :eek::)
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    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    I got a question for y'all. I have my 3 musketeers currently: Marcus, Gurubani, and Reflex Cop. What skills, weapons, and specializations should each of them have? I think guru will be a ninja.
    Also, what other survivors should I bring along with me? Are melee or guns more useful in higher breakdown levels?
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  19. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Having a good mix of people I think. I do not recall in the 1000's of hours that I have played, whether I have ever had a 'Levelled Up' Heavy Melee Weapon expert. I tend to go for a 'Blade' expert. 'Focus Aim' with an AR is something I will have. Though being a PC Player, I do struggle with the 'Special Moves' on my keyboard, so that dictates how I play.

    As for other survivors, I tend to look for 'Dual Trait' people, but having currently lost my 'Leadership' survivor, I would recommend having him / her on your RV team.
  20. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    Depends on how you plan to play.
    For higher Breakdown levels I give EVERYONE Ninja for quick and quiet searching. I don't plan on getting into long drawn out fights to need Endurance or Rage, or being too low on snacks so Marathon is out. I also suck at shooting so I don't bother with Focus Aim.
    With my play style, I would avoid blunt weapon builds if I had to do it all over again. I'd love to use edged for everyone but that weapon is the hardest to find in abundance.

    So heavy/ninja is what I would use, Marcus would get spin and pro wrestling, reflex cop would get spin kick and leap frog, only because I never tried instant counter.
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