Windows Centrail Interviews Jeff at PAX East

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    Five million players graced the zombified ruins of Trumbull County in the original State of Decay. Soon, Undead Labs will unleash its bigger, bolder sequel.

    Except for a fast-paced reveal trailer, very little is known about State of Decay 2. We know that its launch date will be announced at E3 2017 this June. We know that it will feature four-player co-op. And we know that its unique blend of permadeath, base management, and visceral, often desperate third-person combat will return in all its gory glory.

    We recently caught up with Undead Labs' founder Jeff Strain to discuss State of Decay 2, MMOs, and how the studio intends to build on the original. You zombie survivalists don't want to miss this.
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    New concept art looks good.

    Those screamers tied down to those posts looks creepy.
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    You've got to admire his consistency. Until E3, I hereby dub Mr. Strain 'Dr. No'. doctober-doctor-no.png
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