Who's your breakdown team?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by A BROUHAHA, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

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  2. SonnyJim

    SonnyJim Got Your Back

    I laughed hard when I heard you say "I hate you Lily, it's your fault!" :)
  3. Jeffry. B

    Jeffry. B Got Your Back

    Im new in this forum but already play sod yose breakdown over 1 year..
    My breakdown team is :

    Cursed cop reflexes guy, 3 reflexes girl, army medic/electrician girl, teacher with counseling and leadership..

    All of my team member have assault weapon spec, focus aim, and never equip melee weapon..

    Thinking about replace my cursed cop reflexes with kelly eldridge because his drone marker, what do you think?
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  4. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    I would just to listen to him back-talk Lily.
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  5. Jeffry. B

    Jeffry. B Got Your Back

    I think only kelly does that to lily, right?

    I am about to hit level 50 today, so is it worth it to replace nimble cursed cop with kelly? Or i replace kelly with leadership+counseling girl?

    I just cant understand how counseling really work..

    Some advice will be nice...
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  6. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    They help during the simulation. If something happens that triggers one of your survivors to try to run away or commit suicide (during the simulation), then the game will check to see if you have a counselor. If you have a counselor in your group, it gives a chance to prevent that other survivor from running away/committing suicide. When that happens, you'd see a note in the journal like "NAME was about to run away, but COUNSELOR talked them out of it" or something.

    As far as your other question, I'd probably replace one of your nimble survivors with Kelly (since it looks like you have a couple). I like his lines--it's nice to hear some variety. Plus his drone strike is pretty handy.
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  7. Jeffry. B

    Jeffry. B Got Your Back

    But, in live game, it is work that way too??

    Yep, i decided to replace him with kelly hha, i like his line and gear..
    He doesnt have powerhouse or nimble, thats why i like him, encourage me to think like special operator at any situation..
    You will be surprise, how creative you might be in danger situation hha..
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  8. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    Counselors won't prevent people from fleeing while you're playing, just during the simulation (when everything is out of your control). But for me, knowing my counselor is there to help with any issues that arise during the simulation is enough of a justification to keep them on my team.

    Kelly is awesome!
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  9. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    Level 4, about to go to 5. Got some more unlocked but only 1 I wanted.
    I've made up a new rule, as I accidentally drove too close to a Cleo drop and triggered it. If you can loot the crate solo, without 'cheating' and doing it on a mission, you're in my 6. I usually have 1 spot vacant.
    My current 6 are: One of my custom characters (PH/Ref, Leader), Vince, Kilo, Sasquatch, Zander Harlow (cook), and Gurubani.
    I need to edit Sasquatch to how I have him in original SoD so I'll be looking for a replacement next level. Will likely drop Zander for a better cook later, too.
    I had issues getting myself in the game (backpack placement problems) so I replaced myself with another custom that works just fine. Now to find her.
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  10. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    I don't know how but I ended up with mostly all heroes in my breakdown team. Kinda wanted rando's but it didn't turn out that way. I got Amelia Crasman, the middle wilkerson brother, (mickey I think, shotgun expert and leadership.) Gurubani, (Didn't start with her, just found her.) K.C Winters, Maya Torres, (Just got her!) Milo Eldridge and Aaron. My only random character who is a powerhouse, construction expert who loves his rifle.
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  11. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I'm on level 15 of BD now. I started the second level with a random character and Lilly because I had to learn the hard way how to use the RV. (Now I *lightly* press buttons when it comes time to leave, and I triple check everything.)

    For the earlier levels, Lyanna Carter and Becca Collins were my ninja bladed scavengers. Ray Santos for vehicles, random Cook/Construction (named Brian) and the Army Medic girl (Eliza in my game) that most people seem to keep around. And, since I misread the answer on a few forums, it was 5 picks plus Lilly. Until around level 11 or 12. :mad:

    I still have Ray and the Army Medic, but have discovered the joy of powerhouses. Not for the stacking, but for the extra weight capacity. They can scavenge while carrying a handgun for bloaters/screamers, AND an incendiary shotgun for emergencies. They can also handle the 6 shot grenade launcher, so Jug hunting is simple. Amelia Crasman is my go-to scavenger, with Finn (random Powerhouse/Cook) as backup. Marcus with his powerhouse and leadership skills handles recruitment, (including Besieged missions - Armed with a .44 Automag and incendiary shotgun and plenty of ammo as well as a backup blade), and I have random Christopher as my Powerhouse Counselor.
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  12. Dillerin

    Dillerin Starting Off

    Amelia is the best (though wished I'd given her ninja skill instead of battle stanima) Marcus rocks, shark hoodie guy works, Ray is a must have for starting off each new BD... I just lost Doc, and in need of a new medic, ...anyone know if a Powerhouse Medic exists SoD 360? Otherwise I'll probably try and come across Doc again. I love powerhouses for their ability to hold 4 twinkies in one slot.
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  13. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    Looks like my current crew is shaping up as follows:

    Marcus: powerhouse, ninja, edged weapons specialist toting an assault rifle
    Gurubani: reflexes, ninja, rifles specialist
    Winner winner, chicken dinner: reflexes, marathon runner, shotgun specialist
    Doc Hanson for his radio call
    Ray for his Radio Call
    Sasquatch for his Radio Call

    Will probably end up dumping Ray for Walter when I get to level six. Or maybe Gurubani because I don't like that I gave her spin kick and Doc Hanson covers my doctor needs.
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  14. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    Level 18 already, wow. I have my core group but have one spot vacant. I like to take the maximum to the next level so usually the 6th is a random. I'm waiting for either myself or Sasquatch to show up. Then we'll be complete, for a while. Still debating whether to ditch Kilo as he doesn't really have anything other the radio thing. I already have a leader (a custom of mine - PH/Ref/Mechanic). Kilo's got ninja this time instead of focus aim. Kind of regretting that now.
    I had to leave him behind a few levels ago as he got sick, got better and wouldn't shift from Grim. I edited him to give him a personality trait and it's all good now.

    My current line up is - Ryan (custom, leader), Mystyk (cook), Holly (custom, medic, PH/Ref), Sergio (fitness), Kilo, and the random of the day is I forget his name but he has the library).

    I was scavving with Kilo as he still needs some points in a few things, and had just started when a mission popped. I check them to see if the person is worth my time, lol. It was me and I was at the Dino park. Well, I dropped everything, called for a car (Mystyk) and she was probably cranky over an earlier incident with Kilo. She gave me a piece of junk. Gee thanks.
    I drove it to a better car then took off to help my other self. I normally send Holly to new enclave missions, to scout them out without insta-recruiting them. But, no time for that this time. The trust was really low so we didn't have to recruit them that time. Maybe later.

    It must be a 'thing' now and then because I haven't seen any armored zeds at all. No bloaters or screamers in the wild, only missions. Infestations don't have screamers. It's getting kind of boring. The only 2 I modded out were ferals and juggernauts so I only see them in zed hunts, that i never do anyway.
    Might have to go and see what's up with that.
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