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Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by Undead Sanya, May 19, 2016.

  1. No problems

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  3. Laggy AF

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  4. Basically okay...once I load in

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  5. Some other problem (I'll tell you in the comments)

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  1. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Kleronomas, can you post your dxdiag for us? The more information we're armed with, the better chance we have of finding the problem. :)
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  2. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    When upgrading to windows 10 on a existing computer what will happen to my existing game. Will it still be there?
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  3. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Yep it will still be there. If you have troubles with it, upload your dxdiag and we'll see if we can't suss out the issue.
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  4. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Thanks Nicoole. Ha nice typo I think I will keep it. I just noticed you are the UN (initials).....
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  5. Here's the file! I saved this right after one of the crashes. In Breakdown, I had just advanced to another level (4 I think), gotten a vehicle to pick up an escort, and boom. Desktop. It crashed once more a few plays later, then it's been stable since.

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  6. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Your drivers are out of date. :) Try updating those and you should have a better experience. :)
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  7. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    Other than the already well known glitch with the initial videos it's not a big deal. The other thing though, if you click anywhere on the screen during those initial videos the game won't load, at least that's been my experience. So when I click "Play" in Steam I know not to click on anything until we get to the menu screen or it will glitch out and I'll have to restart Steam to get it back up. Once aware of the problem though it's easy enough to get around it.
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  8. Hey so I just thought I'd come by and share an update ~

    Previously I had mentioned that the game was "laggy af" and after months of living with the laptop I've slowly been able to piece together more and more evidence that suggests that what is happening is not the game's fault! :D

    On all my computers and laptops, I have always preferred using my mouse in front of my keyboard/laptop, instead of to the side like most people. This was naturally more comfy for me. Anyway, it appears that on my laptop, when the fans kick in to offer cooling while gaming, it causes my (bluetooth) mouse itself to lag. It makes the game feel like it's lagging and stuttering badly, and even in Battlefield 4 I've had moments where I'm trying to fire my gun, mashing my mouse button, and nothing happens (except that I die lol). This has never happened in any game that wasn't demanding enough to cause the fans to kick in.

    I noticed that if I lifted my mouse up onto my laptop, to the empty space where my hands rest while typing, the problem would go away. So tonight I finally decided to move my mouse off to the side of the laptop, and through two games now that have been affected by this (bf4 and grim dawn) I have not had the stuttering. I am quite confident that if I reinstall SoD that there won't be this lag as well.

    I have no idea why the spinning up of the fans does this to my mouse, and only when the mouse is in front of my laptop (desktop is never an issue - must be the space between the mouse and the case). But when I get home on my fast connection I'll redownload the game and try it again with the mouse off to the side, and I'll report back the concrete answer.

    Also, apologies for not responding with dxdiag as was requested back in June apparently. I did not get any notifications of a reply, or if I did I just ignored it lol
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  9. First post! I just recently purchased SoD:YOSE and I noticed issues immediately upon start up. The issue is apparently not unique as I have seen other posts complaining about it.

    First, when I open the game up the screen is all the way to the left "off screen", only showing a small sliver. However it goes full screen after the startup video finishes. Another thing is sometimes it comes up as a small box in the left hand corner.

    Second, when I first opened the game up I noticed the cursor was off and not aligned correctly. I had to move the cursor several inches below the icon to highlight it and select it. I was able to open the game up and get it started but then saw that the sensitivity was to high so I tried fixing that but the cursor alignment issue made this impossible and I ended up accidentally maxing the graphics and now it is unplayable due to lag, which I can't fix because I can't select the options anymore since now the cursor doesn't even highlight anything. It simply moves around the screen but I can't click or highlight anything anymore. I went to steam and online advice for help but so far nothing has worked. I have verified the games files, I attempted to do the whole run games for prior windows configure thing but when I open properties I don't have that ability(No tab for that), and if I try to troubleshoot it and do things manually the SoD file says "catastrophic failure" whenever I select it(screenshot below, its for fallout: New Vegas but same message).

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game three times, still no fix. I have ordered a wireless gaming controller receiver so I've heard using a controller fixes the problem so long term I'm not worried but yea.

    DxDiag and screenshot attached.

    Thanks in advance for help! I am checking to make sure drivers are updated now :)

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  10. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Okay. On your dxdiag at the bottom you have diagnostic errors. It looks like Steam.exe is throwing out errors. That is going to cause problems.

    The game starting off on the left side of the screen is a new Windows 10 issue. (I experience this too when I play.)

    Try running the game as Admin. Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date and WHQL signed. I see the last time they were updated was in July. I don't have an AMD card, but NVidia updates at least once a month.

    Finally, have you tried typing -windowed in the launch settings in Steam?
  11. ErnestK7

    ErnestK7 Here To Help

    I installed SoD on my windows 8 laptop about 2 years ago, that's broke now but SoD worked fine.
    I have installed SoD on my computer in windows 8.1, worked fine.
    Have recently updated to windows 10, SoD still works fine.

    The game has that initial loading video glitch though

    I have an AMD card
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  12. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    This is why for gaming I will never use an unwired mouse and I love using one for other things, but for gaming. nay nay I say.
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  13. Back again with my test - much better results using the mouse from the side than the front of the laptop. I think the only stuttering now is just little bits from the game streaming new assets into the surrounding area (I have no idea if that's how the game works but it seems like it).

    I've been wireless with mice for about six years now, and this is the first time I've had this particular issue. Even my last two laptops didn't do this. This one's also fussy with wireless internet. It will connect to APs on the 2.4Ghz frequency but the performance is almost like dial-up; I have to use 5Ghz APs which of course I can only guarantee the availability of at home.
  14. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    That's odd you have to be practically on top of it for it to register without lag. Maybe there's something with the hard drive magnet between the mouse and the dongle that may be interrupting things. Assuming you have a mechanical drive.

    Would be an interesting experiment to throw a SSD in there and see if the lag goes away as a result.
  15. That's more work than I'm willing to put myself through haha I'll just use my mouse from the side and leave the physics experiments for someone else :p
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  16. ive stopped using wireless mouse-kb and Head Phones since win 10 downgrade nothing charges while PC is shut down no matter which of the 8-10 usb slots I use 2.0 or 3.0 all seem to be affected, and it makes esp the sound with a cord is much clearer and loader with 5.1 - 7.1 and mouse lag is non existant since I changed also.
  17. andydabeast

    andydabeast Got Your Back

    The shadow glitch is the only one I have seen. Playing at 1440p which I remember being hard to make happen properly.
  18. Paton

    Paton Starting Off

    Windows 10 wont have a home on any of my computers for the foreseeable future. SOD 2 is ALMOST enough (maybe a new Laptop?) to make me want to, but I've dealt with it enough to loathe it.
    Its taken gears of war and if it wasn't for a sly comment on social media, I doubt I'd ever play SOD 2 either.

    But anyway,

    Got YOSE (Have had the original since launch), ran crap when it first came out, but now runs pretty sweet, even modded to the max. Love it. Can't wait for SOD 2
  19. YOSE version, both DLC's and able to play. I get about a second of stuttering when entering an area, but only when driving. The initial video as a bar that was mentioned earlier.

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  20. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel Got Your Back

    got win 10 x64
    Still very playable but there's something off about the textures.
    My feet dont actually touch the ground anymore and certain textures look even more simplified than I remember them
    but interacting with objects and combat are still on point
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